Pitch your reboot/reimagine ideas for an old cartoon

Post your reboot/reimagine ideas for an old cartoon show.

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Reboot but this time the player is the good guy

Get it? You wanted a reboot pitch?

A Netflix Castlevania-inspired Skeleton Warriors.

A GI joe reboot that is nothing but a stealth Call of Duty modern war cartoon with extra colorful villians..

I hate you user. But I can't be mad at that.

Skeleton Warriors and it's even more hyped

If one more reboot gets announced I'll rub my bare ass on a busy street

it's Flintstones but Trump instead of Fred

Mike Lu and Og but theyre actual cavemen

Rick and Morty reboot but this time around you get competent writers.

Animals of Farting woods but they're humans.

how would competent writers do Pickle Rick?

Batman Brave And The Bold, but we just do it again but since it was hero of the week we do a different story with all the heroes.

A reimagining for a Superman movie trilogy in a good DC cinematic universe. First movie would have him establish himself as a hero and go against Ultra Humanite and Metallo. Second movie would introduce Alex as a bigger threat throughout the universe and build on Clark’s relationship with Lois. Third movie would introduce Zod, Supergirl, and add more worldbuilding to the Kryptonites, revealing Darkseid was responsible to Kyrpton’s destruction. Skipped over some details, but I’ve been sitting on this idea for a bit


The 90s Godzilla cartoon, but reimagine it in the Monsterverse. As the King of Hollow Earth, Kong has forced out many kaiju to the surface of the Earth. One of these, an infant iguana-like creature, is discovered by Dr. Nick Tatopolous and HEAT, the Humanitarian Ecological Analysis Team, a Monarch-funded organization dedicated to cataloging and in the future predicting the changes that kaiju have introduced to the Earth's environment.

The creature imprints on Nick, and when it makes a tiny roar that sounds like Godzilla's, the team names it "Junior". Soon, little Zilla grows and becomes a forty-meter kaiju in its own right, following the team as they travel the globe, studying new kaiju and coming into conflict with hostile ones as well as human organizations that seek to exploit them for various purposes.

The series would feature cameos by Big G, Rodan, Mothra and other big Toho kaiju but would primarily follow HEAT and Zilla Jr. having their own adventures, slowly building up a background plot that one of the long-lost ancient civilizations whose ruins we see in King of the Monsters actually still exists, and is plotting a return to dominance with their secret weapon: Megalon.

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Scooby Doo, but I won't even pretend that it's good.

So, Be Cool?

Cucumber Rick

Beavis and Butthead and Daria being dumb zoomer kids who spend most of their free time on cringe comps/rabbit holes on the internet and respectively do stupid, offensive shit for attention/excitement while the other deals with family bullshit, complete isolation from the hollowness of the modern age and a bitch influencer sister. It would be the only way I would accept bringing these characters back considering they're supposed to represent the youth.

No idea what i'd reboot but it would have a lot of cunny

Kappa Mikey but it's a dark stylish anime and mikey gets sent to the anime world and has to try and go back to his world

Doug, but different

1. The show is not meant to teach you anything. Lessons or morals gleaned from plotlines are only incidental or unintentional.

2. Not every episode has a happy ending. Milk the inherent pathos of Doug and make some episodes sad or pathetic on purpose. Have Doug or one of his friends (Patty or Skeeter for instance) be injured or humiliated and not really recover by the end of the episode every so often. Sometimes a problem can't be solved and they just have to live with it.

3. Doug's older sister must be even more of an evil shit and make her a recurring antagonist, if not one of the show's main antagonists. She is a sadistic bully and will sabotage or humiliate Doug or his friends if given the chance. Doug's parents generally are lenient towards her. We must make her the most hated cartoon woman we can. Roger's villainy by contrast is downplayed as the series goes, he even becomes one of Doug's friends later on.

4. Aside from Doug' bizarre fantasies, keep things pretty down to earth and realistic.

5. Have an intended last season you break out when you are told you are being cancelled where you throw most of this out the window. Technology advances to a futuristic level practically overnight when alien contact is made, changing the setting for the last season. People mutate, weird shit abounds, and things grow increasingly surreal. End the show where Doug successfully stands up to his sister (he tried before and failed) and she faces the punishment she deserves in what is meant to be a massive catharsis for the audience and Doug himself as she faces the punishment she's rightfully deserved over the course of the rest of the series. If we know the show is going to die we should pull out all the stops and make its last days memorable, if weird. I love grand finales so I'd want something like this.

He-Man, but what if Adam dies in the first episode, and we make Teela the main character? And then give Teela a power-up that makes her a thousand times stronger than He-Man ever was?

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>Doug if helmed by an Indian man who ends every sentence with "I hate women"

Yeah, sounds about right. I like it!

That's pretty huge.

Beast Wars. Literally just keep the original voice dubs and audio, maybe update the stock blaster noises, and give it new cgi.

This sounds more like a fan project that I'd get behind.

Why Megalon and not Destroyah, Space Godzilla, or Monster X?

Kim possible but they haven’t really aged or anything because they created anti age stuff. It’s should be believable with the other crazy things in show

Uhhh why do I suddenly want to die?

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A live action reboot of that one French comic with the bear and little girl in the forest

MAD but with actually good and creative humor.

I'd watch these two. Zoomer Daria sounds funny and kind of pathetic, actually ,something I'd enjoy.

Mickey Mouse and the gang decide humanity has sinned against nature one too many times. They begin a crusade to genocide the human race.


- R- Rated due to gore and murder
- 2 hour long movie based on the first five episodes

Pirates of Dark Water
- Same people who did the anime Thundercats reboot

- just update the story a bit and make the suits less "toyetic"

An Adventure Time reboot where Finn fucks all the bitches.

A 6Teen but the're also Power Rangers

so basically this meme?
yeah that would be funny

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So gay bones?

>Reboot but this time the player is the good guy
>Year is current year
>The User is a hardcore computer nerd, and lover of old school tech.
>One day buys an old PC at a garage sale and boots it up for the first time in decades
>Bob, Enzo, & Co are suddenly thrust back into consciousness.
>As the User starts messing with the PC more, he discovers that many of the games on the dick are corrupt or have sever glitches that are messing up the PC
>Rest of the series is him working on the PC, buying "new" parts like RAM upgrades, digging into the game code to fix the problems.
>Unbeknownst to him, he is aided by Bob and co in his efforts

Iyashikei Scooby Doo.

Each place is based off a specific realworld local and a legend from there and a lot of effort is put into the backgrounds.
Sometimes the monster is a disguise and sometimes the gang never find out.


Dilbert again. Change nothing. More Dilbert.

Danny Phantom but he starts out missing a limb, maybe a leg so he's wheelchair-bound but when he goes ghost he grows it back. It's his phantom limb.

A series of films all produced with the same stop motion silhouette animation as the Adventures of Prince Achmed adapting all of the tales of the Arabian Nights.

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Detentionaire reboot, but this time it's more graphic and gruesome.

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I'm a big Scooby-Doo fan and this sounds awesome, good idea user.

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GI Joe, but with actual weaponry.
Cobra is an infighting band of cross-partisan terrorists that all hate the US but hate each other just as much, with varying degrees of training and talent. Cobra Commander is actually a relatively experienced commander who manages to hold Cobra together, but looks like your average middle-aged beat up infantryman because he is. He has to wear the mask because nobody takes him seriously otherwise.
Snake Eyes is as quiet as always, but he was also born mute. He's Cobra Commander's biological son, who Commander thinks is dead.
Storm Shadow joined Cobra because despite his parents dying in a car accident from Commander's brother's drunk driving, he's an actual psychopath and being a ninja is so much better than being a doctor.
Dr. Mindbender is an internet propagandist par excellence, who uses armies of bots and the ability to masquerade and deepfake as anyone to forge films showing the Joes committing war crimes.
Spider is the perky new tech geek girl that lusts after Duke, meant to be a self-insert character for quirky female fans, and she has excellent hacking skills, rivaling and chasing down Mindbender to impress the team.
Spider is also Mindbender.

Because Megalon being the weapon of an ancient underground civilization was the plot of his actual movie back in the 70s, and wouldn't step on the toes of AAA kaiju they'd probably want saved for movies. It would also pave the way to getting Gigan and Jet Jaguar into the Monsterverse.

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She-Ra reboot with '80s character designs (but Entrapta, Mermista and Bow can keep their race changes). Adora is being parented by Hordak and Shakra the nanny, and this time the "raises the Sword of Protection, is inducted to the Rebels by Bow and Glimmer" story beat is followed by her going back to the Fright Zone as a spy and pretending "those two Rebels conked me on the head, now I'm too concussed to be a competent soldier."

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oswald fucks all y'all's moms and sisters and grandmas

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>and sometimes the gang never find out.
This sounds like a nice change of pace

EEnE but everyone is in college years.
It's 1 episode long.
It's from the perspective of Rolf coming BACK to the cul-de-sac after returning to the old country for about 8 years.
Everyone has changed, cliques are different.
Edd has been recruited by NASA and is no longer around, ever.
Ed is a jock who hangs out with Kevin.
Nazz and Sarah are much closer, Jimmy and Sarah are never seen together.
Jimmy went full recluse after Sarah dumped him, he's quite handsome after his headgear is removed but never got over his oneitis.
Eddy works at a fast food restaurant, night shift, and smokes cigarettes heavily
Jonny still carries Plank around, he's not as annoying but his enthusiasm and spunk are as sharp as ever.
The Kanker Sisters moved after their trailer was robbed and daddy got stabbed.

oswald fucks a bear

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a new series on Disney+ in which Oswald restores heteronormative honor to Disney and regaining conservative support for the brand by fucking your wife

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as a concession to the liberal audience, Oswald impregnates your wife and talks her into getting an abortion.

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Oswald is back in a feature-length rom-com date movie where he fucks your date.

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