Hopes and expectations for All In?

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Forget All in I want to know want why this is getting all the attention when the real final episode airs a week later.

What's going to happen in Hardest thing?

It's going to be underwhelming.

Defeating Darcy by crippling Marcy's body.

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made for corruption

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Owl House is currently going through the usual season two peak phase that most cartoons go through, what would really solidify it as the better show is if the third season is actually good and the ending sticks the landing, considering how it's essentially just six episodes and Dana admitting they had to sacrifice a bunch of storylines for the runtime, I am very skeptical it will be any better than Amphibia season three.

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People expect The Hardest Thing to be like the epilogue resolution where all the emotional stuff happens. People are pretty hyped for All In considering that's where the climax happens and has the longest runtime out of any episode (48 minutes).

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Endgame right here brothers

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It's a good thing that Marcy has Darrel

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Is this the new pic you are going to keep spamming

The Hardest thing serves as the epilogue of the show.

Back into the tank she goes.

She will say goodbye to the frogs

What's funny is literally every pic post above yours but that one has spam history.

>Olivia and Yunan warn the humans about Marcy. But Darrel tells them he knows.
I like how Darrel always knew about Darcy because of his visions but never told Anne and Sasha about it nor does he expect Darcy's trap.

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Yeah bu they are harmlesw

hopes : creepy dreamworld for Marcy. Sasha animay powers. Anne dabbing.
Fears: townies taking up more than 5 minutes of the actual plot.

>What's going to happen in Hardest thing?
my dick for 22 minutes

LA shits and Marcy's instrumentality kind of lowered my hype.

>Fears: townies taking up more than 5 minutes of the actual plot.
I think the only Earth characters who will play a notable role in the episode will be the Boonchuys and Mr. X

>Marcy's instrumentality

frobot is going to be rebuilt by the youtubers. I expect unironical use of the word "kawaii" in the process. And a power level joke.

Marcy shouldn't face herself and grow on her own, she need to be Anne's trophy.

Classic Darrel

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Maybe although I also wondered if the government was going to do it considering the Boonchuys have power suits.

>Marcy overcome her demons
>Marcy defeat the core evil side but rallies some good willed ancestors with her, including andrias dad
>awake her gem power
>this results on her getting control again, but also changing her body armor to glow white with green eyes
>you can call me.... warcy now

So is that post

Anyone else planning on rewatching the whole show in the week leading up to The Hardest Thing's premiere?

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Yeah I get that, I wish she would free herself. Or Sasha free her at worst. But that's not the case it seems.

Fucking asshole

I know it would be nearly an exact repeat of what we saw in Three Armies, but I really want Anne to have a little sob in front of her parents because "I couldn't do it; everyone was relying on me to stop Andrias and I couldn't do it even with my powers and now the invasion is happening and I feels like a failure.'

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Aww Marmar you nerd.

No. I browse these threads so much that most episodes are ingrained in my brain and I only need to watch once.
Only episodes really worth rewatching are some of the lore episodes

We should organize a stream to binge the show

I don't have time to rewatch all of it but I'll rewatch all the plot episodes and some other assorted ones

No I'm waiting for the series to end and rewatch all of Amphibia again after TOH S2 ends.

What's the W for?

>"Marcy? Yes, that was what they used to call me. Marcy the Nerd. That was my name. I am Warcy now."
>"Marcy, I swear to God, I'm going to come over there and kick your ass!"

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You want the girls to be a brainwashed hivemind that's completely harmful

Her Mabel-esque mind trip imprisonment that she has to get out of. It's a disappointing direction and overdone to me.

>200 word essay due tomorrow
>can't stop posting and thinking of the finale


Just work on your shit the episode is still 4 days away

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So who's gonna be in charge of Amphibia when Andrias is out of the picture?

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I see Sasha has been overtaken by cute aggression.

Only 200 words? You can be done in an hour

Not hoping for it, but you just know we're getting a lesbian reveal.
Sure, Matt may SAY it's "ambiguous", but it'll be as ambiguous as Dipcifica at the end of NWMM. All the hints will be there and we'll all fucking know it.
Yuri wins

>Literally bringing the Calamity Trio together into a world in which they can never separate and be happy forever; immortal and free.

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Yeah I feel the same.


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Bruh, I have TWO(2) 4 page essays due in 2 days, and a final to study for.

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Sashanne isn't happening.

I'm rewatching amphibia 3A episodes right now on Disney XD

By being meat puppets to a thousand rulers you forgot that part

Nothing's perfect, you know? It's not like they'll need those bodies when they're in the mindscape, you want them to just gather dust?

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>t. middle-schooler

It's literally already confirmed. Last episode was the gayest in history.
Next episode will probably have some gay Marcanne moment, Anne crying and saying she loves Marcy, which awakens her or something.
Either way, all 3 girls are lesbians

we've been through this song and dance multiple times already, what makes you think it's any different this time.


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>Matt: I love hearing fan feedback, and most of it is positive, but sometimes, they can be mean.
>this one time, a fan sent me a letter about how upset they were over the episode Children of the Spore
>interviewer: I loved that episode
>Matt: I know me too, but they were like, "oh, you just murdered Anne, she literally died, how could you do these horrible things to Anne, this episode should be removed from canon", and I was like, "what the heck are you talking about?" I was really taken aback, but then I thought about it, and maybe I was a bit too dark on that one. So for the sequel, I decided maybe if Gary got redeemed, he wouldn't be so scary anymore. Like originally, I wanted some more characters, like maybe Sasha and Grime to become zombies as well, but that letter really changed my perspective.

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A show about friends.

Because Matt just said it isn't happening

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Maybe more than friends...

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Truth be told, the more I reread that part of the interview, the more it reads like a nothingburger, no shit there are already canon couples in the show already, and no shit none of the girls have gotten together yet. Call it a cope or whatever, but most of these interviews are done months in advanced, and in that time we've already seen obvious hints what's the preferred ship and Marcy being a cuck.

Not according to Matt.

imagine the smell

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Are we frogposting?

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What if the finale reveals that you, the viewer, were the gay one all along?

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It's a perfect setting for someone who carries the gem of intelligence.

I thought Marcy shot Darrel at the end of True Colors.

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Oh I'm definitely gay for Marcy. I'm so gay for Marcy that it hurts.

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I guess so

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Holy God! Those damn arms of Sasha, if she gives Anne a hug it gives the impression that she splits her in two!

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My favorite thing about Darrel is the fact that his dead mentor just follows him around as a ghost now for no reason, completely invalidating his 'sacrifice.' It was a genuinely smart move for Darrel's quote on quote 'narrative' and he completely undid it.

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I'm actually curious to see how the moon crash enters the equation there. Maybe the gems/box energy comes from there, and Adrias pumping it drys literally sucks the moon closer?