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>can't beat Japan with their own cartoons so they infect the competing medium with faggoty mutt bullshit
I hate you burgers so gaddamn much

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>can't beat Japan with their own cartoons
It's 2022 and Japan still hasn't made a single animation on par with America's golden age of animation

>watch burger dubs
>complain that they're by burgers
What the fuck did you expect? Why the fuck are you watching dubs?

amerimutts are revisionists and if they cant change/control a non western country that threatens them, they start to resort to power even if its dishonest as fuck.

they have no fucking respect for foreign countries.. fucking subhumans

so funimation did the dub?


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>Netflix infecting media with the narrative

I'm sorry.
Netflix has been doing this shit for 15 years now.
Are you just now noticing this?

lmao this
god i hate funimation dubs but if you unironically listen to them then you are a mouthbreather

I guess if you like Korra

>bounding into comics
Way to reveal you're a retard.

Anime fans have been telling you that dubs are shit since the early 90s at the least and everyone brushed it off with shit like "You're just elitist" and "At least I can understand them."

>watches dubs

Dubs are not Yea Forums

>America's golden age of animation
This happened?

no different from china seriously. third world authoritarian solution

Neither is Tiger & Bunny or /pol/ingintocomics
Fuck off.

Tiger & Bunny Is more CO than 45% of whats posted on CO

You can't even pass on an anonymous message board.

>Tiger and Bunny
I bought two volumes of the manga merely for the suit designs, they're so fucking cool.

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All mutts can do is cling to the past

You make Reddit seem like a good alternative.

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Yes they are.

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>It's 2022 and Japan still hasn't made a single animation on par with America's golden age of animation
I know you are trying to shit on anime but it's actually more embarrassing that anime is mogging the fuck out of current Western animation despite what you mentioned.

America has no future at this point, so it's expected.

You are somehow worse than the people who said Jojo was Yea Forums because of the music.

You mean like you're doing now?

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>29 posts of shitposting in and nobody even posted what dialogue was changed, if it even was changed, or if this is even a real article
Great work Yea Forums, you're reaching Yea Forums status at light speed.

who cares about dubs

At least pretend like you have an argument

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I am fapping to the superhero suits

If a show contains shoehorned fags or shitskins, it's Yea Forums. Simple as.

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Get one first

>Wojak edit
At least pretend like you have an argument

Dude, this is a political culture wars thread. No one cares about the line.

It's also a thread for retards who think anime is Yea Forums and are not allowed on Yea Forums anymore.

Post characters who’d Paste corporate sponsors on their suits.

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Yea Forums content has been historically gayer than Yea Forums content, weeb.

I imagine you losers spamming the report button in tears because janny isn't working fast enough

I remember posting arcane in Yea Forums and you having such hilariously overdramatic mental breakdowns you decided to "raid" Yea Forums lmao

Anime and american cartoons have writing about on the same level though, people just like anime for the pretty colors and for how retarded it is.
>bro it's so anime he randomly just beat up a guy 50 times stronger than him with friendship!!!!

The problem is that many foreign anime dubs are based on the burger script, so we end up infected with their woke shit as well.

All localizations these days are pozzed.

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You never heard of the Fleischer Brothers, poor summer child.

Obvious troll is obvious,

Fuck Europeans
Fuck Europe
Fuck weebs

You're Generation Dead End, all right

Little question:
Have you guys watched any English dub that wasn't made by 4Kids?

Ultimate cope

Crunchy. Funi literally got absorbed by them

I will say Yea Forums is pretty stupid for banning dub talk there.

Hi Yea Forums I just made a comic, about an american cartoon, and wanted to share it with you, hope you like it

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I dont care, Tiger and Bunny can get away for being a love letter to American Comics

My hero academia could never

I watched a bit of the English dubs for Fire Force, KnY, and Monster.
They were all shit.
Don't know how Americans can put up with that trash.

You seem very unaware of the history of anime if you don’t know America’s animation golden age

90% of dub discussion is retarded actor drama and politics.
Complete cancer that deserves to be banned.

Name me a voice actor that isn't Vic Mignogna, Monica Rial, Sean Schemmel, Christopher Sabat, or Jamie Marchi.

Golly this thread went from Yea Forums to /pol/ real quick. And this is Yea Forums. Fuck off back to your own boards man.

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Steve Blum

Ray Chase

sony has a straight monopoly on anime in america then?