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Will she appear though?

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Since they're clearly not replacing Thornton in the games, can we FINALLY get a decent Shadow voice from this series?

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Wow, Sonic got the end teaser part? Sonic hype is back.

seconding this, after Jason Shadow's voice has been pretty bad

they changed his VA?

Our new voice for Sonic.

Back in black

Would be neat

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I'm just too used to the voices from the game, even the Sonic Boom TV series had them.

Accompanying articles:
Nice damage control, but among the original content:
>beanmouth on the 2D ones
>black leads on the CGI ones

i wonder if these voices are going to be for the games too

>ashleigh ball
>inb4 she's a female sonic from a parallel dimension and she's literally just you-know-who


That Dead End looked awful.

blue fast horse


redpill me on the jurassic park show

kek, fuck you.

Nah, this is just because the show's being made in Canada

>Ask a question
>Get an evasive answer

SEGA planned on changing up the VAs for the game cast not too long ago, but they went back on that decision fairly quickly.

In case you're genuinely confused and not playing retard, it's a cartoon you can't talk about on Yea Forums. Just look up Ashleigh Ball and it becomes obvious.

Oh shoot, those are Canadians!

Rainbow Dash x Sonic will become canon lmao

>even the Sonic Boom TV series had them
Because Boom was made in the US and not Canada


Yeah I never watched that show nor cared.

It's the animated adaption of some Tumblr webcomic made by a tr*nny


You'll get a Sally cameo for 10 seconds.

>this shitty blender model

visual wise it looks better then Boom but worse then Night of the Werehog

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No Kathleen Barr so probably not.

What the fuck is this uncanny valley shit? Euughh it looks live everything there is made out of plastic

I'm more and more convinced that Netflix has always paid peanuts for animation budget and this pseudo stop motion look is how they made due.

>Canadian VAs
Whyyyyy!? I like all these voice actors, but why after years of American dubbing, why are they using the Canadian voice cast?

So is it going to be South-Central-Memetown like Boom or what?

Labour laws

I don't think I wanna hear what Canadian Eggman sounds like. I'm sure his VA will do great, but Mike Pollock's been there since 2003. That's a kind of consistency that's rare in this series. My ears are gonna take some serious adjusting to someone new, even if they're cast as a soundalike.

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>No Mike Pollock

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Decent first three seasons that take place along the Jurassic World movies. Fourth season is ass.

newfag lmao

No Mike Pollock is going to sting. Dude is just THE Eggman.

>Brian Drummond
yessss best vegeta possibly being shadow
oh no, vegeta possibly being shadow

I see a lot of people saying this but I'm not quite sure i understand. Care to explain?

/sthg/ gonna FREAK!

>everyone memes about how Shadow is just Vegeta
>Brian Drummond


Well the last Canadian to voice Eggman was okay.

Basically, Canadian television or cartoons have to have a certain number of native persons in the cast.

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holy shit that's Wynton Styles' VA from the Bakugan reboot

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He also voiced Knuckles in Sonic Underground.

Why does it somehow look worse than Sonic Boom did 7 years ago?

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Budget Franchiseu Prease Understand

When's the Knuckles show coming? I can't believe there's gonna be two competing Sonic shows again.

>Sonic Boom was 7 years ago
I remember being butthurt over Sonic X kiddies. Now even Sonic Boom kiddies ain't kiddies no more.

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Those are a lot of LEGO and "the show that will not be named" actors

because it's a Canadian project

Could it be that they are trying to combine 2 of extremely autistic fanbases together in an unholy ritual of creating the spergiest animated series ever?

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AOSTH Robotnik was also part of the Canadian VA talent pool.

With this shitty animation?
Good luck, even autists have standards.

>Man of Action

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I haven't watch the video yet, just wanted to engage in the discussion asap.

Quite, though he (and Chalk) were Anglo-Canadian.

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Both of those are produced in Canada, which have strict "must be Canadian citizens to voice act on our shows" rules.

99% of Sonic animation doesn't look as good as Night of the Werehog, so that's a given.

Too black.
Too strong.

I wish they didn't. I like Roger as Sonic, but his tenure as Sonic has been the longest amongst all Sonic English VAs. It's fine if he steps down.

>look worse than Sonic Boom
user I like Sonic Boom, but even I'm not stupid enough to say that this looks worse than it. Sonic Boom had some of the most stiff animation out there and was carried aalmost entirely by its jokes and gags.