This says alot about society

This says alot about society.

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They spittin facts

wtf i love lesbians now

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>say nigger faggot three hundred times
>"free speech snowflake, go 41% about it lmao"
>make joke about breaking stuff
>"This isn't funny. Poor amerimutts spend one hundred gorillion McDollars every year because of riots. Please be better."
>inb4 "this but unironically"

>cities can rebuild, zach

The ones making actual arguments against rioting aren't the same people who are just calling the rioters niggers.

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I don't get it.

this but unironically I agree with your take. Free speech is free speech.

Leslie is hard into politics and bitching all the time, Brianne is an easygoing retard. She tricked her into coming to a feminist protest by saying it was for Crash Bandicoot.

>The people in that thread acting like moral busybodies in the Twitter thread for OP's picture doesn't realize the point of these two are basically Spumco but lesbians. Or they know but think it's a disguise for an anarchist rabbit hole.

>property can always be replaced!

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I thought Leslie was stupid enough to actually think it was PC Port rally and she's the only one screaming about bandicoots.

How sheltered do you have to be to think like this? It is bizarre

Where's the joke?

I like Keith's comics but fuck I'm sick of seeing these two. Go back to drawing either Sonic or Pokemon.

Stop projecting kiddo

The rest of the women there are protesting abortion rights

It's a CRT protest, not a CTR protest

So they're like real anarchists?

>*stops your chimpening*
>*goes free*
Inb4 he killed white people, those were JEWS and pedos

Forgot pix

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i hate american so goddamn much

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Literal shill

Would be funny if Keith realized the irony in making his retarded lesbian character pro-abortion.

I like when Dinosaurs did it
'How can there never be any more? That's what 'more' means'
The extinction episode

>he's even making edits of his own shitty comic to "meme" his shit
Buy an ad

OP is spamming, ban evading, and possibly a tripfag in disguise. Here's proof.

well I frankly I prefer it to the twitter outrage shit aka 90% of co at any given time so it's ok in my book

Hehe someone should draw porn of those characters that are totally not my ocs so more people can donate to my patreon what is "his" patreon again? Someone should post his patreon

Sure, but if you break it, you pay for it, you blue-haired whore.

Who cares. Keep this shit in Twitter man, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if some cunt on Twitter crossposted this shit here

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ah I get it know

there's a mad sperg from twitter with a hateboner for OP's comic

Seriously guyssssss donate to my I mean his patreon and follow my I mean his twitteeerrr t. Not OP

>Hey Butthead heh, these chicks copied us heh heh

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Yes and in fact I think I know who it is. Its possibly Tactical Fiend. He is known to go on Yea Forums and make threads based on his own Twatter posts, like a true schizo. He is also know for making the same thread/post, over and over again and when called out on it, he will deny it.

why singular boob

not that OP hasn't been shilling his comic, but he must make like one thread a week tops

Is this shilling or autism?

take your meds

that's because the rioters are trannies

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Nah my opioid prescription dried up

Be nice to Busterbeam. He is a fourth worlder who has shitty old anime as his only escape from reality.

>say nigger faggot three hundred times
>"free speech snowflake, go 41% about it lmao"
>make joke about breaking -ACK!

Not helping your case, tard.

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You misspelled Americans, idiot

And it's good for construction companies. So when you destroy you create jobs. God bless America!

I want to believe that but the fact Constantinople never recovered from the 4th crusade says otherwise.


Wouldn't you want to reference stuff that people like/have heard of‽

This guy sure is trying to steal Gobolatula hype ins't he

I don't get it.

I got all those references except Doobie's Dog House

Realistically the problem isn't that the property is somehow more valuable than human lives, but the fact that the average american riot is just the random festival of destruction and looting, without any regard of targets. One can argue that, say graffiting the town hal or trashing the lawn of the criminal's house can be see as the valid forms of protest when other options have failed, but the same thing cannot be said about setting on fire random cars and looting random shops in the general location of protest.

Also, the fact that in last few years the Americans came to believe that the most valid forms of protesting are either limp wristed pickets or violent, directionless riots is pretty sad, sinde neither of those can perform their function as the civil disobedience.

Regadless of their goals, the trucker convoy and capitol riot were probably the best organised and executed protests of the last decade in North America and I don't mean that as the compliment.

By your logic Godzilla is great for the economy.