New hazbin hotel character redesign revealed

>new hazbin hotel character redesign revealed
>not a single thread on Yea Forums

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You're an slowpoke, redesign sucks.

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Not much to discuss. He looks exactly the same, minus confusing pair of long gloves on the second pair of arms that make it look like he isn't wearing any.

We have been having multiple bumplimit threads for weeks now.

I like the new Charlie better than the old one, pants could have stayed black for contrast but better face makes up for it easy.

Verosika best girl.

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Right on all counts

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Because it's shit, that's why. Took away his fluffy tits and his lower gloves are stupid and should've been black or dark pink like the upper gloves are, instead of white.

Giving a white character the same color of gloves as his skin/fur just makes it look like he's wearing a t-shirt.

>original designs

Ever since that voice actor corpro shit happened that replaced a large part of why I liked the earlier stuff, I don't care.
>Took away his fluffy tits
Shit design. Garbage, bad, unbased, unkino, rubbish, soulless, F-tier change. The big fluffy chest was fucking integral to the character design.


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One day... he will rise again

until then I'll just zone out from anything related to hazbin

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Agreed. Bring back his fake tits.

>no new merch since last year

collin bros, i don't feel so good...

Wake me up when the show drops, Helluva Boss unironically set the bar so high I couldn't give less of a fuck fo redesigns, I mean Titmouse is animating it right? What are the odds of it not looking worse than the indie cartoon that gets 3-4 episodes out a year?

Maybe because it was released Friday and nothing changed besides the color of his gloves

Why do they hate the angels?

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Am I dumb? How is that a redesign, it looks the same
The others I could see instantly it was a new design, but this one, I’ve seen pictures of it next to pictures from the pilot, and I’m like… same guy

Helluva boss's villians are infinitely more interesting than Blitzo's personal issues. I hope they kick his ass all throughout season 2, especially Stella.

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What are we supposed to discuss? There's little to no change.

Is there anything left in his design that says he was from the 1940s or that he had connections to the mafia?

Hazbin is dead and only Loona keeps Helluva alive.
I'm making a new script that is better then this bullshit of a series.

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is that picture implying stolas raped her?



Wouldn't be surprising if he did, he is a prince of FUCKING HELL.

Was making a webcomic that was Collin centered with a chirin style story of a sheep becoming a formidable creature in a hellish world raised by another predator
>Cherubs are bitter after losing their place in heaven and condemn God for allowing this to happen
>Collin remains faithful but his attempts to keep his friends close fail as they seek sanctuary in hell and Satan offers it along with privilege if they kill Collin, a faithful servant of God he cannot stand
>Collin dismayed by his friends willingly taking Satan's offer almost dies and his body is found by an Eagle Cherub who was casted down into hell as well
>Vizzie knew the animals of Christianity and what they symbolize with a bee, dear, sheep etc and with my Eagle design coming from the hellion judas priest album being a metallic being in a lava worth is like dark lords, Vader and Sauron.
>The Hellion isn't completely evil just pragmatic and has a dynamic with Collin similar to Kratos and Artreus and emphasizes with his love for his friends and Jesus but considers God and Satan two power drunk tyrants

Since I mentioned Chirin, Collin is bound to become remarkably powerful since a full-fleshed angel can beat any entity of hell one on one except for satan, but I haven't thought that far ahead
anyone else got other Christain related ideas to add to the mix because paradise lost included in this story would add more to the conflict

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Vivzi is only going off cool hell related things she's seen shared on Tumblr, there's no way in hell she knows jack shit about Christianity beyond a surface level understanding (she knows what the goetia is but fucked up the angel hierarchy? ok) so her avoiding the topic is for the best.

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I always thought there'd be famous people in hell like attila the gun or Ivan the terrible I know vizzie said very bad people like Hitler are gone completely but it be nice to see a nod to a few

my personal gripe with the design is the weird black lapels and the lack of sleeve stripes.
It really bothers me how nobody who designs suit-wearing characters seems to know or care how a suit, tie, or dress shirt is actually supposed to look, and it bugs me that, as someone who knows a great deal about that kind of thing, I'm the only person who seems to care about it.
The people who would care certainly aren't looking at cartoons like hazbin hotel for outfit inspo.
If I was a character designer for the show, I would have so much fun with it, I'd have alastor wear Norfolk Jackets, Swing-Era suits and ties, Angel wear a wardrobe that ranges from a 1930s-accurate gangster look to 1980s sleazecore, and just generally try to do something neat with every character because the wild setting and anachronistic mix of characters have so much potential for that kind of thing.
But again, nobody but me will appreciate it.
My specific brand of autism has no home anywhere.

Anyway, Lets make use of this archive-doomed thread by making a new discussion out of it:
How would you write the show?

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I really hope they wont get to just making her an all out villain in this show. I had some personal experience with this kind of thing (specifically as a kid with my parents) and let me tell you. Portraying ANY side here as all out evil is fucking insulting. I wonder if it's caused by Brandon (one of the main writers and VA of Blitzo) basing Stolas's situation on his life apparently (correct me if I'm wrong here) and he wants to make himself look like a good guy, pat himself on the back and make everyone else do so as well. Although again, I may be wrong about it.

Just for clarification. I mean one parent cheating on the other without a divorce beforehand and the marriage being all around rocky.

Hes also a huge cock sucking homo so

i think his daughter is still pretty young but yeah i wouldn't be suprised if his real life situation "influenced" the story. not to mention his comment about stolas looking like his BF raised some eyebrows.

>girls will literally lore worship greek gods, horoscopes, rocks, and even hell itself before they even pick up a bible
I remember the threads of people thinking vizzie is a based Christain for depicting gays in hell, and I thought all it would take is one episode after years of merchandise and getting this fandom with a demographic of satan flirts and voyeurs to have them depicted as retards bluntly when Satan justs laughs at their stupidity and burns everyone regardless because that's all he does
That would be the ultimate troll move

I swear if he cheated on his wife without divorcing her first and also having a kid with her to boot then I genuinely have little sympathy for him, even if that woman was also a bitch. Especially if he tries to push it in HB and make himself look like a sad little victim and his ex as a terrible, irredeemable monster. That would be in a VERY bad taste.

they'll just shoehorn more plot to make Stella look evil, such as it being an arranged marriage and Stella being a bad mom or wife

Also it IS pretty telling that the most critical about Stolas episode that calls out him and Blitzo on their BS is episode written mainly by Viv (which seems to be an exception since it was a news that she wrote it)

>How would you write the show?
why bother thinking about that?

None of us will ever get to work on this show, thinking otherwise is childish. I don't think anyone on Yea Forums will ever actually get to work on ANY show, much less a show like Hazbin. The boat has sailed, the trajectory of the show is probably almost completely worked out by now, and the show has been in development hell so long with so much questionable shit going on at behest of both the studio and its backstabbing histrionic bitch creator that we should probably just expect the worst at this point.

So basically we're just stuck along for the ride while our favorite voice actors get replaced, creative decisions neutered by corpocucks, and our best bois chest fluff removed.
feels bad man

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>considers God and Satan two power drunk tyrants
>satan yes
>god no

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Honestly, does anyone else here feel profoundly alienated when they actually consider that the art they enjoy, the people behind it, and the media landscape, in general, is irreconcilably opposed to any political sentiment you have?
Even if you are only slightly right of center, if you were to end up having a conversation with any of the people behind helluva boss, and politics came up in conversation, you'd have to shut your mouth and nod and agree, or immediately be ousted as a weirdo conspiracy-nut trumper or some shit like that.
That's not even getting into how fucking insane vivzie is, if we remember that time she got assmad at Scott Cawthon, someone who never did a single thing wrong except vote for a republican.
Yet despite this, she can get away with it despite being the creative lead on a show funded by a large corporate entity like A24, because being an incontinent lefty pest is no longer bad optics, because no corporate entity has to maintain any veneer of centrist impartiality these days.
In fact, they can't be centrist, because of just how badly the center has fallen out of the current political zeitgeist, especially when it comes to media.
Changing your pfp to a rainbow in August or Putting pronouns in your bio isn't fringe political signaling anymore, it's just common etiquette to these people, so if you are right of center enough that you think pronouns in concept are in any way bad, you aren't welcome to the club.
If they knew that we discuss HB and HH here and unironically enjoy it, they'd probably resent it.
Nobody here is ever going to be allowed to work on helluva boss, or any similarly high-level creative project unless we stay quiet and let them assume we're just as left-leaning as they are.
And that's what I assume most artists and animators this side of the aisle are doing.
Obviously, it's hard to tell if that's what's happening at all.

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I don't know exactly how I would write this show, but I would say I would make it at first about Charlie trying to get ANY sinner redeemed and 1st season would end on Angel being the first one to be redeemed and being allowed to go to Purgatory (because straight to heaven is a bit silly). Then second season would be about her doing it then with other sinners, but finding herself more and more depressed because she gets to know those characters and they all eventually leave and she is left almost entirely alone. This could give way for her to become more corrupted which could be Alastor's plan. All the while Alastor because of Charlie's presence becomes better in time. Inside of every Demon is a Rainbow and inside of every Angel is a Dark Cloud.

I also plan on making a series of fics connecting HH and HB in a very strange narrative. Most of them being self contained stories with one being like a main story. I don't know if I actually get to making it, but I have parts of it already in my mind and I made at least one fic in it that is mostly it's own story.

I don't feel alienated but the shit that's considered right and wrong by these people and the ideas they're using to project it, kills everything, passion, ideas, comedy I don't have to tell you the number of franchises died on the altar of ideals to describe it


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right here

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Despite what viv thinks God isn't a tyrant or an asshole to justify sinning, sins are the will of the sinner and people saying "hurr god killed more people" don't fathom the number of people satan tortures for eternity and considering the time we are in not to sin or the very least repent It will always baffle me how people will try to make God look like Zeus

In my face

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I mean how can God even be power hungry? He already has all the power.

unless someone threatens it that's what satan did

show us your minge, go on then

>Blitzo: Who fucked my daughter?
>door opens

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She has nothing down there, she's basically a fluffy barbie doll

Mere mortals cannot handle this floof

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I would marry Sally ironically

What about clowns?

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Does he shave his body wool except the wrist area?

only one way to find out

do go on

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I love the british, still wish they didn't kill my ancestors

His design was and forever will be utter dogshit. No amount of redesigns can save this show. Its 12 year-old on Deviantart aesthetic will only ever appeal to edgy middle schoolers and 20-something Big Mouth fans.

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