How do we save IDW?

How do we save IDW?

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Their only original franchise is TMNT right?

TMNT is not original.

We literally can't

Buy more comicz

Appeal more to people actually buying comics
Not licenseshitters

IDW ruined sonic though
i'd unironically rather read penders than IDW

People are but all their IPs belong to other companies and those companies are leaving, they are getting Nettflixed

Buy Sonic comics like they're porn

What's so bad about it?

That's more legal mandates and taking place in a Sonic Forces universe than IDW's fault isn't it?

Locke and Key was their most notable but it's over and failed to accrue normalfag popularity
They do release plenty of original stuff but it's overshadowed by their licensed works whose readership mostly doesn't even support

hire tamers12345 and continure Sonic Underground

If IDW does die, who gets Sonic then?
Oni? Is Boom Studios still alive?

I dont want to save it

This again?
Please don't bait the fags who think "mandates" stop writers and artists from shitting the bed.
Wait for someone else to buy and scan it so you can jerk off to Sonic for free?

Watch IDW do the same as Archie and abandon doing licensed comics to do more original comics. I think they already started doing that. It'll save them money they don't have. Pretty fucked up that all the other publishers are doing better than before and yet IDW is in the red from two years ago.

Boom has been doing better than ever
They do licenses but still concentrate on original stuff
It's a good balance

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Doesnt make IDW any better to read.

IDW's efforts into licensed comics feel like a failed experiment
They didn't create more comic fans

By spamming more Surge threads.

Sonicfags are a dead end
They're one of the worst examples of licenseshitters

IDW just feels so low energy, both visually and plot-wise compared to Archie. Say what you will about Penders and early Archie but that shit was far more engaging than what's happening modern day.


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Wait i'm confused by the chart. Isn't it a good thing that Image is selling 192% more this quarter compared to the same quarter in 2020? What's with all the doomerpilling?

How long has this experiment gone on? 15 years?

Do they even do licenses outside of collabs with other publishers?

Oh wait fuck me we're talking IDW. Nevermind. I got those two mixed up.

Look at IDW
We're specifically shitting on IDW

They still want to do Skullgirls.

They have the means to make an awesome Sonic comic with a huge audience.

let them know their alphabet staff isn't making the content we want to see.

Go back in time and assassinate Marguerite Bennett.
>Optimus is still the true prime by rite
>No bullshit jihad stuff
>Hama must now handle crossovers with reliable autism
>Characters no longer swap personalities on a dime
>Starscream is still a bastard.
>Prime is still Soundwave

Bennett never worked on Transformers

Mairghread Scott. Thank you.

When was the exact moment they went from being a publisher with licenses to being THE licensed publisher?
The CN comics?


If IDW keeps pumping out low energy comics that lack any depth, then there's no saving it. Why they target a female audience that is hardly there to begin with, I have no real idea, just the "they're trying to push a message and men are evil blah blah blah."

I mean, the Woke Shit pretty much killed DC and Marvel comics, smaller entities like IDW are even more vulnerable. If they appeal to boys and young to middle aged men again and they'll make a profit, but I've come to believe that these types of people don't care about profit, it's about virtue signaling, that's all they really care about.

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Yeah I just got it. Man what the fuck happened to IDW

This is what happens when you pander almost exclusively to licenseshitters

Anyone else resent IDW TMNT. I can't stand how many Youtubers always preach and shill "Oh my god IDW TMNT is so great and Sophie Campbell who we won't say is a tranny is very skilled." Not even one mention of Waltz who started IDW TMNT. No the credit for the good stories goes to the mentally ill man wearing a wig who demands to be treated like a woman. Hate those Youtubers. Thumb them down for their lies when ROSS Campbell is the bastard that ruined the comic and no, I don't think it's going to get any better even after Waltz completes his incoming Armageddon arc.

I only care about IDW because they hold the Sonic license. Im honestly just hoping for them to drop the license.

Remember when BOOM has all those Disney IPs and made really good books like The Muppet Show, any Pixar series, and Darkwing Duck? Those were good times.

Every comic lets villains get away.

How many fucking times is he going to have to reboot this fucking franchise?

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Unfortunately they didn't sell
Boom is probably the most drastically changed publisher from 10 years ago to today and honestly?
It was for the best

It's about holding onto a franchise, SEGA will reboot Sonic as long as it takes.

IDW is 100% to blame for the book’s horrid pacing.

>Between Ian Flynn and Evans who are both Leftists trying to sneak Sonic Lesbians in places (Whisper and Tangle)

People keep saying this , and how they tried to insert lesbians in the Archie comics.
But Ive never seen it actually be implemented.

Its always some footnote they mention in their blog or something.
>"Oh yeah by the way, I totally intended for those two to be lesbos"

I see people constantly praising the company in YouTube videos.

The same thing happened with Transformers and Sonic didn't it?

The only IDW comic to not get this ridiculous praise was MLP and that was likely because the show was still airing and the comics were clearly worse than the show.

Transformers comics were never a big seller for IDW

They are barely even hidden with Tangle and Whisper. They are constantly blushing and hugging when near each other. I know the Sonic community is full of turbo autists but you have to be insanely dense not to notice it.

And you actually expect something to develop from it ?

Transformers was the keystone in IDW's attempt at a crossover universe. If they hadn't fucked it up, it would have been a functional launching pad for any number of smaller intellectual properties. Unfortunately it ended up more of a Challenger.

Sonicfags are literally this oblivious lol
They unironically think IDW Sonic is a big success

Can't say not as well informed about Transformers and Sonic compared to TMNT.

But about MLP, one of the reasons I hard that the comic was not well received is because in the eyes of the viewers and fans the show is the true main canon, as such it's the only media that matters. People effectively did not care about an alternate universe fanfiction comic book that would never be acknowledged by the writers at Hasbro themselves. And I don't blame them. It was the show was really captivated the bronies, not the comic that was created later that also had no effect on anything. Even among geeks, you don't give them media that is worthless filler and wastes everyone's time. The MLP comics peaked with the mini series about the villains and not because the comics were good, but rather because the the show never expanded on the main villains so the villains mini series comics? Those were as good as it gets in getting to see the villains from the show expanded upon.

Pretty much
The golden criteria for licensed comics are
>Is there an active fanbase for this IP let alone that would read comics?
>Does this licensed comic remind or even accentuates to the reader why they love the IP to begin with?
>Is there something in this comic that the reader can't get anywhere else from the IP?
>If canon to the source material, do the stories not feel like filler?
>Is there a sizable talent pool willing and eager to work on this IP as a licensed comic?
And yeah, we ran out of licenses that fit those

*let alone would PAY for comics

The bigger problem is how the Sonic fans are saying Sonic Frontiers will be GOOD because Ian Flynn is collaborating on the writing with Sega. Don't trust that fat fuck who is more famous for writing "Hey remember this Sonic Easter Egg and Sonic Meme? I remember and put it in this story ha ha! See I'm one of you!" I hate that tiresome trash with no merit. Got tired of it during Archie and hate it in IDW. And I hate how he can't help himself by even injecting memes of other gaming series like Metal Gear Solid by Konami. Ian Flynn is famous mostly for being self referential and that to me makes him a bad writer. On that note it's why I don't respect the Sonic Boom cartoon which is also self referential with overdone jokes about how Sonic does not work in 3D and should have stayed as a 2D sprite game franchise. Sonic is very stagnant right now and I don't think Sonic Frontiers with Flynn is going to salvage a damn thing. Even the recent movies are merely adapting the good era of Sonic material like Shadow from Sonic Adventure 2. So it feels like we're stuck going in circles with Remember This Once Good Sonic Media? You Get To See It Again.

Well to be fair a lot of the show was self-,contained episodes.

The thing is the comics messed with the established characterizations and world building.

Didn't Hasbro also recently screw that up themselves with the new MLP movie explaining that the heroes from the previous show ended up being massive failures? That everything they worked to achieve? It rotted and effectively collapsed and the world became worse than what it used to be?

You see I would actually like a Sonic comic that felt in line with the canon and not feel like it is only concerned with its ongoing storylines.

Like there isn't much that needs to be done in Sonic that I would expect a comic to fill the gaps with. I would rather a comic just exist to further define what is already there and hold me over between games.

Villains getting away is one thing, villains being let go is another.

It is their second biggest seller.

It's at the 9k range monthly
Not terrible but not worth celebrating either
Saga is a major success
SIKTC is a major success
The Last Ronin is a major success
Sonic isn't

I left /mlp/ and stopped following the show after season 2. I found a Flurry Heart promo toy and warned the show was going to add a baby alicorn and /mlp/ called me retarded and I’ve never been back.

I thought it was at 10k