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What do you think of Gyro Gearloose, a genius inventor and Donald’s best friend? What do Yea Forums think about this character? What do you think are the best moments for Gyro Gearloose? By the way, he is now 70 years old, since he first appeared in the comic book "Gladstone's Terrible Secret", in May 1952. And that he is a chicken (rooster).

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>And that he is a chicken
He's an eagle afaik

>He's an eagle afaik

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Fuck you, his name is Willie Wortel and I refuse to listen to anyone claiming otherwise.

Why does Gyro have human legs like this ?!

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huh, I was wrong. Don't know where I got that from but I always assumed that was true

>Donald’s best friend?
I can name off the top of my head six other characters who rank above Gyro in the 'Donald's best friend' stakes.
You must be thinking of Gyro's nemesis Emil Eagle.

>Gladstone's Terrible Secret

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goddamn that's cursed

The five are obvious who is the 6th

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Six friends huh?
Gyro is more a friend in the early Avenger material.

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The more humanoid duck characters end up having legs and feet.
Like Lyla or Kay K.

Some comic about Gyro Gearloose, can someone post it please? And to be that comic that is good?

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I hated him in the reboot

Yes, that version of Gyro would be ok if he wasn't called Gyro.

>"Gladstone's Terrible Secret"
What a great ending that story had

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Better you do not know.

>6 others
José, Panchito...?
In the comic Duckverse (so let's remove Mickey and Goofy from the equation) Donald really doesn't have proper friends beyond those two and that's with Rosa bringing them from movie canon because otherwise there'd be nothing. Gyro is gentle and kind, but is always off in his own little world and it's not like they socialize outside of whenever Don needs his inventions. Jones is a nemesis, same for Gladstone who on top is family (so Fethry is out too, and Don finds him irritating even then). Gus Goose is barely a character.
So yeah, what friends?

Discount Rick Sanchez

Mickey, Goofy, José, Panchito are the obvious 4
I assume 5th they are referring to is Sora since KHfags are like this
Don't know who the 6th is. Maybe Minnie? Maybe some more obscure character like in PKNA?

For Donald, of course, Mickey can't be his best friend because he's jealous of him, and Mickey took away all the fame Donald had during World War II. Probably Pluto, he was Donald's favorite couple of times in some classic shorts. I would also mention the friends from Quacktown that Donald had in his childhood.

It should be noted that in no Donald and Pluto short do they actually get along, so probably not him

Bolivar is Donald's own dog, so while obscure, he still has a better claim to being his friend than Pluto.


>So yeah, what friends?
This little guy here.

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Mentioned him! He might see Donald as his best friend but Donald finds him irritating as all hell. Also, family

I want the alternate universe where chickens became the most popular and beloved bird in cartoons, instead of ducks.

>Gyro is gentle and kind, but is always off in his own little world and it's not like they socialize outside of whenever Don needs his inventions

Wrong. Plus he is tied to Donald even as Paperinik' helper. And don't forget Bum Bum.

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I like Gyro but I do preffer him younger as in many Italian comics.


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>And don't forget Bum Bum.
Hard to believe he's related to Mary-Jane.

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that bombshell

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Thank you for this comic.

Granted I mainly have the base Barks universe in mind. I'm not as savvy as to European stuff. Wish I was though, what Ive seen can be very good

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The artists draw what they know

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This art is revolting.

can you give me some examples of Gyro and Ludwig Von Drake ever meeting or working together in official disney media? they're both inventors after all
a real shame Don Rosa wasn't allowed to use Ludwig for whatever reason

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>can you give me some examples of Gyro and Ludwig Von Drake ever meeting or working together in official disney media

There’s one in a Topolino comic (I forgot the title of that comic) where Gyro and Ludwig meet and where Ludwig takes care of Gyro’s nephew Newton who is typically more naughty even than HDL.

Yet there is a difference between Ludwig and Gyro. Ludwig von Drake is a crazy scientist who is more advisory and who knows almost everything, and Gyro is the one who creates new inventions. I know that when Walt Disney created Ludwig von Drake, Ludwig acted more like a real teacher than an inventor. This is more a consequence of newer cartoons like Bonkers, Quack Pack, House of Mouse, Mickey Mouse Cartoons where Ludwig acts as a crazy scientist and as an inventor, so Gyro never appeared in those cartoons except in MMC as a cameo character.

Yes, Gyro and Ludwig appeared together in Nu-Ducktales in the last episode when they were in F.O.W.L. jail by Bradford. Although although Ludwig remained unchanged unlike Gyro, it was totally idiotic for me to make Ludwig the leader of the S.H.U.S.H. and to be imprisoned for a very long time, without food and water. Yes, Gyro and Ludwig should be seen together often in comics and cartoons, you just have to know the difference between these two characters.

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They appeared together in that Rudish Mickey episode where Mickey and Goofy were transported inside of Donald's body.
I also remember once reading a Ludwig comic from the sixties or so in Readcomicsonline where the backup was Gyro and Ludwig competing.

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True, it is a pity that this dog did not appear in cartoons. He is quite represented in comics.

This shit was my fucking jam when I was young.
Thanks, grandma.

There's Alpine Climbers but Bolivar only really interacts with Pluto