What's your thoughts on costume changes?

What's your thoughts on costume changes?

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You can just TELL that Jon's a total bottom.

The one who receives the gifts in a relationship is the one that's plowed.

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How the fuck is the twink's dick durable enough to penetrate, do they use small doses of kryptonite when fucking?

I am so tired bros.... so, so tired...

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No worries user garbage like this never last long we've seen enough of it let's just hope something wipes the slate clean maybe Prime might fix something.

Someone never got a flower from their sweetie

EWWW homophobe go brrr

So, genuinely curious, could Jonathan do anything if you just start yelling faggot at him while he's on patrol? Surely they're aren't any laws about randomly screaming if he happens to be flying by that he's a massive faggot. At best you're just being a public nuisance, so his only action at that point is just contacting the authorities as you continue calling him a queer that's so loose the Anti-Monitor could hide in him.

kryptonite condom or penis ring

So to emphasize how much of a faggot he is, he'll be wearing the alphabet flag? Might as well officially change his name to Superfag

It even has the colors meant to represent black and brown people and trannies. Lol, Ultra-fag.

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I think it's perfectly fitting. Every single capefag should wear a fagcape like this so people know what they're getting.

Men experience the world through objectivity and thus the visual medium appeals to them more. Most critical successful male authors wrote before the invention of film.

Women take an inside-out approach where they prefer literature because they can only see the world through a emphatic filter. Hence why women prefer to read porn for instance.

Thus comics as a combination represent feminine men. All comic books contain a world view of trying to make the objective subjective in order to spare the loser other with the pain of adapting to an objective portrayal of reality. Hence there capacity for fantasy and superheroes.

>uses the meme wrong
Why can't the left meme?

>he writes as he's being easily triggered

Kill yourself trumpfag

I see no issues with this. But plenty of bigots are going to keep crying about it.

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Homophobes btfo

That’s why I love it, it pisses off the right people. Everyone else doesn’t give a shit.

Dilate and then hang tranny.

Come OOOOOOONNNNNN GUYSSS, I made this thread to talk about costume changes, not politics!!

I bet you don't, you prolapsed faggot.

>Everyone else doesn’t give a shit.
They sure don't, that's one no one's buying the comics lmao

Imagine liking this level of garbage. No wonder you guys need this much level of validation

I nothing this. I lived my life fine before knowing this and will walk out of work today just keeping on.

Meanwhile you're going to spend hours of your life seething about a gay superman. You'll watch days worth of content on youtube seeking validation over your stupid obsession, as though a version of superman that is gay is the fuckin notes plucked from the fiddle of Nero himself that this country is somehow burning and lost, that you and you alone are the lone voice of reason, and that all the problems you have in your life, from your dearth of a social life, the absence of a meaningful relationship, positive emotional growth, all of it is caused by Superman getting a pride blanket from his boyfriend, and if that would just go away suddenly all your issues would be solved.

And wouldn't that just be so much easier than working on yourself.

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I don’t know the context. Seems a bit cluttered under there though. The ballsy move would be to stick the colors on the outside.

I've seen gay porn less gay than this. Plus isn't that his dad's cape is he putting away an important family heirloom for an ugly ass cape?

>Meanwhile you're going to-

I'm gonna stop you right there. I ain't gonna do shit other than make fun of it as I watch the sales for Superfag continue to drop. Then continue to enjoy the life I have while you make up shit as a coping mechanism to justify liking garbage. Project somewhere else because with me, I'll just be laughing and calling garbage for what it is: Garbage.

Wow, you were really angry at that strawman of yours.

I'm angry about a lot of things on this stupid board. This.. I'm just tired. Come up with new material to be mad at Yea Forums.

>meaningful relationship and positive emotional growth
>"Your boyfriend wants you to fly around wearing the pride flag to show how gay you are"
Fucking kek

>This.. I'm just tired.
You're still "tired" at something that doesn't exists and that sounds an awful lot like projection. You don't belong here, you belong in therapy.

Nothing but a woke activist. Amerimutt comics look just like a cult propaganda. It's not even an entertainment.

>"come up with new material"
>use the "rent free, must have bad life" in an uncreative way with a dash of seething and projection

Here is a suggestion if you're so tired:

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I mean I never used rent free but, given the regular content that is posted on this board every single day, is it really such a wild stretch to point out that y'all will spend the day seething about a cape? Cause that's like 99% of what i see on this board is screetching idiots that can't hack it in /pol/ crying that cartoons aren't made for them anymore cause there's like... a 3 second kiss that two characters share at the end of a series that immediately gets abruptly cancelled.

I mean what the fuck else do you talk about when it's not literally a thread we're in.

>I mean what the fuck else do you talk about when it's not literally a thread we're in.
Unlike you, not everyone spends the whole day browsing Yea Forums, much less a single board.
Touch grass, have sex.

Both of them look kinda evil. Like when they had Al Roaker devil

Nigga there are plenty of boards here you can browse and explore. You don't have to be in this board, much less participant in it. Either fuck off and live your suppose "life", or type better replies with less projection.

>"I lived my life"
>Spends all day browsing on Yea Forums enough for the autism to bother him
Fucking kek

this looks homosexual

That edit makes them look sadistic, like they want you to hang yourself while they watch.

Lol slippery slope judaic prose.

He's that desperate for (you)s

Here we go the spam begins

Pretty gay

Free speech still applies.

I'm glad the gays are slowly losing the rainbow. Nature is truly healing.

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Actually I just pay it no mind. its obviously not written for me, I am not tis target audience. And thats okay. I just have to not read it, or pay any attention to it other than to go, thats okay, have fun. Don't expect me to leap for joy about how stunning and brave it is. Its not. If they had done this in the 90s it would be stunning and brave. they didn't because they wanted to make money. Its easy to be stunning and brave when it makes you dosh. (though i'm not sure how well its working this time.)

Its why I find their introduction of it to be... Not Forced, per say, but certainly cashing in on whats hot at the moment.

Capeshit readers deserve whatever stupid shit they get from both garbage companies

I'm a faggot and I hate this shit.How about they actually redesign his entire outfit than slapping a shitty flag that means nothing at this point.

Pride celebration has just turned into vomiting colors and screaming how oppressed you are for being a fag while having a dedicated holiday for you and similar minded people.IRL fags could give less of a shit and hate having their interests fetishized by companies so they can get money out of people.

The pride flag is now a mess of Twitter activism that gets lost in all the tacky toned colors being assaulted in your eyes.

DC Comics is gonna go broke and they deserve it for hiring tranny skinwalkers and vapid, rainbow haired woman-children .

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I hope they enjoy their shit colored flag while rainbows lose their connection to the pride movement

But do they have hate speech laws in metropolis? Also, you would be 'canceled' when video of it was ""leaked"".

Words are violence, so he's well within his rights to throw you into space for your hateful rhetoric.

ur gay

Trump is a fag enabler and, even worse, a Zionist. The only good thing about him was that his campaign helped galvanize White collective identity.



>He galvanized them but turned them into pure contrarian retards.
Based trump

>Your boyfriend wants you to fly around wearing the pride flag to show how gay you are

This thread is hilarious. I hope we can get more gay Superfag just for the laughs.

I don't care if they make him a homo, but this is so fucking gay.

Post hand

he would use a red sun lamp to sap and reduce the effectiveness his powers as shown in action comic vol. 1.

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To the anons who think Jon can suddenly bounce back to normalcy if he fucks Brazilian Wonder Woman, it will never erase this faggotry.