What went wrong?

What went wrong?

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DeSantos trying for the 2024 GOP

Good, fuck those guys.

And that's a good thing.

OP's dad didn't wear a condom.

Very funny how heavily the American right is leaning into outrage politics to carry them anywhere.


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Go Woke Go Broke. Just like how the entire comics industry is tanking, the 20's are going to be the opposite of the tumblr 10's

It’s going to bite them in the ass later though.

The cancelled Tron: Uprising and Motorcity.

Stop grooming kids.

Just a backlash to the dominate movement of the American left. It was inevitable.

capeshit fatigue
star wars fatigue
dipping their toes into the culture wars and being manhandled by desantis who wants to run for president some day

There is no victory in the culture war. Both sides sustain it to get what they want.

Yes, and we want you to stop grooming kids.

It's clearly a last ditch effort for the American right to gain more support by appealing to emotion of unstable boomers.
Nobody's election platform is "stop brown people from appearing in cartoons," so it's not a pushback from "wokeness."

I honestly just want to be entertained by my cartoons and not called racist or sexist when they suck ass. But I guess Disney has gotten in line with every other conglomerate and has decided that they have to openly insult me for not liking their garbage.

user, it's not boomers who are throwing a tantrum over gays existing in schools. it's millennials.

Don't molest children retard

The stock dropped because shareholders are abandoning ship after the leaks of videos of Disney's president and other people clearly talking about how they want to change the minds of American kids and make them turn gay and transgender And this message is also passed on in the comics as many characters are now turning gay for no reason whatsoever

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You stop raping and murdering kids.

You can do that, and you can even call some shows bad; i do it all the time, but if your complaint is something about the identity politics of the show, it's obviously easy to understand why someone would call you bigoted.
There's a difference between hating Steven universe because the you hate the style, and hating it because you hate how one rock said BLM in a commercial.

Liberals will bash on capitalism and megacrops but will defend their groom toon corporation

Every person outside of this site who calls Turning Red bad gets dogpiled on and called a racist or a sexist, and you are insane if you think Disney won't have that be the case for all of their movies going forward.

I hate both of those things

>no new unique IPs
Did you really respond to your own thread this way?

Are you gonna whine about the movie didn't mention 9/11 again Mr.Enter?

>every person outside of this site who calls Turning Red bad gets dogpiled on and called a racist or a sexist
That's wrong, but i also don't know what websites you post all day on, so who know, i could be wrong.

When has it ever NOT been about outrage politics? That shit has been the bread and butter for both wings of the political machine since their inception. It's easier to sell the dumb masses on appeals to emotion rather than with a well constructed argument of substance which is why almost all politicians use it to their advantage.

>Bill to punish Disney would punish Florida counties instead
>Bill would never come into effect anyways until the debt agreed upon is paid, which will be nearly a decade away.

It’s kinda funny. Even when trying to shoot Florida in the foot with the gun right there he still manages to miss.

Lmao nice strawman. Sorry I didn't like the incredibly mediocre period panda movie sweaty.

You are a man of similar mindset to me

Ok user but tell me this, why should anyone care about your thoughts on turning red?

except as a gay man i have to say there's too god damn much identity politics in TV to the point it's getting pretty fucking close to patronizing of the LGBT+ community. and in case you need reminding patronizing is a form of discrimination and racism.

Why should anyone care about anyone's thoughts on this site? I'm not sure what point you are trying to make, I just like talking to people on here.

Ok, done.
Now stop grooming kids.

Then you're a based principled leftist, and i hate to tell you this brother, but being a leftist in america is like being chained to two screeching retards that both hate you. You're always going to be frustrated.

Wait, you actually raped and murder kids?

Outside this site why should anyone care about your thoughts and opinions on turning red?

It's going to bite everybody that's the worst part

Hey I care about his opinion on it because he thinks it's bad like me

Again, I have no idea what point you are trying to make here. My opinion carries just as much weight as anybody else on the internet. Only people who's opinions carry more weight are people either working in the industry or people funding projects in the industry.

What did you think would happen when you started abusing people's children?

I'm think my point is that you don't have an opinion about turning red, this is all just disingenuous bullshit trying to act like you're being oppressed.

And that's a good thing. President Trump, VP De Santis is the dream.

The outrage wasn't about child abuse, it was about teaching them things you don't understand.
Parents are the primary child abusers, actually.

Stop grooming kids, American left.

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Based. See, this is why I like this site.

No my point is this is the only site I go on where I don't get dogpiled and called a racist or sexist for saying Turning Red is mediocre. I don't know why you are getting some other madeup underlying message from me.

Economic backlash against Disney is a watershed moderate voter well. You will see ridiculous returns from this.

Dow Jones is mostly irreverent (only 30 companies). S&P and Nasdaq are much better. The entire market is down a lot this year, A lot of tech and growth stocks are down over 50%. Paypal and Netflix are the worst stocks in the S&P, down almost 70% from a year ago.

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This because it's actually just one side, like a football team playing a friendly scrimmage against itself

Because you're complaining about dumb shit.
>oh why won't anyone take my opinions about turning red seriously woe is me

Confusing kids by telling them complete lies is abuse

Grooming them to be trannies in secret is, too

>Confusing kids by telling them complete lies is abuse
So you admit you abuse kids then.


Ok groomer.

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Your opinions don't matter because you're gay

I mean if stating a fact is whining about it, sure I guess I am. I don't know why you feel the need to defend a mediocre Pixar movie when there's so many actually good ones, but you do you.

So you're abusing kids?

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Stocks are not profit user.

Ebin snark queen, slay

And it will be a glorious presidency

Stop grooming and abusing kids.

It's not just Mr Enter memes, there's a fair number of reviewers that got shat on because they couldn't relate to being a cringy 13 year old girl.

>normal people: gay people exist and that's okay

>always accuse the other of what you do yourself

Dumbasses keep insisting "NOOO IT'S CORPORATE THEY DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT HOMOSEX" because yeah they totally just sacrificed dr. strange in china for pure money all right...

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Who gives a fuck? Move on with your life.

Any form of elective cosmetic surgery, including gender altering surgery, should be illegal.

Ok groomer.

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>t. American pretending to be European

So you admit that you groom and abuse kids then.

Does your mother know you abuse kids?