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>It's a Gus episode
I wonder if the friday stream will be cursed.

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The Raine episode was fine so i don't hold the torches with this one. The premise sounds more interesting than a flsshback.

All of that feels inconsistent with how much of a deadbet with lack of self confidence Hunter ended being.

Shut up, it's going to be great

Okay, let's settle this, Gus will get help from:
a) matu and the old man from the illusions graveyard
b) fria
c) Boscha
d) any coven leader from the rebellion side

Trauma besties

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Hunter is A LOT more confident with the mask on, than without it

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e) Steve

Agreed and also Amity and Willow will be there to spicy things up.

They have to be there.

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The unlikely ally will obviously be Mattholomule

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>on the other side of the planet some titan baby activates the mirror
>Collector: swiggity swooty, I'm coming for that booty

f) Kiki
after getting cucked one time too many

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Rubbing Amity's shoulder and tell her how unbelievable it is for an adorable girl like her to be gay

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Man can you imagine being the adoptive son of a pair of lesbian moms who look like this and are so lovey dovey they literally can't spend a day without fucking and your house also has thinnest walls so you have to spend your teenage nights listening to their intense lesbian lovemaking?

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That's the dream user.

I like Luz on the picture, but I always pictured her as grow up with the same weight as her mom

With magic, they can probably produce a biological child.

>spend your teenage nights listening to their intense lesbian lovemaking
Sounds hot af

Luz has to carry it. It is on her latina gens to be a mom at young age, but in the counter argument, if the baby borns from Amity can inherit magic powers.

Good thing that they won't be able to get children.
I want Amity to become an Eda and get her own library while having some mini-job from Abomination because those jobs give a lot of money it seems and Luz becoming a writer instead of being mothers.

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Technically he isn't his uncle, he's bis brother and father

Technically would be a Great+ Uncle to the Clawthornes.

and Hunter is technically Eda's greatx20 or so times, grandfather

>still having Gus episodes

Gus is the key to all of this, he's a funnier character than we've ever had before.

oh no! willow has taken hunter hostage!

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The last Gus episode was good though. I want a break from characters crying and activist shipping.

I thought gus already got his episode

Good to see my request is getting some use.

No but that's a lot of attention to be given a non MC of the show, I can see willow because she tied into Amity and Luz running into Amity then later befriending Amity. Take Gus away you loes nothing and in fact all I keep thinking is "Booker from Raves home"

Yah but you gotta have a heart, he has to cope with who his uncle really is and who is now is as a person

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Just like you and your dad

user their future is set in stone

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Do you guys have any clips of the jap dub? Just curious

Is anyone else a little dissapointed that Belos can't actually speak to The Titan?
No but he can speak to a Deity kid.

Need a gentle version of this, him breaking in tears and joy while she raise him in the air with a plain sweet smile.

Slightly. Would have been cool when they were in Belos' mindscape to suddenly hear this big, booming voice telling Belos the Day of Unity is near or some shit.

yeah, i mean, imagine if they get into his mindscape and it's just a blank plane with the titan walking around issuing orders to belos
>"yes titan"
>the sheer terror on luz and hunter's faces

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Technically he is speaking to and serving an entity that lives in Titan.

Eda has been speaking to the Titan for 8 years, it's nothing special

Thanks also kawaii desu ne

The way Luz's VA pronounces Amity is so cute

>The Raine episode was fine
it really really wasn't.

>The last Gus episode was good though.
I mean it wasn't the worst thing ever but the Gus parts of it were pretty lame.
>I want a break from characters crying and activist shipping.
Implying this episode won't also have all of that.

Again why is she burning episodes on literal filler characters

No, because it was fucking obvious was from the first second they mentioned that he could. And then it was confirmed in the final of season 1 that he made shit up. I can't believe there are people that were still believing until recently that he could.

>Implying Gus won't be the one to save everyone at the end

Gus may not even be the point of the episode in the end anyways, like Raine wasn't on the previous episode. I am in just because i wanna know what will happen with the EC.

I haven't watched Owl House before.
Is Illusion Magic like stage magic or is it like Dark Souls/Naruto tier where its basically just low level reality warping?

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Imagine trying to develop your Ferguson and Alphonso

It's basically a prankster.
Clones, buff magic from others, invisibility, holograms etc but it's not for fights alone.

Abominations feel like the strongest one.

Illusion is best when paired with a very offense track, maybe plant or Abomination or Construction.

More like the later, but they never expanded it much. The in-universe reason is that the classification of the magic system is literally made up bs to weaken the population and fullfil the main villain's interests.

The most pathetic thing of this hot mess is how retarded the BI inhabitants are

I want Willow and Hunter to be the hetero relationship. Luz and Amity are the lesbian. So Gus and that one dude are totally the gay ones.

>t. Luz

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it comes and goes as the writers pleases.
We have seen illusion magic being able to physically interact with people and even do things like remove a persons face(with them not being able to see or speak) or mind raping them like in Naruto. However then in the next episode they say that Illusion magic is useless as it can only do party tricks.

Oh, and I forgot, even create artificial life

>always thought Belos only had one notched ear
>it's two
damn mandela effect

Which it makes characters like Amity and Lilith more valuable in BI-universe.

Hunter doesn't seem smart to me, he just has passion for Wild Magic.

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Maybe it'll be good? People thought ASIAS was going the lame because of Willow but it was fun

They need to give him LIKEABLE side characters in his story that's why I finally discovered why I fucking hated his plot in ttlgr after watching asias, he was surrounded by three assholes and one prick.

His mind seems too washed up to call him smart but i don't think he is a retard. Emotional baggage is hard to deal with.
My headcanon is that Belos did used dirty shit off screen to fearmonger people in submission through 350 years prior to his mandate. Put some tornadoes here, a few fires or earthquakes there. Cast some huge petrify spell in some farmlands. He just needs to be sneaky while doing so and then come in an shill himself as the savior that will stop the catastrophes. Many of the magic he figured out with glyphs isn't possible or really hard to pull off with regular bile sacs.