Is caring about IPs just corporatist brain-rot created by copyright laws and Hollywood?

Is caring about IPs just corporatist brain-rot created by copyright laws and Hollywood?

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>One piece is bigger than Lord of the Rings

It's time for the white man to lay down and let the asian overlords take over.

Is this an edit? I had no fucking clue fist of the north star sold more vidya then pokemon

>Winnie the Pooh that big
I'm deeply skeptical.

>Mysterious "other" block that makes up 25% of James Bond"s profits

>Mickey Mouse
>Winnie the Pooh
>Hello Kitty
What the fuck

The government of the UK subsidizes the franchise significantly for propaganda purposes. Yes, I'm serious.

Look at the shill who made this thread:
Maybe your answer is there

Why would they do that?

Left over cold war propaganda. The idea that they were protected by super-competent spychads was comforting to the British people and helped them feel relevant in a world where they were no longer a super power.

>literally one of the most popular UK owned media franchises is about how a single British secret agent is able to single-handedly stop entire international crime organizations with amazing British-made super tech
>to a public that largely believes that real intelligence agencies literally use the same sorts of methods IRL

Gee, I wonder.

Same reason why the US Military funds the shit out of the Michael Bay Transformers movies.

Okay, but 25% of the revenue? There's a subsidy and then there's whatever this is.

Literally nobody else on this chart, including Transformers, has that sort of government charity propping it up. It's weird.

Merchandise is a hell of a way to profit. Literally how George Lucas got rich of Star Wars.

>MCU that low
Kinda surprising to be honest

I don't the military gives direct funds, but if you make the army look good they do off set a lot of costs, by offering vehicles, planes, tanks, and military personnel as background extras.

Yeah I get that, I just don't see Winnie the Pooh as being that much of a merch mover. Hell, I have three kids, they've all been to pre school, And I see a ton of Marvel stuff, Pokemon stuff, Star Wars stuff, Batman stuff, but relatively little Winnie the Pooh. There's some, sure. Is it crazy popular in... India, I guess?

Yeah this graph has to be bullshit. No way in hell a franchise that's been releasing games non-stop for nearly 30 years gets beat out by anyone.

A lot of this stuff has been around since the early 1900s. A franchise that didn't exist 10 years ago making this chart is impressive.

I think people forget how literally fucking everyone Mickey, Winnie, and Hello Kitty are. My kid is nearly in kindergarten; literally every diaper, pull up, blanket, baby-wipe, and soap has one of those three plastered on it. Like, the only non-Disney diaper/pull-up I've seen were the generic brands that can't afford brand deals or the Wal-mart ones, which have Paw Patrol.

Too new, this is lifetime earnings, MCU is 25 years old.

Not really too surprising. The MCU started up in the late 00s and has a lot of mismanagement in Marvel in different ways (lot of problems with the comics division, films not trying enough to sell the comics, etc)

With Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Mario, and Star Wars there is a set design and expectation.

Depends what you mean by "care"
I want something I like to not get fucked up with "reboots"

One Piece has had a new chapter come out every week since 1997, a new tv episode every week since 1999, and a new movie every year since 2000.

Is Hello Kitty really that popular nowadays?

Her face is on everything. She still gets around. It's a simple, cute design most females enjoy.

Yes and no. I hear a lot of Pokefags scream about how the games should be the most technically stunning and visually amazing shit on the planet because of how much money the series makes; never one thinking about the time that would go into it and the fact that Pokémon literally makes more than half its money on merch alone, while the games constitute less that a 1/5 of its overall sales.

Can Game Freak make better games? Sure. It's that would literally ANY company does when the product sells itself? Fuck no.

Are you retarded? Do you think caring about a story in any way is consooming?

>and a new movie every year since 2000.
Most of the One Piece "movies" aren't even feature length.


I think it counts pachinko machines as video games.

>Be me, thousand year old dying empire fading from relevance
>Spend my people's tax money on elaborate fantasies where I still matter and get laid all the time
Kinda pathetic NGL

Yes. Caring about muh franchise is corporatist brain rot created by copyright laws and Hollywood

By your logic, when Tolkien got upset at Disney’s Snow White, would that be considered brain rot?

No. Because Snow White wasn't a franchise.

Time out, they had to nerf Marvel but only looking at Spiderman and the MCU instead of it all together?

By that logic, shouldn't SJ be split up for every property they've got?

can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not as FOTNS is older then pokemon, but Fist of the north stars had only 11 games, one of which was fucking Jump Force.

Meanwhile Pokemon has 23 games, some of which have sold more then 20 million copies world wide, and that's not counting the spin-offs.

user, you can literally see Dragon Ball, Fist of the North Star, One Piece, and Yu-Gi-Oh on the list, all of which are Shounen Jump properties.

You're being disingenuous. Caring about branding or about a corporately made IP is brainrot. Not just a story. Although even then, it can change at any point.

Vidya including pachinko machines makes sense like how merchandise probably includes toy sales. Also it's based on money earned that field not units moved.

We as a species trend towards tribalism, more often than not fixating on some kind of totem. It can be media IPs, sports teams, famous figures, historical events, political affiliations, national identity, etc. We are no longer limited to our small family tribes, so that innate urge for something smaller manifests in different ways.

That devotion has been capitalized on to be sure, but there's nothing inherently wrong with caring about something you enjoy and identify with. The issue is when you lose perspective and your loyalty to the abstract outweighs your desires for the tangible and immediate.

The folks who will back big business to support their favorite brand are no different than the post-game rioters when you get down to it. It's just different flavors of the same loss of perspective.

>corporately made IP is brainrot
So Lord of the Rings since the book was created for a massive corporation

Yes. Unironically. Caring about what happens to a series is bad.

People still pay money to get a ticket to go see them, and that's all a revenue steam gives a shit about.

The problem is with the box office, I think Sony gets most if not all the Spider-Man box office. Disney gets the merchandising money so that would actually put Spider-Man/MCU at 20 Billion.

I think you may have the brainrot

I think he's referencing the fact the LotR started as a request by Tolkien's publisher for a sequel to The Hobbit. Which I don't think is the same thing as "Make another pachiko machine with Kenshiro on it to drain more depressed salarymen's bank accounts" or "Let's shit out another limited-edition Star Wars action figure line".

You have to remember that a lot of these "all mass media bad; no ethical consumption" people are kids who think that all original work is bad and evil, but the fanfiction on AO3 is inherently superior because the original creator isn't involved.

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Mass media is bad.

they are making billions from diapers?

>Pokemon fan
>This stupid fucking list is one of many reasons why the fanbase is so stupid when it comes to talking about the games
>Despite a majority of those sales being from merch

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As long as viewers are stupid enough to go hate-watch a remake that they know will be bad, just because it has a name they recognize, the media companies will only care about making installments of ancient IPs.

Eh, as long as Disney isn't on top.

A lot of these graphs seem to be based on bullshit data.
Sometimes anons bring ones that claim merch is the minority of profits.
Tax refunds are usually for being "British". If it's the same reason as video game development, it's either because it produces something that talks about Britain or is produced by Britons or is made in Britain. It's in the quantity of millions and is not that 25%/billions cited WHICH IS NOT LISTED IN THE GRAPH'S WIKIPEDIA """SOURCE""" PAGE, THAT'S A MADE UP FIGURE.
If I recall correctly there's a points based system where you just need to qualify for it and the government gives you a subsidy-equivalent/tax refund.
It's basically a form of protectionism to prevent brain drain and loss of cultural icons.
I'm fairly certain most countries do even more than this. Anons do like to frequently say France and Japan both subsidise their animation industries which is more than a simple UK tax refund.
... technically speaking it's likely just lobbying, a party member owns a company or friend of a friend asked for a favour. Like any industry, y'know?
They spend our tax money on increasing their salaries which they then spend on drugs, drink and sex. They don't need the fantasy.

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Well the Japs are massive consumer's and they have a huge suicide rate. Figure it out


There's more here

> Looney Tunes: $15.billion
> Scooby Doo: $2.89 billion

Looney Tunes is literally five times more valuable and profitable than Scooby Doo. So why does WB care more about Scooby than Looney Tunes?

Millions at least. All of the major diaper companies most likely pay a yearly fee or else thier competitor gets the specific characters. You'd be surprised how brand obsessed most normies are.

>books are now the same thing as corporate slop being they aren't self-published and sold out of the back of a van

There's no brown on any of the American IPs

Comics are dead

>Game Freak admitted two generations ago that the games literally only exist to legitimize new Pokémon to the public
>If they had their way, they'd just introduce them in the anime and be done with it, but Nintendo makes too much money off of their 1/3rd of the pie to let them stop

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