Death Battle

Who will end up jobbing?

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Imagine if they have it so Vegeta's spirit fission counters Thor absorbing energy.

This post will serve as a DC repellent. This is NOT a DC thread. It is a DB V Marvel thread. No DCfags ALLOWED

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Would be hilarious, but I doubt it. They'll probably say Thor's succ power is greater than Vegeta's succ power so it ends in his favor if it becomes a tug of war over where the energy goes.

The preview video also gave Thor godbomb wank without any caveats, so RIP Virginia.

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Is there ANYTHING about DBZ you like?

Classic Marvel says Thor’s strength is halved without Mjolnir, two Mjolnirs is a 1.5 multiplier

Thor’s preview was pretty wanked and that’s the only reason I think our boy Vegeta has a chance

Dragon Ball was really fun then Z was just the King Piccolo saga on repeat.

I think they will

Spirit Fission will take Thorforce away

Not how it works weebs

Is Vegeta better than Goku?


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Get down on your knees manlet

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Vegeta is the one who gets Dosed though. Wait a minute. Green and purple. Vegeta should have fought Hulk.

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I still don't understand how Fission is going to work against Thor. He's not a lich, he didn't take power from anybody, his power is his own since the Donald Blake enchantment is long gone and if the stat gap is particularly wide neither it nor hakai will be enough to win. Make no mistake, this is a stat bracket



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I really didn't care for the constant power creeps. first raditz out of fucking nowhere, then the other saiyans who were fodder in the great scheme of things, then Dodoria and then Zarbon, then the Ginyu force, then Frieza and his endless fucking transformations, it annoyed me so much as a kid

Thor absorb a godbomb(bomb set to kill every deity at once) and used Galactus' corpse to defeat the Black Winter. Even if you wank Bejita, it still won't be enough

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Captain Planet jobs pretty hard to that shit doesn't he? He was keeling over just by being in Hitler's presence

He’s going to tank the godblast like a retard right?

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Probably but the question is how that works with Ego. I doubt he'll go Ego then tank GB immediately after. He will likely have time to build up his power first tanking other shit

How much is the power increase with Ego?

Tank it? No. But he’ll think he can.

>Time to play the game Thor

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Gun level

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Why are you such a mindbroken faggot?

Checked and fpbp-pilled

It means they need to wank him out the gate


I don't think its gone into but I think its an exponential increase? Which, with multiplier autism already in play, could lead to some reallllly fucked up number

I, personally, like how DBS tried to delve into some more gag manga stuff

How would she argue Thor winning?

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He fights the forces of darkness

we playing word games here pal?

You gonna cry, little buddy?
You sound hurt

Is Granolah a good villain?
Moro fucking sucked

So, you ever going to give Kirbyfags a dose of reality and make them realize that GA Pacman mogs the marshmallow?

Granolah sucks way more. That arc is worst thing produced the the tracing "toyotaro" guy

>They had SSJ3 as worth 3600 universes while WB Hulk at 120
>With Broly they said he could be millions of times stronger than WB Hulk so lowbar say 120,000,000 universes
>They scale Vegeta to that after granolah wish fuckery
>Ego doesn't add a multiplier to that 120,000,000 universes but an exponential modifier which could make that 1.44E16 universes for Vegeta as a lowball

How would you respond if they did this?

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I wouldn't even be mad. just impressed that they had the fucking balls to do something so blatantly retarded. Then again they scaled DIO to lightspeed so anything's possible with these chucklenuts.

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Below infinity

Rage at how they need to realize how fucking small DB's entire multiverse is.
A single DB universe encompasses 36 lightyears due to the time it took to cross from Earth to Namek. This means their entire multiverse is barely a blip on our galaxy, at 864 lightyears. It's less than 1% of our galaxy.

>Triple H interrupts the death batle by hitting both thor and vegeta in the head with a sledge hammer mid clash
>A triple threat at wrestlemania is teased

This can be explained by Toriyama not knowing math/science just like a lot of comic book writers. Remember the Cyborg decibel thing with DC?

I asked you a question buddy boy. Are we playing word games? If so: Jove

HHH isn't a jobber! That would be Kane!

true, and the richter scale thing for Hulk, and Black Canary's 300 decibels

It can't

All I hear are your sobs and tears, tiny chum
Why is that?


What are good Halloween eps? Pic may Orman not be related

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It vs the Thing from Outer Space

through this calculation, we can determine that Hitler's hatred is clocked in at a cool 500 gorillion trillatons of tnt.

Sesshoumaru is for Vergil

Alucard VS Vampire Hunter D
Jason VS Michael Myers
Sans VS Marie technically?????
Nemesis VS Pyramid Head

D stomps
Jason stomps
Too unclear given the very nature of PH but I'll say Nemesis since PH can get btfo by normies with basic shit

Why are these dumb threads allowed

Because literally every other board deletes them on sight

Yeah I was kinda reaching with the Sans one, not like it will happen considering his most popular matchup is The Judge

Who is the actual most powerful man in the universe?

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I was surprised it took them so long to finally do a Halloween episode with Ganon vs Drac. At least they've been consistently doing it in every season since.

Universal Monster battle royale.

Perhaps you need hearing aids? : /
You said Odin, I said Jove, you must retort. Be nice

Billy as he can fly

I know Hal would win regardless, but I get the feeling that some of Ben's aliens were oh-so-slightly downplayed. Like how Feedback literally absorbed the Big Bang

I prefer He-Man but Captain Marvel has him outgunned quite severely

It just doesn't matter

I know it doesn't. Just my thoughts on it now that I look over some of his feats.

Hammer would be far more kino

The Blob vs The Thing

Though they'd have to hire animators that know how to animate something other than DBZ fights.