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Quit spamming threads faggot

>Same thing happened with Endgame
>Same thing happened with Spider-Man
Why are you hardcore fans so obsessed with the play by play of fucking review scores? Get a hobby

The movie is not good. Cheesy lines, mediocre horror elements. Didn't flesh out the illuminati. The movie feels very rushed. The second end credit scene is not worth the wait. Marvel has to get better writers. Shame, the potential was there.

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You posted this on Yea Forumsfag. Kill yourself

Only like 30% is raimi the rest is just average mcu movie.

It's Iron-Man 3 2.

>Get woke go broke
what do you expect to happen when these woke characters start appearing?
Nobody asked for them, nobody wants them

Capeshit is losing bros


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the writing was on the wall when Scott Derrickson exited mid-production, yet people deluded themselves for some fucking reason. Raimi doesn't make up for the fact that the guy with the original vision from the first movie exited the project. it'd be if like Gunn or Waititi were to exit Thor or GotG at this point, but people somehow didn't take this as a massive red flag?

But it will be endgame ... For the MCU

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It will make 1 billion anyway so who cares.

yeah, and people really ignore the movie was already in production when that happened, it's not like he left early and could still be salvaged. And then the movie had another huge batch of reshoots.

You faggots need to learn about patience.

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>all those Marvelshills who said NWH was only good because of the crossover and not because it took itself seriously and respected the legacy characters are probably on full damage control right now

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It was only good because of the crossovers though.

ok Faige


You think Feige didn't interfere there like he did here? Quit your bs, they're the same crap.

I knew this was going to be shit when I saw the first trailer. This was announced as a horror movie and the final product has been meddled with so much precisely so it wouldn't be horror anymore.

NWH wasn't even good lmao. It was genuinely bad. People only gave it favorable reviews because le heccin returning spidermen. The aunt may death scene was genuinely fucking trash, and the way they handled the returning villains was laughable. Sandman is basically a schizo going back and forth between supporting Spiderman for no reason.

NWH should've just been Green Goblin, Tom, Tobey, and Andrew. The plot should've been a more involved conspiracy that spanned all of NYC. Tom trying to rehabilitate the villains should've just been a dumb joke that lasted 5 minutes, not half the plot of the movie.

I dont think you can call that a win. Mutual destruction, maybe.

seethe cope dilate

>probably going to drop into the 70's
That's where the shit MCU movies are like Ant Man 2. it's over.

>NWH wasn't even good lmao
Just go back holy shit

No argument, but you couldn't possibly defend NWH anyways so whatever. It's an objectively bad movie that won't be remembered fondly.

So can we go back to more focused, quality storytelling? This multiverse shit doesn't work. It's not good storytelling. It's just "WOW THAT'S JOHN KRASINSKI AS RICHARD REEDS" like bruh idc I want a good story.

NWH was good

>No argument, but you couldn't possibly defend NWH anyways so whatever. It's an objectively bad movie that won't be remembered fondly.

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NWH was a good social media event, but NWH was a bad movie.

none of the MCU "films" are good "movies"

>MCU fanboy calls anyone "numale" and "basedboy"
How many layers of irony are we on right now?

Oh, now NWH is considered good on Yea Forums? Is this the Marvel cycle in action?

They used to be good. Iron Man, GotG, Infinity War, Winter Soldier, etc. They didn't really become shit until after endgame.

those were good social media events, but were all bad movies.

Those weren't social media events. People watched them because they wanted to see a good, fun, quality movie. They didn't need social media marketing campaigns to get them excited to see 20 year old characters return.

>Winter Soldier
Most overrated piece of shit in this shitty franchise. The praised fight scenes are slow and punches have next to no impact, the plot is boring, none of the characters are interesting. At least TFA was a fun period piece instead of James Bourne: capeshit edition.

NWH wasn't a social media event. People watched it because they wanted to see a good, fun, quality movie. They didn't need social media marketing campaigns to get them excited to see 20 year old characters return.

Pretty sure NWH's entire gimmick and marketing was about bringing back old characters.

Winter Soldier is probably the worst of the movies I listed, but the other ones still mog NWH easily.

It seems that Kevin wasn't that good, doesn't it?

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I'd still take that over shit like Jessica Jones and Iron Fist.

Daredevil still mogs all MCU shows desu.

>still mogs them
>NWH made 2 billiion in box office
ok contrarian

Daredevil is an MCU show genius

It has higher highs but it doesn't mog anything with all the boring filler, maybe cut all 40 hours down to like 2 hours and it would be kino.
I can count the good scenes on one hand

Alright it mogs all the Disney+ shows then, you know what I mean.

Avatar was the #1 movie for a while too and it sucked.

being contrarian won't get you anywhere in life fyi

Wandavision was better imo

I liked Endgame and it's the #1 movie of all time. Maybe NWH just isn't a good movie?

>I like Endgame
It was a good social media event, but was a bad movie.

Both are pretty good

Reminder that the quality of discussion would increase tenfold if you simply make the word "contrarian" a bannable offense.

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Endgame was a good social media event and good movie. It was fun being part of the hype and then it delivering. The only thing NWH delivered was 20 minutes of Willem Dafoe, Tobey, and Andrew fun. The rest sucked.

The shit I've taken this morning has more value than NWH.

>and good movie.
Nah, the shit I've taken this morning has more value than Endgame.

The only thing Endgame delivered was 2 minutes of Captain Marvel getting smacked. The rest sucked.

You've lost the argument when you can't make your own arguments and just copy+paste others. I don't care though, just keep this thread bumped.

now this is cope if I ever saw it

>noooo you can't copy my contrarian posts and use them against me!
concession accepted

Why can't you form a single argument? Why can't you defend NWH? Surely a great movie as good as NWH would be easy to defend right? Can you defend that horrible, hamfisted Aunt May death scene that made my audience giggle?

The quality of discussion would increase 100 fold if being a contrarian was a bannable offense.