Parody characters

What a weird combo of Velma and Daphne

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That's a weird way way to spell based

Too bad she was raped and beheaded.

possibly not in that order

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What is the source here?

aqua teen hunger force

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She's got a cute fat butt.

That always kind of pissed me off. Like a doujinshi that starts guru before any fucking happens. Somebody enjoys that shit, but not me

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Also Jubilee aka "not Dora"

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How has there not been a Spongebob movie featuring these two?

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The actors are dead.

It's was just an edgy tone-switch joke.

How about swapping them instead?

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what's this from?

Edit of a screencap from What's New, Scooby Doo?

She might be gone but she's not forgotten. I like to think she escaped.

Idk why it would behead her, I'd keep her around.

Not Reed Richards 1

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Not Reed Richards 2

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So Daphne + Velma = Janeane Garofalo?

severely reduce copyrights and trademarks so people can actually use the characters instead of needing to make shitty ripoffs
If you aren't basically 100% pro free use of any and all intellectual property then you are gay and also suck the testicles of corporations

>janeane garofalo
...this explains why kid me had such a boner for her

>if I create an idea it's everyone's property
Fuck off commie.

I jacked off to the idea of her being raped and beheaded after I saw this episode

This isn't your daily "REEE COPYRIGHT BAD" thread, buddy

fuck off

I still don't know how getting sucked into a vent killed himi, the gas lady maybe she could have been dispersed so much she died but him? he was solid.

unironically yes. if it's intellectual property then it's inherently everyone's and should be used for the betterment and furtherment of mankind's intellectual, artistic, enjoyment, and scientific progress for free and without restriction. whether it's a trademark or a patent or a franchise or anything. the very concept that you can """""""own""""""" anything that isn't an actual physical object is gay

Ok the first part I get
The second part what the fuck

You're not going to see many people put time and effort into anything if they can't use it as they see fit instead of having fuckers who didn't do shit take it for themselves.

its aqua teen. even if she waas killed shes alive again

But how do you "take" an idea? You use it, and the other guy uses it for whatever purpose.

>just let people use the actual property instead of being creative

>But how do you "take" an idea?
>the other guy uses it for whatever purpose.
>the other guy uses it

>The GPS song
Those spots on Meatwad are so disgusting for how inconspicuous they are.

But hes not stopping you from using it.

How does South Park get away with it? Is everyone else just pussies

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Exclusivity has a lot of value.

He was chopped up by the fan. Like shredding paper

>Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? >'No!' says the man in Moscow, 'It belongs to everyone.'

Scared of rustling the big N I guess.

Well it is parody, and it's tough to overcome the fair use law that accompanies it


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Do they count?

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It's sort of cheating to use Venture Bros but Dr. Orpheus is grade A spoof character.

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>that time Sari appeared in Scooby Doo

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But Scooby Doo and ATHF are owned by the same company

This was a weirdly brutal take on the porn industry, I did not expect ATHF of all shows to aknowledge how fucked up the porn industry really is

I'm with ya on the idea of people being able to reference something for say parody or an homage, but just being able to do it without any consequence? Not gonna happen. You might as well say a person can just go and say "I'll make something with this, thanks for the leg work, buddy"

Never saw the episode, what do they say?

Every girl looks better without lipstick

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Probably my favorite joke was the Map talking about doing a scene with natural light. It's so mundane it's kind of funny feeling out of place in the episode.

>if it's intellectual property then it's inherently everyone's
There's no reason this would be inherent.

Basically not-Dora is being coerced by pink backpack to have sex with barely legal dudes in increasingly humiliating scenarios. Backpack's attempt to have not-Dora screw Meatwad involves BDSM and dog food, which makes me think that they were planning on making a scat video (why else did he order Meatwad to put his butt in the air while eating the dog food?). Not-Dora is also a drug addict, which pink backpack enables.

Nothing good comes out of it in the end, they get blown up by church helicopters.

someone hasn't seen the granite family episode