Main points (non-spoiler/light spoiler):

>everything that could've gone wrong went wrong
>movie drastically watered down from original press screening to be (offensively) PG-13 and strictly a Dr. Strange 2 movie instead of a "The Multiverse Movie"
>Raimi a poor choice to direct MCU property because his tone and the established franchise tone constantly clashes (also studio interference up the ass)
>much of Raimi's signature cheesy dialogue removed and what's left feels out of place
>Raimi's signature horror elements likewise removed, movie is completely kid-friendly now
>90% of multiverse cameos removed to save for Secret War
>Wanda's villainous turn comes out of left-field, no mention or appearance of Vision whatsoever
>Wanda seems even less powerful here than in Endgame
>effects are so bad and rushed as to be jarring (extremely obvious green screens, cartoony CGI that looks unfinished, etc etc)
>America Chavez takes up way too much screen time for a character just being introduced in another character's movie (never explained why she's needed when Strange and Wanda are both wizards)
>unbelievable that Feige ever greenlit this, possibly a sign of immense franchise fatigue on his part
>no memorable actions scenes
>audience literally laughing at the movie instead of with it

It's literally and unironically over.

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DC chads we've won. As long as Shazam doesn't suck we'll win 2022.

You know I’m going to go see it just to spite you at this point, OP. Quit spamming threads

Wouldn't be the first critically panned MCU movie but the normies will eat it up regardless because muh continuity

grace great to see you're still posting here anyway my first question how do you know the visual formula that makes my eyes bleed with text in a video

Don't care, will watch it.

>Wanda's villainous turn comes out of left-field, no mention or appearance of Vision whatsoever
So the dumb bitch never saw Infinity War or WandaVision

>he doesn't know

>Wanda seems even less powerful here than in Endgame
>stomps Strange, America, The illuminati, and herself from another universe
>less powerful
By all accounts Wanda stomps the shit out of everyone. What more did she want in this regard?
>strictly a Dr. Strange 2 movie instead of a "The Multiverse Movie"
That's what it should have been but Apparently it is still the Wanda and Chavez show.

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Endgame means Endgame, disneycucks.

Sounds like every MCU movie ever

my uncle works at marvel, here's a big insider reveal for you muh comec geeks


plot is kinda like extremis, sorta, but extremis now just builds like an iron man armor around you, so in the end tony fights like a black "evil" iron-man.

oh, and the love interest chick is a black korean girl now who's transgenda

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She liked Morbius didn’t she. Who cares about her opinion really

another major leak guys, yeah? VENOM 3 SPOILERS.

Tom Hardy joins forces with jared leto morbius, and they fight a green goo guy, who's like venom or carnage BUT GREEN.

"Venom 3: Green goo dude". Gonna totally blow yo mind. Oh and doctor michael morbius is gonna get his pink goo symbiote version too

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I feel so sad for Raimi. Poor guy

>Raimi's signature horror elements likewise removed, movie is completely kid-friendly now
Is anyone surprised when the original director literally quit after Feige said the movie would absolutely not be an horror one, when that's what he intended to do?

Guess it's up to Thor and GoTG now to save phase 4 and the MCU from being Spider-Man reliant. At this rate, Sony will have zero incentive to sell back the rights.

Grace says the Wanda from wandavision was completely undermined. Vision who was central to Wanda's character and development for both endgame and WV doesn't even get a mention.

Wandavision was about her letting go of Vision.

She means there is no explanation, just "Darkhold make her bad", not even any attempt at showing the Darkhold manipulating her.

>If you enjoy watching a handful of randomly selected branded characters wisecrack, squabble and mope while pretending to fly around and shoot fireballs at the virtual scenery, here comes another two hours of that.
>A useful rule of thumb in watching “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is that if Cumberbatch (or Wong) isn’t in a scene, go for popcorn... the plot will be almost impossible to follow. But that’s probably going to be the case anyway.
>If you love explosions, special effects, and these characters, "Madness" will be up your alley, but if youre looking for a story filled with meaning or even just entertainment, skip this one.
Seems like the MCU has caught up with comic book convolutedness

>Release the Raimi cut!

I'm worried about Blade now. Will it even have vampires?

>Wanda's villainous turn comes out of left-field

You fucking retard, she's always been a piece of shit

what prompted meddling in this scale? the suits had no reason to

i would watch this

This lady kinda sucks from the few videos I've seen of her though.

The end of Wandavision paints her as a troubled hero who made an oopsie whoopsie.

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So they fight Lasher?

This person is also a huge MCU simp right. So if even she doesn't like it then it's fucked.

Good goy.

Damn, she suddenly aged 10 years. The fuck.

That's the other problem,user. You need to watch previous movies and series in order to understand this film. It doesn't stand on its own, and that makes it even worse.

I just watched the video instead of just looking at the thumbnail. She looks really old suddenly, its worse than I thought. Why did this happen, Im scared.

This is honestly the worst part of these new MCU movies. The MCU was great for its simplicity, now it's a fucking mess. Does Disney really think these movies will have a long cultural impact now? Kids being born today are never going to bother watching all the movies required to understand Dr. Strange 2. They'll just watch TikTok instead, much less work required.

Trifling ass white bitch

Translating; she didn't understand Wanda in WandaVision, and thought the black womans 'strong and heckin brave' speech actually made the entire brainwashing an entire town for her own desires okay. Gotcha.

>The MCU was great for its simplicity, now it's a fucking mess
Suddenly, I don't think the DCEU being unsuccessful is a bad thing...

Supposedly Wanda killing the Illuminati is cool. Is there a description of the scenes? What does she do?

>Doesn't like that MCU America Chavez isn't Holy Menstruation like the comics.
Why do you give this wall hitter attention?

Pulls apart Reed like string cheese
Explodes Black Bolts head
Crushes Carter and Monica with a statue

It's called woman without makeup.

Oh shiiiit, wonder how they hide the gore of cheese-snap Richards. Maybe a cutaway and then you just hear "snap, splorch"

Excited for it to leak on Youtube or whatever

>your older sisters are fashion moguls worth half a billion dollars

>You're an c lister actress who's only claim to fame is showing your tits in a few movies and being Scarlet Witch

I honestly do prefer DC movies these days. The Suicide Squad and Batman were much more enjoyable than NWH. Hell even Peacemaker is genuinely better than all the MCU shows.

eh i'll wait for the moviebob review

That's bad because?

>Venom 3: Green goo dude
This needs to be the title

I just know you are underage

When can I buy tickets user?

He'll give it an 8/10 like all the MCU movies, maybe a 10/10 since America is a brave BIPOC woman.

I'm 28, literally grew up with the MCU to watch it go to shit.

Oh fuck off you stupid cunt! Are you so desperate for clicks because your “inside info” has been found to be utter bullshit that you are spamming yourself on Yea Forums?

She's not the only one giving it bad reviews dude.

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At least she is not melting.

Oh I don’t give a shit about the movie I just genuinely think Grace is an asshole

So suddenly we care about women's opinions?

It climbed to 65 favorable reviews, retard.

>I'm 28
>I like le edgy superhero movies
>and post on an anime message board
This is worse than being underage, would have been fine if you were just an edgy teen but this is embarassing

Manchildren like you are why Doctor Strange 2 wasn't allowed to be a horror movie and why Blade will suck. Good job.

TSS, Peacemaker and The Batman weren’t edgy like at all

What's going on with Marvel lately? The only decent thing they made was Spider-Man, and that only took off because it had nostalgiabait. Everything else they've made, other than Moon Knight, has been either ignored or panned.

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On Yea Forums those movies are edgy because they have swearing and blood.

None of the popular DC movies recently have been edgy, other than Batman maybe. Aquaman, Shazam, WW, TSS, and Peacemaker are all colorful as fuck.

Empires don't last forever.

They see DC taking risks with their movies and they want to play it safe instead. The end result is the MCU is filled with "okay" movies while DC movies range from shit to great, all with their own personalities and directorial visions.

DC would be stupid not to make a true to form Justice League Dark horror movie to fill in the void this shit left.

I asked Grace Randolph to go out with me and she didn't reply.


I never thought we'd get here either but hey, here we are. Batman will end up being the best capeshit of the year, just like how TSS was the best capeshit last year.

Neither of those movies took risks and just ripped off better movies

Even Batman wasn't edgy. It was the first and only Batman movie where his character arc is learning how to be Gotham's hope instead of an edgy violent buffoon. It's actually anti-edge if anything.

Probably for the best she probably houses a shit ton of STD’s

Ripping off better movies actually is more of a risk than the MCU just ripping off Iron Man 1 and GotG1 for the last decade.

A TV show shouldn't be a fucking required watch for a mainline movie series, holy shit. You Marvelcucks really will excuse anything.

>Does Disney really think these movies will have a long cultural impact now?
I mean just look at what they did with Star Wars. Disney has become so dysfunctional, it's like the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing and the suits are getting involved more and more which is leading to crashes in quality, and inevitably lower sales. The suits just can't fucking sit back and sign a check and keep their fucking greedy cigar-yellowed fingers away from the creatives and it's been becoming glaringly obvious ever since Endgame. I mean it was obvious before but now it's SO blatant and SO obvious that these movies are designed by a marketing executive committee, and writers are forced to write around the beats marketing gives them. It's fucking horrendous.

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