ITT: shows that would be better without songs

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I tried to watch it but by the second episode I was put off by how much the songs interrupted the flow of the story. In my opinion they didn’t really add much.

I don’t hate the songs in this show, but they were more fun when it was occasional. Positive reactions must have been a little too encouraging and now this show can’t help but overindulge in the razzmatazz.

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All of them? Unless it is a music driven show like Metalocalypse, I can't think of any Yea Forums shows where musical numbers or impromptu songs helped their quality.

It got gratuitous. I can only imagine being a storyboarder in a meeting when Rebecca, yet again, whips out her ukulele and everyone has to politely smile through it and clap afterwards.

Forgot the pic

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Phineas & Ferb?
Horse show?

Their songs sucked.

Not a popular show on /co, but I thought the songs in apple & onion always felt natural.

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Cool bait thread.

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elinor wonders why

Never watched Argo the alligator boy. Was there singing?

Yeah, it's a musical, so tons of it. Also bestiality, trannies, and attempted infanticide. What a movie.

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ITT: Anons that would be better without posting

Shows that would have been better focusing on the development of character relationships over fart jokes*

It's an enjoyable show with some kino moments but the kino moments feel disconnected from the rest of the show and don't manage to elevate them as a result imo

>Songs don't add anything to this musical
I hope this is just bait and not a sign that downs babies are learning how to type

I don't like Bouchard's music or lyrics but they are least fit in Bob's Burgers, it's so grating to watch Central Park and hear Broadway caliber singers fumble through his awkward lyrics

no this scene was absolutely necessary

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I couldn’t stomach two episodes of Central Park.
Just, miserable. It’s like they’re trying desperately to be a music artist and just use the show as an excuse to force others to listen to their poorly written music and song.

Does Bouchard write the songs for his shows? I always assumed he had people for that.

He isn't credited on any of the big Central Park songs that I just checked. He may have had a hand in a couple, but it seems like they're largely handled by a specific song-writing team.

Also Central Park has a fantastic soundtrack. Not every single track is a hit but the sheer volume of stellar songs made for the show makes it very impressive.

Fair play, but from the little that I actually watched of the show it didn’t feel like the music accomplished much.
This show may have intended to be a musical, but that doesn’t mean the songs effectively helped tell the story. They were just there.

>Central Park soundtrack
It has stellar voices singing mostly terrible hip hop mashups. I can't stand how much rap has penetrated Broadway songwriting just because Hamilton made money. It's made worse when the rap lyrics, the one thing of value, are terrible awkward Bouchard lyrics
The only song I would really say stands out as superb is First Class Hands.

>Fair play, but from the little that I actually watched of the show it didn’t feel like the music accomplished much.
I can only assume you stopped after one or two episodes. Most people will tell you to watch the first three to decide if you'll like it because 1 and 2 are pretty much all setup.

The show is mainly driven by the musical numbers. It's a proper musical.
With a surprising breadth of styles to boot

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They said the same thing about rock. For awhile broadway and off broadway was really just gay pop punk with key changes and more lyrics. This too will pass and the next musical trend that already had a moment 20 years ago will weasel its way into musical theater by drama nerds who think they’re being subversive.

You are correct. I stopped after episode two.
I’ll give it a go, but I hope if it insists on being song driven at least the music gets better. The songs have been completely forgettable so far. They’re not bad, they’re just boring.

Rock at least is just adding certain instruments, rap specifically remove tonality from the song and that's the entire fucking reason I want to hear someone sing.
Enunciation acrobatics are neat and all but I want to hear fucking singing

> it seems like they're largely handled by a specific song-writing team
That would be more typical and smarter. It’s rare that a writer or director is actually as good with music as they think they are.

Centaurworld is really a love it or hate it kinda thing, but most of us that love it didn't until we watched episode three. It really helps that the end of episode 3 sets up the plot and stakes more explicitly.

I think the music really improves from there out as well. I wasn't digging the music much in the first two episodes but I couldn't help but smile at "BOATS!" and the gospel song at the end of 3 is pretty great

As someone who thought Season 2 dropped the ball and didn't fulfill its potential, I'll back that advice, at least get to the third episode of Season 1, they change things up from the opening 2 episodes

> Rock at least is just adding certain instruments
Naw, structurally and harmonically there’s a huge difference. Things get simplified.
But this is the way it goes. There was a time when jazz was a huge influence on musical theater and I’m sure people were kind of upset about that too.

I guess I'm not sure what you mean by rock in terms of Broadway shows - would you consider Phantom to be/have rock?

No, phantom makes use of synths and guitars, but that’s not uncommon. There is nothing pop punk about phantom of the opera.

I honestly didn’t hate the songs in SU at first, but after awhile they just needed to fuck off.

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the musical aspect is pretty ingrained into centaurworld, and on first viewing there were times I felt like skipping through some numbers.
each season has just under 1 hour of songs so they don't entirely overwhelm the narrative
I feel the show is a hard sell in general with the initial characterization, humor, and musical aspect all together.
but, with mild spoilers, standouts were definitely numbers like 'taurnado', 'the underground', or 'welcome to the bay'

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Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Pic unrelated.

Well there's a difference between pop punk and rock, I can agree that shows like American Idiot were weird and out of place in a similar way

I love this show.

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No one mentioned Molly McGee yet? The soundtrack is good but some of the songs feel forced into the episodes. It wasn't even supposed to be a musical originally.

And other than "A Guy Like You," and having the gargoyles be real in the last scenes, the songs in that movie were on point, “Bells of Notre Dame" and "Hellfire" alone make the movie worth being given the Disney musical treatment even if they had to lighten /soften the source material.

Pic extremely unrelated.

Now that you mention it.
This reminds me of Unikitty, that show insisted on having like one song per episode, but most of them were real bland and forgettable. The dedicated musical episode had some songs that were better in comparison, but it was too little too late. I always liked this one though:

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Centaurworld has so many bangers. The music is the number one draw.

I might be splitting hairs saying pop punk specifically when I mean pop rock, but I feel like that influence is felt everywhere from waitress to beetle juice to anything by Jason Robert brown (and more overtly in American idiot and jagged little pill)

Did we ever see their parents?

Love that show

I don't think so, but don't take my word for it, my memory is rusty. There was that ragdoll-looking donkey uncle, and pic related, who i'm pretty sure turned out to be some random lookalikes used for a one-off gag, but I don't think they've ever shown the actual parents. There might have been some word of god on it though.

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End yourself


>It’s rare that a writer or director is actually as good with music as they think they are.
Mega Dong is.

Only character I liked was the half fish half human man.

I gather you're not a big fan of kids.

How is this thread on page 11?

It's a mystery. Emmy threads also do that lately.

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i preferred the majority of the background music over most of the songs themselves. sugar's songwriting is obscenely overrated.

I liked most of the 1st season songs. I don't remember a single song from the 2nd. Oh wait, I remember Durple Drop.

It’s a good show, maybe a few too many songs but some of them are really good.


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Because of the sticky

He's ok, but I liked the bird and the cat better.

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The songs are the worst part of Apple & Onion