Maggie is a miracle of the universe

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Probing Marcy's body to understand the core's biological mods.

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Endgame right here brothers

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>I can’t wait for the time skip where Anne is talking with Sasha and Marcy before her fiancée comes in from off screen and lifts her up bridal style, as the camera pans up and show it’s Maggie. Gonna be super great when I see it on TV

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Take it easy on her Sasha.

I was looking in the past and saw this, something about his words is dangerously coming close

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Darcy would be the kind of person to just mutter "nigger" in the middle of a gathering and watch as a large fight breaks out.
Andrias would just scream "NIGGERS" in the middle of a crowd and do a laugh to farm attention, then proceed to fight the whole crowd.

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>Don't cry because it over, smile because it happened.

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One more week anons

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>Matt said if he ever wanted to continue with Amphibia he would either make a Polly spin off or a Sprig spin-off that takes place before the events of Amphibia
Sprigbros? What does this mean for our favorite kid frog?

Are we getting interview from this user or not?

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Marcy and Sasha friendship is tense since Marcy nearly overpowered her and grimes in combat.
Like marcy have the ability to have great physical strength over her.


no, that user was fucking with us for yous

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God Anne with this haircut looks so fucking sex

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Its because all the borg tech used to enhance her, she is no longer human

Probably stuff in the suit they put her in.

Why couldn't Anne have a cute hairstyle instead of that ugly afro wannabe

So what ending are we getting?
>Anne stays on earth and never sees the Plantars again.
>Anne stays on Amphibia and never sees her friends and family again.
>Anne dies/ascends
>Anne gets to travel to earth and Amphibia

All 3 girls return to earth 100%. At first they will believe Anne and Sprig will never see each other again but thanks to dinner mcguffin it will be possible.

I havent watched the latest ep. Does Marcy change back to her old outfit after being freed from the Core? What happens to the Darcy armor, is it repurposed

>I havent watched the latest ep.

A better question, why did Darcys cape being inconsistent during its fight against Sasha and Grimes?

I havent watched any of the rest of S3 either. Waiting for the final episode to drop first

I see that Marcy has longer hair now after her time as Darcy. They should give her stubble and five o'clock shadow to make mentally deranged troons feel included as well

>crowd look at some asian girl they never saw before
>maggie yells "hey that's boobchoy"
>when Anne comes back to Earth, everybody chants "boob-choy! boob-choy!"

It's been years since I've replayed Majora's Mask. I need to focus less on my "career".

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What's the deal with this? What was it made for, and why?

hasn't matt gone on record saying he hated this or am I confusing that with something else

Maggie is irredeemable!
Because she did nothing wrong in the first place!

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I wouldn't know, that's why I'm asking.

No, Matt had a mental breakdown over the song, literally telling Disney the song made him feel like throwing up and to PLEASE not use it.

I love the exotic proportions sauce?

I believe you but can you link to the source/post a screencap

Weird how both Sasha's gfs are stronger than her even though she's supposed to be strength. Kinda impressive that she can fight roughly in the same ballpark as them considering they both got upgraded and she didn't.

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marcy was just hopped up on core roids, otherwise she's noticeably weaker than the other 2

Anne uses the power of the 3 gems at once to become a giant tree that captures the "moon" and protect the planet, then disappears
epilogue shows adult sprig exploring the tree and finding a dormant regenerated, naked Anne in the middle.


Sasha stays on Amphibia and rules as queen with Grime as king

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You sure about that user? Did Marcy's augmentations disappear because the Core was removed?

Girls stay together. Girls and frogs stay together thanks to Terri's portal magic.

Marcy is probably sore from all the bone cracking the core infliected on the body for the lulz

I only found out recently that this guy was voiced by the lead of Silicon Valley

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The reddit AMA, he said the song gave him anxiety to the point that he vomited because it was essentially Disney hijacking his show, in the end they relented and made the non-lyric version the main theme.

He said it in a stream or interview, I think. This was a while back and threads mentioned it.

Sasha and her girlfriend, Anne Boonchuy performed a duet dance.

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Mark Wahlberg was in Amphibia?

He sounds like a massive fucking pussy. Soi meme is real I guess

Seriously, he didn't need to act that low-test about it.

>Can no longer say Sasha doesn't love Marcy.
I'm glad you see the light.

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You inspect people's dicks? That's gay. Also why act so defensive about Matt? One look at him tells you everything

wait, that was gonna be the shows intro song?
fuck that shit, i dont care what matt did, im glad the show intro has no lyric

Superior in every way. We should have gotten this version.

What if the ending pulls a kill la kill, with anne burning her last renmants of power to win, and falling rom the sky in the end with Sasha rabbing her and there's a group hug in the end?

Sasharcy is still getting scrap,
Sashanne is still the superior ship.

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Always thought the intro was meh, lyric or no lyric. It's the end credits that I really like

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Only weebs care about intros.