Post dem yellow Asian girls!

Post dem yellow cakes.

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Post dem yellow Asian girls?


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Yes, the chinkier the better.

Based fellow Love and Rockets appreciator

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Asian girls with dump trucks are my favorite.

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I love Noodle.

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where is this from? suicide squad?

This is Katana. She's got my back. She could cut all you in half with one sword stroke. Just like mowing the lawn. I'd advise not getting killed by her. Her sword traps the souls of it's victims.

dose she count?

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based thread time?

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>calling asian people yellow
racist much?

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You know, I’ve never met an Asian person who had issues being called yellow unless they were from California.

t. Asian

>inb4 some faggot says they don't exist

>random idpol screeching
Must be Yea Forumsmblr

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Based, but not here

Yup, You got me, I'm a racist.

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Every ass looks fat I'm that pose especially when you stick it out like that. Next


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Is that supposed to be arousing? It's the most anti boner pic I've seen all day.

You're out of date. Asians have reclaimed "yellow" Also, Japanese don't care about the word "Jap' one way or another, Some Japanese-Americans object to it, though.

>bringing up japanese out of nowhere

There needs to be more emma and kitty!

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Funny how one of the ghibli people actually almost did something.

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Silly child, Japan IS in Asia. Check a map.

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Paul Gulacy art

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It's actually kinda crazy, there's at least 5 known failed cartoon adaptations of Yoko Tsuno (by Hanna barbera, IDDH, TMS, Nippon animation, Neurones cartoon) plus the finished one by Marathon that was so bad thy had to rename it to team Galaxy.

It's mindboggling that one of Dupuis' most successful comic properties would be this cursed when it comes to adapting it.

Nao Fukui

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You are dealing with the Dragon Lady now!

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Spotted an error in your chart, user. Everyone knows Japsterdam is in Holland.

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enough with your weak excuses, Mymy:

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Hey Dragon Lady, whatever became of you after Hong Kong became Chinese? Did you fuck off to San Francisco like Connie?

My mistresses wishes to inform you that she took Pat Ryan as a consort and they are both residing in Camden, New Jersey for some reason,

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>implying Pat would agree to that
Next you'll tell me that Captain Judas is still alive.


I believe Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy also got caught up in the scandals. There was a lot of instability at that time.

Movie Knives gives my heart a boner.

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Like the One Piece they most definitely exist.

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I want a hot shortie asian nympho like maxine.

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Fuck off Seamus

>look at the thumbnail

What is that french/belgian BD comic with the asian chick in the long red slit dress, that's called something like White Tiger, or Lotus or Dragon something. I can never find it. The chick looks like Chel.

>being fat is attractive
Fuck off Sambo.

Found it.

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