You guys want to have a Batmobile thread? What are the key elements to a good Batmobile? No tankfags

You guys want to have a Batmobile thread? What are the key elements to a good Batmobile? No tankfags

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I love me a good Batmobile user, thank you. Here’s some random trivia: the film It Started With A Kiss (1959) prominently features the Batmobile. To be clear, this isn’t a similar car or the same type, this is the exact same car that was the Batmobile in the 1960s Batman TV show, before it was repainted and modified.
It’s a pretty funny sex comedy, if you’re into that kinda harmless late 50s type movie

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I think Arkham Asylum had a solid Batmobile

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And regarding that Futura, I love the design of the late 60s and 70s comics Batmobile, which was inspired by the show but also did it’s own thing.
This specific panel is from Batman #210
It looks like a Lincoln Futura, like the car from the show, but without the big pipes in the back, and a sleeker all-blue paint scheme rather than the black and red.
A black bat head painted on the front, inspired no-doubt by the old classic batmobile design but much subtler

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It needs to have cool wings at the end of it.

The Batmobile to BTFO all Batmobiles.

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A batmobile design I love, which unfortunately isn’t in any comics, cartoons, games, or movies, is the “Batmobile Affinity” design made by Hotwheels

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The Batmobile Affinity comes in Batman-themed racetrack toys and individual cars, and you can get it in various colors. My personal favorite is the black with red windows

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The TAS Batmobile has yet to be dethroned

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Here’s one of the earliest Batmobile designs. This isn’t the first car called the Batmobile, but the earlier versions had few bat-features and were bright red. Here’s the first *batmobile* batmobile

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It’s made appearances in other comics, here it is in The Killing Joke

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Here it is in Robin: Year One, with the hood up and Batman tinkering with the engine

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And because I mentioned it, here is the original batmobile. This panel introduced us to the name of Batman’s car

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Here’s a nice in-comics appearance of the Adam West Batmobile, George Barris’s customized Lincoln Futura
This is in Superman/Batman #2, the Public Enemies storyline. The context of this scene is Batman and Superman are in the Batcave together, when an older future Superman suddenly appears and violently attacks both of them, mainly trying to kill his own younger self
A great comic if you haven’t read it, but I’ll just be posting the Batmobile pages

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How does it maneuver being so long?

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I do like when Batman is shown to have an interest in cars and tinkers around with them. It’s nice that he has a hobby
Here’s the Batmobile in Morrison’s run. First shown as an incomplete shell in Batman & Son

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In Batman RIP, it makes its actual splash debut. It looks very much like a hotwheels Batmobile, it’s a very sleek look

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You sure that wasn't Harold, the guy everyone seems to forget about?

I’m pretty sure that line about the “cd changer” was changed to something less outdated in the Batman By Grant Morrison Omnibus, but I don’t have a copy near me I can look for

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Can someone explain the whole "who inflates the tires?!" thing?

Based. This will forever be my favorite. And that Batcopter was badass as well.

it was a grant morrison quote, and desu I thought it was a little out of character for him. Usually, he offers explanations for every little thing
>here’s what happened to the club of heroes (which nobody remembered or cared about)
>here’s an in-universe date for the Kathy Kane Batwoman (everybody knew she was put in by mandate and removed for the New Look era)
>here’s the real story behind the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh (which nobody remembered and was everybody knew Batman comics were weird in that era)
So it’s weird that he said that quote. But basically he was frustrated people always asked for lore and in-universe explanations for things, and he used pumping the tires on the Batmobile as an example of something nobody should think or care about

That should say fate, not date

no way Bruce Wayne can't afford airless tires

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50s Studebaker design would make a good Batmobile

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What gets me is that he thinks Alfred or Bruce himself can't inflate the tires. Even as an example it falls flat on its face because anyone who asks just needs to use the bare minimum amount of basic logic.
Who inflates the tires? Either the literal Butler in charge of cleaning and maintenance, or the dude who literally owns the car. I just do not understand why he used that of all things.

Loeb killed Harold and he only came in in the late 70s early 80s anyway

>Clark using a shotgun loaded with kryptonite

That. Is incredibly badass.

As far as interiors go, do you prefer minimalist Batmobiles that are just two seats and a steering wheel, or rolling fortresses with everything and the kitchen sink inside?

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Is there ever a Batmobile with in-universe anti traffic features?
Seems like a big weakness for moving around in a big city

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I always assumed the in-progress Batmobile that Damian uncovers is the flying one, which Damian later completed after Bruce ‘died’ and Dick took over as Batman.
That was a great design too. I just now noticed the windshield is in the shape of a bat.

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Since the days of Sprang there's been a nuclear powered jet booster in the back that Batman could use to make jumps and shit. We only really saw it play out in modern times in the Miller material and Nolan movies though

It should have gadgets and look like Batman's car. Tank and OP's pic fail in the last one

Arkham Asylum's Batmobile is pretty underrated, and it's a shame it got swapped out by another Battank in Arkham Knight

I'm conflicted on seating because shouldn't he have a backseat for crooks? Like a police car

>everything and the kitchen sink
Like this?

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As far as interiors, I think the Burton Batmobile strikes a good balance between having a functional design while still having more than enough bells and whistles to keep it interesting

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I hope in the sequel they add new gadgets and it would be neat if they added lil batwings over the front and rear fenders, would be pretty kino ngl, because I actually like the new muscle car design, harkens back to the adam west car a bit.

honestly i want this, but i don't think you *can* put a backseat in there, given how humongous that jet engine is

I need Killer Moth in the sequel. If only to have the Batmobile face a worthy opponent.

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too much like a scuffed lambo for my tastes, but objectively a pretty sick design nontheless

I mostly like it but the grill isn't as memorable as the turbine or batface.

Grant never watched Batman 66.

>Here's a riddle for you, Nygma. How is the Batmobile like an elephant?
>You insult me. Why, just like an elephant, the trunk is in the front.

didn't you get the memo? turning is for pussies, this baby's built for dem straightways

>I just now noticed the windshield is in the shape of a bat.
How was that not the first thing you saw?

Agreed, I like the look of those classic car influenced batmobiles
This is the first real Batmobile, made in 1963 based off a 1956 Oldsmobile. It was an attraction for car shows and fairs, it was never used onscreen

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I remember when they debuted this, I just thought it was a lame design. The main universe comcis seemed to always have a problem with boring batmobiles.

To be fair, Harold was always a dumb idea to begin with

1989 Batmobile is perfection.

Good thread

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Harold's been back since Rebirth.

Bells and whistles, but only if the look like they all have a function. Once they get into "jetliner control panel" mode it's too much.