Death Battle Thread

the first non-marvel non-dc capeshit mu, are you satisfied?

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Unless homelander got a massive power boost this is a shit match.

I suspect we'll have the seven and the boys help homelander once they realize nolan is the bigger threat. Not that it matters but at least the fight would be far more entertaining than 3+ mins of complete and utter stomp
Is a shill match paid by amazon...and that's it really.

>homelander irl stabbed a cook
guy is wild, thats some method acting

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No. This is a shitstomp in favor of Omniman and it's not even close enough to be entertaining, it's clearly pandering for 'popular recent thing' clicks a year after both these shows were relevant

>Bejita gets fucking murdered on Piccolo Day

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If this is based on the t.v shows then it's an easy win for Omniman despite him jobbing harder in his show too.

>Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego aren't as powerful as BROLY
Genuinely shocked this is the case. I recall Toriyama also saying the reason Jiren wasn't in the Broly movie was because 'he wanted Broly to live', and Ultra Instinct > Jiren so I figured Instinct/Ego were above Broly too

But now that's not the case?

Also do you think now that they're scaling Marvel universes to be much much larger now than they were in Broly vs Hulk (9900ish now compared to DB's 13ish), does that retcon Broly's win or was his number still too big for the Hulk?

It's a lame ass spite match, so no. Even if you wank Homelander to the absolute max, he is like mountain range level and relativistic, while with extreme downplay Omniman is continent level and slightly FTL. Not even Korra vs Storm was this one sided.

Are we forgetting Weiss v. Mitsuru?

Toyo said granolah was the strongest in the universe and his editor said broly was too. Granolah and Broly>>>goku and vegeta

But wasn't Ultra Ego Bejita kicking Granolah's ass?

At the beginning then toyo went
>lol no granolah has 2 eyes now
And the rest is bejita jobbing

>does that retcon Broly's win
Probably not because Broly was fighting / scaling to a Fusion which is a whole other realm of power

Fusion SHITS on God and even Blue, Gogeta at base was doing far better against Broly than either Goku or Vegeta were doing together in SSB. So basically all the stats they gave Vegeta in this match-up against Thor, blowing up 200,000 universes or whatever?

That's Gogeta at BASE, or at least very nearly. Then you stack on Super Saiyan and his own God multipliers and consider Broly is at the very least still managing to hold his own through it all, I think Broly still earns his win over Hulk.

I assumed he said that because of how long it takes Broly to actually get to his full power

I thought his eyes were just sharingan, not a power boost

he evolved or something like that. Ask someone more knowledgeable in the matter because I speedreaded the chapter

It should have been Butcher vs Stain.

>Ultra Ego is only a x 20 multiplier
Who's the researcher for the fight again?

Both Goku and Vegeta were still close enough to him in power that they could 2v1 him. even though he was smacking Vegeta around Vegeta was still eating all of his attacks. That being said there's no doubt in my mind that they just half assed the research and made both characters weaker than they should've been for no real reason

>and made both characters weaker than they should've been for no real reason
Have you ever read a comic featuring Thor in your live? I don't know what they did to Vegeta, but Thor was highballed t ohigh heaven.

not as highly as he could've been. they used the world tree shit to say he pushed what, 10 universes? in that same image it says the world tree is infinite

Well, prove it it's more than that then. They were being generous by giving it any multiplier at all.

Are you implying that Ultra Ego is weaker than SSBE?

they did scale UE to Toppo... lol

>first non-marvel non-dc capeshit mu
what should it have been?

Wait, how? Vegeta bullied Toppo in his SSBE form two arcs ago, which should be fair inferior to UE.

bear with me here since i didn't pay very close attention to their post fight analysis. i believe it went something like this:
>Vegeta is nebulously weaker than Broly/Granolah in the present therefore they couldn't assign him a concrete power level outside of "stronger than SSBE"
>SSBE was scaled 1:1 to Goku's SSB Kaioken x20 from when they 2v1'd Jiren
>Toppo scales to SSB Vegeta and God Toppo somewhat scales to SSBE Vegeta
>Toppo's GoD form would therefore present a x20 increase in his power, through indirect scaling to SSB Kaioken x20
>Toppo's GoD form is nearly identical in both purpose and flare to Vegeta's UE
>therefore UE Vegeta is scaled to SSBEx20
I personally have my grievances with the whole shebang but at least you can say they... thought about it.

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Vegeta had to do a sacrifice attack to do that. He didn't exactly bullied Toppo.

i can't put into words how lame it is that the final explosion became a named attack he can just use and survive. like the final flash becoming a quickdraw poor man's kamehameha

This is a bigger stomp than Barry vs Pietrov.
This is like Post Crisis Superman vs DCAU Superman.

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ARE these two capeshit?

Capeshit games that got cpae shit comics

Cole is fucked unless he gets all the powers from both sides of his Karma line

Bio drain would melt Alex

He didn't "have" to. He was already dominating Toppo in h2h before that and popping his destruction spheres like soap bubbles

That is a Fei from Kenga Omega cope.
If he had another option that WASN'T the attack that KILLED HIM last time do you not think he would have taken it?

>Fei from Kenga Omega cope.
not that user but could you elaborate?


There's always gonna be at least one sided match per season
>Quicksilver vs Flash
>Shadow vs Ryuko
And now Omni Man vs Homelander

>Shadow vs Ryuko
Jesus, why'd they even do that shit?

Unless Mercer can tank getting turned to dust via a continuous lightning storm being dropped on his head, Cole won't need his bio drain to kill him. Even GOOD Cole is a monster

I don't even get what you're talking about

Shadow is Ryuko fursona meme as well as Twitter Takeover joking that Shadow's favorite anime is KLK.

A villain in Kengan Omega who used the same style as the MC from the previous series who was fighting one of the stronger guys from the last series, he got caught in a bear hug after dominating the whole fight and couldn't break out of the hold without literally rupturing his entire internal organs.
The match ended in a tie but there are people who claim Fei won despite the fact he fucking died like 2 minutes after the result and his excuse was 'I just don't like dudes hugging me'.
If he could have escaped any other way, I think he would not exploded his organs.

>Death Battle: While the exact multiplier for UE is unknown even if Ego was a trillionth times multiplier it still comes nowhere close to the fire power of Odinforce Thor

Would this be a satisfiable take?

no, because nobody wants to see Odinforce Thor vs Dragon Ball. it's base Thor or nothing

>it's base Thor or nothing
Calm down Wonder Woman vs Thor scriptwriter. You had your fun.

But is the Odinforce not Thor's now?

wait, did Bejita lose?

no, because even with Odinforce Thor is ass

No, in the end they both won

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Why do we even have characters with muh multiversal buster level?
Do authors think higher power level = good writing?

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Not a single author wrote either Thor or Vegeta as multiversal. Death Battle researchers are just retarded.


Vegeta is just universal. Thor is kinda multiversal in for a few issues depending on what comic you are reading.

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t. pebble level

Thor didn’t even have Mjolnir at the time of the battle

>that "leak" mentioned Travis Touchdown vs Scott pilgrim
As much as I would love to see Travis on this show, I'm wary of the fact that he stomps Scott in a fight. Given the events of NMH3, but just how big is the difference in power? Just how powerful is the Scott Pilgrim universe? On a slightly unrelated note, I think Henry vs Satsuki is my favorite NMH matchup.
>The first non-marvel non-dc capeshit mu
Does Spawn count as capeshit?
>are you satisfied?
I would if it wasn't Homelander. I'm interested to see how brutal they can make his death, but I'll just wait for it to show up on streamable than actually watching the full episode.

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I HOPE it’s brutal.

God Marvel has a nigger worship problem

This. Toppo became a god of destruction and his power skyrocketed. Vegeta nearly killed himself to beat Toppo. Vegeta going UE is essentially placing him at that level if not higher and not having to blow himself up to match it for a split second.

It's always been stupid that fusion is an exponential growth that multiplies person A x person B since they could literally beat anyone using it but they don't do it simply because Vegeta is a prideful baby.