Are they falling because of get woke go broke?

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Sort of. Netflix's woke policies caused the prices for actors to go up, and now they've spent too much and need to cut costs. Animation is a casualty.

Wildly stupid take, you should get an award.

The biggest reason Netflix failed was their release schedule, which basically kills hype.

Explain how I'm wrong

Netflix is failing due to multiple factors including regularly increasing their sub fees for no perceived gain in quality content, a hard push into originals a majority of which fall flat, and a lack of understanding on what makes the good content they actually have actually good, and often prematurely cancelling some of the really great stuff they have because an Algorithm told them to. They're a streaming service run by an algorithm that they don't care to understand or realize isn't an all knowing deity and now they're paying the piper.

Honestly the only reason it didn't happen sooner was Netflix was the only one in the game for the past decade and now they're buckling under the lightest bit of competition.

I'm not explaining myself to a fucking nazi get the fuck out of here with your bullshit.

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They got fucked because they didn't create their own cashacow franchises like Spongebob, Family Guy, Simpsons, Rick & Morty and South Park instead they paid for several brickleberry clones.

I had to switch to HBOMax because Netflix wouldn't update the series I watched. So fuck Netflix.

NFLX succeeded because there was a deep bench of actors and IPs that had an audience but no other studio wanted to bother with. When said studios saw money in putting this online, they gradually ate up this capacity. This went into overdrive after the pandemic cut off their movie revenue, forcing them to rely on selling streaming services. NFLX going woke was more a symptom of scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for content than the cause. It just so happened that the bottom is full of woke trash that never should have saw the light of day.

More like it was an overreliance on making new Netflix originals at the expense of maintaining their old content. That and most of the stuff that was on Netflix was bought out by other streaming services like HBO Max and Disney+. On top of that they thought it would be a good idea to hike up prices and add commercials.

TL;DR It got too big and it couldn't handle the pressure.

people didn't care cuties was a thing, so no

If Netflix wants to succeed, they need to tighten their belts up top, realize the myth of infinite growth in this finite world isn't reality, and lower their sub fees back down to something reasonable while not constantly screaming about doing things to folks who share their passwords.

But they'll never do that because they're a publicly traded company and stockholders are gibbering morons that think a year with plateauing profits means they're losing money.

Welcome to the next few decades. Guess which company goes next.

>They're a streaming service run by an algorithm that they don't care to understand or realize isn't an all knowing deity and now they're paying the piper.
It truly feels like whoever is doing the creative decisions is a literal bot at this point, every cartoon they release looks like cheap clickbait from youtube rather than something a human being could see any potential.

It's true of a lot of media companies. Making any show, cartoons especially, is a risky proposition. It's incredibly expensive these days, and if it falls flat you have shat the bed with millions of dollars and you will get the blame. The heads are cowards and don't want that responsibility so they delegate downwards, trusting some silicon valley tech bro to math their way to some creative idea, or they pivot to reality tv where the risks of falling flat are lessened and it costs far far less to actually produce.

It's why we got dumb shit like Domino Masters this year.

Yes and the same thing is happening with Disney but the media remains silent

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"Get woke go broke" is cope, unfortunately

right is hotter, not even gay

user, just because you tell two lies at once doesn't make them cancel each other out.

The opposite that retard Chappelle tanked them with his transphobia

getting 69 does

>Cancel popular shows after two seasons
>Spend too much money to buy low quality projects/IPs in bulk
>Disney and HBOmax being a threat with their offerings

protip, its not about being woke, chud

>I'm not explaining myself to a fucking nazi get the fuck out of here with your bullshit.

And liberals wonder why the rest of us are sick of them.

Nettlfix should honestly merge with Viacom and let them take charge of the creative area, they are trying to fight Disney and WB that even though retarded have experience on the field.

They are Paramout Global now

Why do rightoids talk about themselves like they're other people?

we don't have the genders to express ourselves accurately enough

90% of the population don't even know what "woke" is. It's something only a few assholes on /pol/ and twitter care about.

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They lost the exclusivity, simple as.
if you want some culture war shit.

the cope keeps getting funnier

lol shut up retard

They already died. I don't think Netflix was as woke as CN but modern Amerimutt cartoons are all woke trash shows so they just didn't have other options. In fact, they were somehow calling western cartoons "anime". If they were woke ideologues they wouldnt have acted like such a genuine "marketer".

Also Amerimutt woke subhumans are as patriotic as low IQ rednecks, they really fucking hate anime and Japan, would desperately refuse such a categorisation. Just like westacucks on this board.

at what point were they not woke?

at least rednecks are farmers

they're failing because
1) Netflix over-relies on their algorithm that tells them only the most simplistic, creatively bankrupt shows will get views, which causes them to butt heads with all of their creators
2) the company overall is losing tons of money, and when that happens the first thing to get cut at any media company is kids content


>I'm not explaining myself to a fucking nazi
Please get off my board.

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With the amount of hype (which immediately disappeared completely after the thing was over, weird how it is) for their originals which almost always turn out to be shitty, I wonder if they spent too much budget on their shills.

If the content was good it wouldn't be failing. everyone knows netflix originals suck+the other streaming services took all the good movies and shows from them.

All they had was Stranger Things and Squid Games, and they aren't even that great.

I swear only Disney knows how to be woke in a smart way that brings you money and avoid pointless excessive outrage, other companies do in the most self destructive way to the point they could be hired by other companies to intetionally destroy the competition from inside..

They took a gigantic hit because they pulled out of Russia and lost a shit ton of subscribers overnight, don't let anyone else in this thread tell you otherwise. It's not because they went woke, it's not because their originals are uninteresting, it's not because of their competition, it's not even because of the $2 increase in sub fees. This is 100% because all American businesses are pulling out of Russia. You don't get a 33% drop of subscribers over-fucking-night because, "There are too many low quality gay shows :(".

>Netflix is failing!
Netflix makes billions in profit. They are massively successful.
>B-but animation!
The department was lying to corporate and got nuked
>B-but ads and subs!
Netflix sees a distant future where they've lost most of their subs due to a lack of licensed content and are trying to suck every penny out of the machine
>But get woke go broke!
Is an idiotic phrase that flies in the face of every piece of market research ever done

I'll do it for him
Netflix is in the black to the tune of about 4 billion dollars
Their spending on live action isn't changing, in fact they're ramping up production of live action material in the DR

this is stupid since all the biggest cashcows are cartoons, Simpsons and Family Guy are more valuable than any live action series and unlike live action you can easily animate it forever

Adult animation wasn't cut
Kid/Family animation got nuked because their management was lying to corporate and got caught

Damn man, what is it about having gay people in cartoons make people think that it's gone too "woke"? Does the idea of other people having the same rights as you make you make you go apeshit? I know that some gay rep is kind of cringey but now it seems like you can't have anything different without someone screaming it's woke.

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This isn't your board, it never was.

It's just a convenient "other" that con artists can scapegoat and use to engage in tribalism.
People are generally pretty easily manipulated

When it comes to their own shit all of their biggest hits have been live action, even their big animated shoes like Arcane and Bojack still fall short. They have tried to make their own Simpsons/Family Guy with all the adult comedies they produce but they haven't found that success

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>But the doctors and my friends said I was valid!
You will never be a woman

Yea Forums will never admit that netflix animation has never been profitable no matter how much they like the series.

Netflix productions don't make individual profits
That I have to explain this to you is baffling

Fags dont deserve rights. Why should people be forced to bend the knee to those who open pride on sucking another man's cock or taking a cock up their ass? It contributes absolutely nothing to society, if anything it's actively hindering and stripping away progress. Free Speech is already a casualty used as a meat shield to defend those who are mentally unfit.

I know they dont, but they dont bring in much viewership either.

Netflix isn't failing though.
Stock price is based on speculation. The entire stock market is an indicator of how wealthy people "feel".
They still have the largest subscriber base. They still have the highest brand loyalty of all the streaming services.
I don't think their shit is that good, as far as entertainment goes, but I would gladly support them over the kikes at Paramount, Universal, etc.
The only thing that will kill Netflix is if they start putting ads in their service. The moment I have to watch an ad on Netflix is the day I cancel my sub.

>Lose all the third party programming everyone was subbed for
>Finance subversive shit no one wants
>Keep raising the price
>Ban the entire country of Russia to virtue signal
>Report that you've lost subscribers for the first time
>React by cracking down on password sharing and adding ads to the service

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I got everyone I know to cancel with that Cuties bullshit. Pedoflix deserves the rope.

It plays a part, however they kinda blow money on loads of projects that are d tier at best and rarely ever give a third season to their b or above projects that people enjoy

It's just not good management, they need to get more Anime licenses, they always rack views from the younger demographic that sometimes spills over to nostalgia movies, anyone that I ask if they watch anime on Netflix tells me that they watch a series or Anime movie then switch gears and watch something old from the 80s/90s mostly action flicks or comedies, it seems to be a pattern or I'm probably surrounded by predictable milenials and genx dudes trying to replicate the cable experience

It just seems that Netflix got their priorities wrong, even when they get a good anime they fuck up the dub with "woke" on an audience that pretty much wants direct translations wich makes them go full pirate instead, not a wise move
Many nostalgia show people watched after they finished something new got removed wich alienated an entire watch pattern and reduced time watched in general
They fund too much with too little quality control, this makes the bad catch more eyes and if it has "woke" elements they get railed on them instead of the just bad series that are bad without being woke, this makes Netflix look like a bad service

Talking about their negative reputation, it has become known that they wokify everything to a point people actually meme a Netflix adaptation is nothing but black raceswaps, the company needs to ditch that model because it is impacting subscription renewals, if anyone remembers the vikings stuff that's probably the worst one out there and the one people still talk about

Woke is an image problem, a big one but the main problem is that Netflix is drowning in bad projects with very little to act as subscription hooks with renewals or licensed stuff that makes you watch more than one weekend and when they license stuff they alienate the audience with actual woke nonsense

Not really, it's more corporate backstabbing bullshit than "Woke" politics affecting sales.

A corpo would stab their own mother if it got them 2 percent increase on their stock.

>tfw arcane S2 is enterily done on custom minecraft maps

based, pedos get the rope

they entered a monkey paw deal with blackrock investing imposing woke shit.
that could have been managed except their throw shit at walls and see if they stick policy does NOT get along well with it.

So they greenlighted a lot of shit that filled the woke checkmarks.
The result? No memorable netflix original since stranger things. No reason to watch netflix now.

Their growth phase is over and they have nothing to show for it because despite anticipating every other channel making their own netflix, they failed to capitalize on their initial advantage, and woke shit is partly to blame.

Simpsons and family guy are like the top percentile success for animation, they are more an exception than the rule

You mean world protagonists. It’s not like other parts of the world matter.

Yea it was more stuff like this. Being woke certainly didn't help since people don't sub to watch shit like that. But I know several people irl who canceled after the Cuties debacle and people I talk to will openly joke about Netflix originals. When your exclusives become known as fodder for jokes or worse, and then you try to only rely on your originals you are in for a bad time.

>I swear only Disney knows how to be woke

lol they don’t. All they do is blueballing at lip service at most