Which do you prefer

Which do you prefer.

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I would prefer this to head towards Yea Forums,. but they would just delete it. It's not weird enough for /d/, so I think it goes to the trash.

Left would be good if it were a shirt instead of a sweater.


Post this on Yea Forums and watch them flip out

The original one (right), duh.

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they are just terrified of the fact that Japanese people aren't universal blobs like most Americans, aren't they?

They both look like burn victims. Left has more going for it but right is better for animation. But yeah, they both look like they had someone take a router to their face. Disney's influence on Tezuka continues to baffle me.

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That one that makes her a MILF.

Left could use some tweaks to be much better. Right is just... fine.

Yes. Universal blobs with vittiligo.


>normal means fat!
As a former fatass, maintaining a healthy weight isn't some insurmountable task.


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Not cartoons or comics

Have you tried losing the autism?

I'm a fatfag so left


Right is good but I would pres left for hours.

Why are Americans so fat and obsessed with making everyone else as fat as they are?


>Aug 12, 2020
>twitter screencap
>anime character

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Left sits on my face while right gives me a titjob.

>Obesity is normal for americans
tiny kek

Why are Americans so insane?

Ironic coming from Yea Forumstards that lose their shit over stonetoss threads and people who mock Calarts cartoon

>SJW twitter artists

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Wrong board, retard.


Why do these people do this?

Kys, Yea Forums is not a random board, no matter mentally ills like you think.

I don't see the issue with either of them, how they look matters less than their shitty personality.

You deserve a (You) my man.


The original easily. The redesign is just atrocious and attempted to appeal to fat people and fatty chasers.

I imagine a post with that pic saying "ITT: American ports of Japanese games" or something

the design isn't the inherent problem, dum-dum.

It's on-topic to TLOU2

What's the problem?

The one on the left looks like she'd be the most fun to chill with. Probably very snuggly and soft. Would pet your head if you fell asleep next to her. The one on the right looks like she pads her bra and says crude shit loudly on purpose to get attention.

Whey to go.

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werd. original is far superior.

>The one on the left looks like she'd be the most fun to chill with.
Americans in a nutshell.
They think being fat fucks makes them "chill."

They both look bad I still don't get how this shit got popular. Same with Nagatoro and the other bitch.

>normal by amerimutt standards


It would be deleted, not a real videogame
Nah, lol.

Uzaki always freaks me the fuck out because she reminds me of the girl I went to school with in 7th grade who looked exactly like her, right down to the weeb phrases on her shirt and denim skirts.

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That's what you call fat?

Most Amerimutts are actually fatfucks. So this is unironically true to themselves lmaoopoooo

The problem is that Amerimutts believe they are fatfucks, so everyone in every other country should be depicted the same fat way as them lol. Fucking insane fatfucks.lolol

Fucking christ, this shit writes itself.

That's just her little sister isn't it?

I would fuck both of them to be quite honest with you my lad (2 (short for two)bqhwu(short for you)ml

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and her mom too

You sit on your porch together and enjoy the morning pint of canola.

They're both pretty crappy designs though, the right less crappier than the left

Honestly left really isn't that bad compared to a lot of awful Tumblrite redesigns, Its basically just a fatter version of Uzaki in a sweater with a real fang instead of a flesh fang.

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this isnt Yea Forums so fuck off or swim with a toaster

I would like the right one to get a breast reduction surgery.

As a fat person who likes plus sizes…they haven’t made the character normal; they’ve redrawn and designed based on their own aesthetics and biases. Redrawing based on your own aesthetics and biases can be fucking cool but-nit is by no means “normalization”.

For the love of fuck even I know America is fucked for the obesity epidemic and its continued egging on/exploitation. And for fucks sake in America I’ve known multiple women built like the little Let’s Hang Out tiddy gremlin. This is a problem I’ve seen with people in and on the fringe of something called the size acceptance movement, the same kind of attitude that has people calling anyone trying to or who happens to he losing weight alongside a lifestyle change “fatphobic” for doing so. The point of size acceptance is the allow people to be able to live and have some dignity in their bodies, not to be militant assholes. This artist is a militant asshole. What they’ve drawn is perfectly fine but their attitude about it fucking sucks.

Do Americans actually think the bitch on the left isn't fat?
If so that explains so much.

Left because it doesn't teeth made out of skin.

I prefer anime. I'm just here to shitpost. Shame about the state of western cartoons.

Are Americans just incapable of drawing female characters who aren't fat?

This. People who wear sweaters like that are fat in all the wrong area so they used an oversized sweater to cover up their fat

Nah she's a bit cuter

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She might be the most intentional maniac pixie dream girl sex object female protagonist in all of anime.

I presume the artist wants to stir up shit for e-peen. If it was an OC nobody would give quarter of a shit.

why won't she molest me?