Leaks from earlier are now 100% confirmed

>leaks from earlier are now 100% confirmed
Where did it all go so wrong?

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magic is gay.
doesn't belong in superhero comics.

Now how will MovieBob spin it to make it the greatest thing ever created by man?

Which ones? The ones from Reddit where always real, the ones form Yea Forums were fake. They were similar, but subtly different.

post the r*ddit ones pls

Basically the Yea Forums ones but without the obvious bullshit and the post-credits scene is just Clea.

Shut up, redditor

Redditors love magic.

Is it by the ones where strange gives the title to wong?

Wong got the title through a technicality, since Strange Blipped for five years, but Wong didn't. This was back in NWH, not this one.

Marvel stopped trying. Even their special effects are dogshit.
I feel like Spider-Man will be the last Marvel movie people actually give a shit about, at least until X-Men bring some hype back.

Post the leaks you fag

>Force Wanda into it
>Force Captain Marvel into it
>Force America into it
>Make Strange a side character in his own film
I hate how MCU films are now all adds for other MCU films. I wish they'd go back to stand alone adventures with just a post credit scene to tie things together.

What leaks?

The multiverse is shit and always has been

No Way Home was solely about Spider-Man despite being a multiverse film


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Crazy cunt Wanda goes on a multiversal genocide

They can just say that Wandafags will be the ones who hate it.

I just wanted Doctor Strange versus Shuma Gorath with the help of og Illuminati not this shit

More like X Men and F4 fans. Doesn't end well for Xavier and Reed

Could be the Disney buyout.

>F4 fans
Lol. Imagine thinking there is any F4 fans right now

>leaks from earlier
Spoonfeed please

Only "concrete" complaints I have seen about the film so dar is that its somehow misogynistic in its handling of Wanda? Whatever the fuck that means.

what are the fucking leaks

>I wish they'd go back to stand alone adventures with just a post credit scene to tie things together.
Watch Moon Knight if you haven't already, it's a major palate cleanser in that regard. Very focused on its protagonist and small cast of characters, very much uses its own world-building rather than leaning on inter-connectedness, great performance by Oscar Isaac.

Everything from magic to science belongs in superhero comics, that makes them fun.

>Where did it all go so wrong?
The moment the original director left the sequel over that old chestnut, """creative differences"""
Feige and co obviously wanted their big blockbuster multiverse movie with a bajillion characters and cameos instead of an actual fucking Doctor Strange movie. Except, as the leaks are proving, they're not exactly delivering on any cameos so they'll probably have nothing.

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>inb4 video game analogy
Everything after Endgame is like a postgame expansion. Most people are fatigued with Marvel. NWH was successful only because of the old Spider-Men and GG

I partially blame Olsen, actually. She actually pushed for crazy Wanda, some variation on House of M, and now "Crazy Wanda" is bleeding over into what was clearly supposed to be an eldritch Doctor Strange movie, upstaging the renamed Shuma-Gorath that's been nerfed, and the possible Nightmare appearance (If some of the Yea Forums leaks are right) to where she herself is the main threat. Sony's crossover deal and Loki partially also share the blame, for shifting the focus of "multiverse" from strange alien dimensions to alternate versions of familiar characters, an obvious ploy for crossover potential. The leaks don't even make sense. Obviously there's more explanatory connective tissue in the film that's missing in the leaks, but America fleeing through the multiverse seems disconnected from Wanda's rampage seems disconnected from Sinister Strange. It's not a multiverse of madness, it's a multiverse of ADHD. And it's playing into the MCU's most tired tendencies.

>its somehow misogynistic in its handling of Wanda?
The leaks seem to be indicating a massive level of destruction she's wreaking on people and realities, to the point that it barely makes logical sense, all because she wants kids.

>Dr Strange Movie
>Is actually Chavez and Wanda Movie

Wait until you hear about Shang Chi, which came out less than a year ago.

there are more f4 fans than eternal and inhuman fans. shit, more than dr strange fans too for that matter

>strange looks into the future and sees Wanda wrecking shit
>supporting character asks what's wrong
>strange says "I just had a vision about Wanda, somo sort of..... Wandavision, now in Disney+ for 9.99 per month", winks at the camera
how did they get away with this?

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>there are more f4 fans than Doctor Strange fans
I don't think that's true anymore. What you have to consider is that movies have a major effect on a superhero character's popularity, since the audience for them is so much larger than comics readers. The F4 have had 2 kind of mediocre movies and 1 godawful reboot, which a lot of people tuned out and didn't even watch. Strange in contrast is a major piece in one of the biggest film franchises in the world. People have seen him popping up in a surprising number of crossovers and supporting roles, and yet I haven't heard anyone say they're tired of him yet. The people who consider themselves Strange fans based on that may not be as devoted as F4 fans, but the numbers of one are growing while the other's dwindling.

Olsen is one woman. Why aren’t you blaming Feige? This is sandbox, and she’s sure as shit that he or people under his employ are the ones pushing for this to be a crossoverfest

I never said I don't blame Feige. Here's Olsen talking about wanting to do crazy Wanda back in 2015
She pushed for this, they went through with it, and it was fine for one series, but unfortunately the comics show that once you cross that bridge, it's hard to go back. Feige should have known better, but he didn't. That was his failure.

Movie sounds fun to me

Her entire motive is "muh kids", because she is a woman, you see. Her being dangerous is specifically tied to her being a woman. Waldron and Raimi did not watch WandaVision and largely ignore it. Hence the story with the kids making no sense.

Waldron is too thick to thread Chthon, the author of the Darkhold, into Wanda's narrative, so all he does is namedrop Big C without visually showing his presence.

Kind of important as Chthon is literally part of Wanda.

So is Tom Cruise as Iron Man in it or is it just that nigress?

Yeah, Olsen and Feige should have looked at how many comic appearances Wanda had after HoM. Even 17 years later, she is barely in anything, and as a result of AD and HoM, they have fuck all modern material to draw on. She appears in roughly one (separate from main canon) mini a year, plus a few variant covers here and there.

While Moon Knight is getting a big push in comics, Strange has been replaced by Clea, and Wanda is appearing in fuck all.

Back to the MCU: After WandaVision they should have moved Wanda onto becoming an actual proper witch, but in MoM she's still Wanda, really, because it's still all about her kids, and not about being a witch.

Wanda's story works best as being a mystical fable about narrative, about the struggle between Chthon, the author of her story, seeking to make her a villain, and Wanda becoming aware of and fighting against that.

I don't think Tom is in it.

TBQH I think the fake leaks with Tom in them were planted by Disney.

Marvel needed another Avengers movie to top NWH.

But then who made the Ultron bots?

Derrickson wanted to make a Doctor Strange movie with Cumberbatch and Olsen. It would have psychological horror elements, and have been a team-up movie.

Why do you faggots hate everything? Movie looks really good and it's already getting praised
When will you losers grow out of the contrarian phase?

Genuinely just want Disney and the mcu to fuck off and die at this point. Fuck knows just how much money has to be lost before Hollywood learns go woke go broke.

>Where did it all go so wrong?

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>Even 17 years later, she is barely in anything, and as a result of AD and HoM, they have fuck all modern material to draw on.
And unfortunately, modern material is all the MCU draws from.

hank pym but he doesn't want a seat in the illuminati because reed won't accept that pym is superior its just my headcanon don't take it seriously

Maybe, after Wandavision & No Way Home, it would have made more sense for Doctor Strange to be the villain in Multiverse of Madness, and for Wanda to be the hero.

She just learned to accept responsibility for her actions.

He just broke the multiverse and got away with it.

Yeah. I don't think I am going to see this in theater, but I probably wouldn't mind torrenting it in a few months.

The only BIG DECISION in this movie is that nothing happens
>Wanda is evil oh no
>whoops swept under the rug by the end, look forward to her cameo in our next movie

Which leaks? I've seen several.

Wanda fags will either whine about the character heavy decision or rejoicing with her slay queen moments or power level faggotry, maybe teasing Fantastic Four and X-Men fans too along the way

I was just joking but the movies and bad cartoons and comics really killed most F4 fans sadly. Not to mention the lack of them the past few year

Why do people have such a hard time accepting Wanda is that kind of character? She doesn’t overcome grief, she’s the type to let it destroy everything.

Honestly, the film is super rushed. This movie should have had more cameos. How are they showing ultron bits and not have an iron man.

Even MovieBob can't defend this shit.

Its just the Iron Legion updated by Bruce and Tony

Liberal women self insert into her. It's mostly women who are fans of this movie character in general