It's up

It's up

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What's up?

Hair in the first panel is sussy

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Excuse me, the correct term is "birthing bodies"

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Nothing much and you?

Now that's forced as fuck.

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Deciding if and when to become a parent = deciding to have sex
Abortion is not reproductive care, it is a tragic last resort when a woman is unfit to survive childbirth.

>a woman is unfit to survive childbirth.
Let them die. Women who cannot birth children are literally worthless.

What's the deal with marxists calling everyone "bodies"?
>bodies of color
>birthing bodies
Like, I hate niggers and women, but I still acknowledge that they're technically people, not some kind of weird meat automatons.

Oh boy, another attempt to rile people on Yea Forums-/pol/ up, with a pebble comic about a wedge issue about < half a percent of Americans that you basically could ignore and who's greatest 'threat' is to women's sports (yawn)

Well, as long as it helps people feel like their is a difference between our two corporate parties and ignore other things.

So you want to kill your mom and grandma and aunts.

Now this is epic



I unironically don't get it, they identify as women, they are a women rights group why not use women?

They'll never be a real woman

supposedly it's for the nonbinaries.

Your guess is as good as mine. That's what makes this stonetoss comic funny, because it's true and happening in real time

>Oh boy, another attempt to-ACK

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>protest access to sex education
>protest access to birth control
>slash funding for low income parents
And you act surprised when abortion morphs into reproductive care
But have fun in like, 16 years when the 'super predators' and 'hardened criminals come back because of all the low income young males without fathers are old enough to start showing up. Also:
>abortion is in the bible, was legal for centuries and legal in the US at the time of the founding
>Report shitty political threads

Their greatest "'threat'" is to your children. Or I should say, my children, because you clearly don't have or want any, otherwise you'd have thought of that.

They're is an imposter amongus


>come back
They never went anywhere.
They're just more pacified nowadays thanks to easier access to legal drugs.

I prefer cattle feed

>protest access to birth control
I'll take shit that never happened for $100

But they are demanding their rights as a woman group they are united by their identity, are they trying to end women rights entities?

Nah, statistically you are the greatest threat to them, as a male who uses Yea Forums you fit the demo and most child abuse/sexual abuse is within the family.

What, do you live in a part of the country with roving bands of transexuals who attack kids? There's like 1 in every 200 Americans, and like none outside of the cities. Move out of that hellhole user.

As a brown dude I prefer that more. Somehow people of color sounds more derogatory than just saying nigger, at least to me. Wasn’t “colored people” a term for us during the segregation? How the fuck did we come full circle?

what family?

I would start worrying for my family's safety if my dad browsed the cartoon board on the chans

kek it's literally the troon

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Trump's rights are human rights

Didn't he get the memo that feminists are reactionary allies of the right now?

women aren't real

It's for transmen (Female to male) who identify as male but still have functional pussies. Everyone always treats trans as male to female but it is both.

He didn't say trannies were the greatest threat to children, learn to fucking read you troon.

man Yea Forums banning wojaks still causes seething

only hot femboys can be real reactionary right wing allies

considering you type like a zoomer trying to beef up his language for an essay I kinda doubt that you have kids

Any family, or close family friends. Stats show like +90% of sexual abuse is committed by people the kid thinks they know well/is in their family.
>He doesn't know about the Comstock laws or some employers trying to ban healthcare use for birth control

It’s "offspring-producing organisms" you nazi bigot!

do you understand the concept of per capita?

>not keeping a finger on the pulse
Gotta know what shows are most pozzed if I'm going to shelter my family from pozz

The side that can't define what a woman is now want to fight foe women's rights. You can't make up the stupidity of the left.

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Hey look it's JK Rowling.

I prefer household property better

first stonetoss character with booba, must fuck NOW

If my post sounded "beefed up" to you, I pity the teacher who has to grade your essay next week

Yeah, I could see you be a frequent poster in loud house threads in the past

I tried to, but 'their greatest threat to' isn't proper English. Either he meant 'their greatest threat is from' or 'they are the greatest threat to' or 'the threat they represent is greatest to/toward'
Assuming he meant the last one, you should still watch out for family friends more, they get by on people not suspecting them.

relax user we're on Yea Forums, no need to talk like you read one too many 40k novels

Do you understand the concept of not giving a shit about things per capita if the rate is so low? Trannies are a fraction of a fraction, not even worth thinking about, but they live rent free in your heads.
I'm willing to bet you don't have any hard stats on per capita sexual assaults either, just 'feelings' because of frequent posts telling you to dilate that make you think they are everywhere threatening your genitals.

mandatory sterilzation for people who fail IQ tests

What is Yea Forums's favorite slur?

not like this site is having kids anyway

>but they live rent free in your heads.

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so you admit that you're bad at math?

oh wow haha

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>son gets home early,, horrified to see his dad jerking it to Raven/Starfire softcore

I'm saying that a couple of misallocated women's sports scholarships are less worrisome than the broader cultural phenomenon of trans tolerance/celebration and the decentralized grooming cells it inspires

Tranny, probably.
In a site like this, you're bound to hit the mark (or close to it ie: femboy, faggots etc) more often than using a racial slur.

I agree they're not worth thinking about, yet every arm of media disagrees. Curious!

I don't get it either, I think it's just a newspeak term to delineate hierarchies.

If you can give the per capita rate of sexual assault from transexual individuals on children, sure. Unless your argument/math skills is shouting 'PER CAPITA" and hoping no one actually thinks about it

She's finally a woman.

at a site where everyone uses faggot i kinda doubt it

Green iz best ya gitz


Your projection is very telling

"jigaboo" and "dago" are fun.

imagine poorly aping stonetoss' style

>transexual individuals

You underestimate how many young people/twitter immigrants/reddit immigrants this site gets. They come here not used to slurs and try to change the house's rules.

Well, yeah if we are making things up about childhood sexual assault to support an argument, sure, totally reasonable. Groomer is totally not a response to 'boomer' and repurposing the old 'think of the children' arguments used every time women's rights, gay rights, or any challenge to social hierarchy was pushed.

how many pulses have you fingered just today user?

ow the edge

>grooming children makes me a rebel!
no, it makes you a degenerate

Was he too on the mark?
Or was it more personally embarrassing, like you tried to show your kids your gem-sona and they thought it was cringe?

>nuh huh it doesn't exists!
Yeah I'm sure children being fed blockers is just a myth by the news.
Retarded tranny.

Isn't it funny how they always avoid actually giving the numbers? But sure, keep shouting groomer while actual sex trafficking happens so you can feel good about blaming Korra kissing Asami or whatever

I think you overestimate how much traffic this place gets outside of a few board raids

I'm sorry, but I didn't order a word salad.

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>Isn't it funny I don't have to prove anything and make blatant shit up while requesting others to show proof?
Yeah hilarious.
As much as your suicide rate.

You're disingenuously conflating groomer with rapist, and I'm calling you out on it.

Enough for it to be the zenit of meme culture.


that's twitter and youtube comments these days

>nooo, we're supposed to ruin your life, not the other way around

Same fag

100% of trannies abuse children.
That is why nobody is shocked when the child you left alone with a perverted man in drag got molested.

All me btw

So... men are like 3-4 times more likely to die/be successful in attempted suicide. That mean masculinity is a disease?

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the samefag is the discord raider with the same posting style and libtriggering talking points that pops by here every day

Absolutely not. Where do you think the Chad/Virgin meme came from?

Quentin, and the less we talk about that faggot the better

No? Considering trannies are included in that stat.

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Masculinity is the norm
Trannyism is a deviation
When expressing a norm proves dangerous, society should be criticized
When expressing a deviation proves dangerous, society should warn against deviation

Doub it was him actually, but even so, he was an attention whore here so...

How many trannies you think there are user?
Are ya'll just afraid of imaginary trannies under the bed? Just because you go to furry cons or live in the arts district of the city shouldn't color your reality too much.

deluding children thinking that HRT is necessary is nothing short of rape

why is every bad thing automatically the man's fault? even when they're the victim

I dunno, there are more women, couldn't you say masculine expression is deviant from the norm? Or that by your logic we should criticize society for being too masculine and try to feminize it more?
Bold assertion user, round these parts

Oh god this board really has been taken over by faggots from twitter.