Comics are impossible to get into

How are people supposed to get into comics?
>oh you found a comic you are interested in?
>here’s my 10 page dissertation on what you have to read beforehand to understand what is happening
>many of these build up comics aren’t the same tone as the one you are interested in
>also this venture will cost you over $1000 to start because half these comics are long since out of print and only sold by collectors

Meanwhile with manga
>oh cool you found a new manga series
>when you are done with the first volume, you can go to various brick and mortar stores or search online for the second volume for under $10 as they are continuously printed

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gee whiz this bait thread again?

If only.

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american comics are for braindead boomers and millennial trannies

Based. Comics are a dying industry and made for retards.

Actually capeshit (not all comics you schizo) is bad cause you can just read wikis and watch videos of autists explaining the shitty lore. If you want a story with an end you're better off with what they call "graphic novels".


That's only an issue with capeshit. And capshit is, well, shit.
Take the adventure and comedy comicspill

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>Twitter shit
Go back


Venom balling

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What the fuck are you talking about?

>Pick up the book
>Read it
>"Woah that was good"
>Pick up 20 books
>Read them
>"Woah that was good"

>it’s true and makes me mad so it’s bait

There are literally zero western comics that aren't capeshit

Actually manga series can differ extremely differently in how many volumes they have.

I like Charlie more than that faggot with plastic surgery so I guess I'll stick with comics.

Name 5

let's talk about the real issue.
are the Yea Forums mods and jannies all Yea Forumsutists?

Since he uses the exact same image can't the mods just simply make it unable to post it?

Why do you need an entry point? Why can't people just start reading and pick up what's going on? Children manage this pretty easily.

Some fucker have been posting this exact same shit in here, again and again for st least a month

Brother, look outside of America and Japan for once.

American comics primary audience are age 40 year old males. American comic books are not for casuals.

Same can be said for comics but we have stupid extreme generalization bait threads every day.

Please no these threads are a good containment method for these trolls, let them get tired of it. If only people would stop bumping then it would end within a few days
Sure there is

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The real question is how many of the responses in these threads are actually connected with OP in some way, like whether OP is using a phone IP or doing a Discord raid or something

What's funny is how much more manga it's tied to novels and animated series compared to American comic heroes.

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That’s not plastic surgery, some people are just naturally beautiful

could you type this again with less ESL gibberish, user?

Pick up one of those mini series then or stuff that isn't capeshit.

You could’ve just said you don’t read comics user.

East of West
Deadly Class
Usagi Yojimbo
Cerebus the Aardvark
Manifest Destiny
Valerian and Laureline

None. Yea Forums just loves to respond to bait threads

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What's funny is how much more Japanese graphic novels are tied to novels and animated series compared to American superhero comics.

The core issue is that Yea Forums has very few active jannies, and it’s mod pool doesn’t really care.

The jannies here only look for specific things to delete like Toonami threads or Stonetoss bait. They are blind to bad threads not on their radar

It's funny you had to bring in one of the largest toy brands in Japan which took more years than I've been alive to get to where it is now.

>cherrypicking ONE series from Japan that is like that

Adventure and comedy comics are boring because Americans are boring.

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>many of these build up comics aren’t the same tone as the one you are interested in
This is a huge problem with trying to create a comics chronology. For example, Batman Year One is very different from most Batman comics, I don’t think it’s a good intro to the character.
People should just read the comics that look interesting to them, they weren’t written with chronology in mind (although 60s-80s Marvel sort of was) so why pretend there is one.

>console wars thread
If you're not 14 then you need to get a grip. If you are, please leave.

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comics arent a poster.

>implying he doesn't frame and put his favorite comics on the wall

Most people buy collected editions these days user

But if I pick one that looks cool I still eventually run into the problem of having to read other comics to fully grasp the story

>implying you can't do both

All these threads comparing manga's success over comics, and no solutions on how to improve American comics.

>when I read one story I need to continue to keep reading other stories to understand what is going on
I fail to see the issue. If you're enjoying the current thing you are reading, then it shouldn't be a problem to check what comes next and picking that up. If you're not enjoying it, you just drop it and try something else. It's not that hard.

Or you know, you could just read it and accept that a superhero team where one guy has stretchy arms also exists in this universe. I feel like you can fully grasp the story without reading everything, at least I have never run into any issues and I definitely don't read everything.
Also you could just read a non big two comic

>comics only means American superhero comics

solutions are offered every thread, you retard. This is a bait thread that is posted every day and has been for months, maybe years.

It's true
Just like I'm sure how before The Golden Age arc people would have been on forums bitching about how Berserk wasn't explaining why this Griffith guy in black leather was so important to Guts. Just screaming from the rooftops "I don't understand every slight detail of this world setting I REFUSE context clues!"

we did the first 20 times, now it's just laugh at Yea Forumstards the thread

From Hell
list goes on and on

arent you tired of posting the same thread that never gets a conclusion

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Some people like a complete coherent storyline.

I really don't understand all the seething, most comics are like 30 issues long at most. The Yea Forumsfags pretending they have tried to read anything is just embarrassing, nothing is that complicated

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Look imma be reall with you manga has the girls with the big boobs

This shouldn't be a variant cover

You're right
It should be the main cover


Seriously though, fuck this industry.

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>volumes ordered by date for your convenience

That's really not the point here.

Gundam did not originate as a manga, therefore it's your argument is flawed, I win.