Amelia Bedelia Storytime - Part 2?

Hey again! Back with my choice for Mother's Day (coming up this weekend), "Amelia Bedelia's Family Album", and a quick note;

I'm not the one to spam out threads but I was really sad to see how early the last thread died :( It's very much part selfishness but also trying to figure out a good balance for the threads too, so forgive me that. How does only making two threads sound when we don't get to the second storytime? Otherwise we just keep the one as is and let it be.

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I'll also try and do a pun for everyone but it's gonna be harder. I really want these threads to succeed to so if you have Amelia story ideas I'd be happy to do some greens when I can :)

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>"A family all bummed? Oh, that's no way to start a book..."

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>"A party for me? I don't know sir, politics was never my strength..."

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>"A licenser? Are they a lawyer?"
>"No, they work at the DMV."

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>"Of course my cousin's a loyer, have you seen the holes he digs?"

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I do love how baking runs in Amelia's family, though.
>"Bay curs? Sir we're not even from the coast, how dare you!"

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>"My other aunt is a bank robber, but I don't know what it's like working where everyone has the same name though..."

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>"My other cousin does martial arts too! His battle scenes are very well painted."

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>"We have other hoarse racers in the family- bless them for trying."

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>He has one board game so big it takes up a whole room

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So disappointed that the joke wasn't him being a dog

>"A bored game? I've been in there and it's anything but..."

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>"I do wish Chester was a curser instead..."
>"Beaning a dog?! How could he!?"

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>"We have accountant in the family too, he *is* very good with numbers."

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Again with the bakers
>"Bakers? She doesn't know any Bakers either."

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"I don't know any Potters,"
Well there goes my headcanon about Amelia being a naked house elf.

You've opened the door to a lot of puns
>"Amelia Bedelia and the Sorcerer's Scone"

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>"We also have a cacher on his side, he's very good with computers!"

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Uncle Dan is a fucking art thief, Amelia.

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>Uncle Dan Brown fucking stole Da Vinci's Last Supper

>"user, believe me- he does no fucking."
Speaking of art, would that be a good next book for the thread? "Amelia Bedelia's Masterpiece" sees her go to an art museum if that's of interest :)

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The end! I appreciate the humoring of me trying to get the thread(s) going again, my intention isn't to spam or anything so thanks for reading! I'll do my damnedest to rope in the empty necrobumping too, and the hopper's open for short green ideas when I can as well :D
>"Short greens? Sir I hardly think mowing the lawn would help your threads- sheep need to eat too!"

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"Why are they called baroque artists if museums will pay so much?"

Lovely! I'll go and download that one tonight and post it by the middle of the thread or so..
>"Middle of the thread!? Sir you are taking far too much..."

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>"Runny sauce artists? They don't sound very skilled as chefs or otherwise..."

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This fucking lady

Who's fucking a lady?

>"A fucking lady? I assure you user I AM NOT!"

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I'm for it, as long as somebody keeps an eye on Uncle Dan.

(Amelia gently tapes a sewing needle to Uncle Dan) There! I wasn't planning on keeping one of MY eyes on him.

Amelia, y-you... you can see through the eyes of sewing needles? Like, all of them? Anywhere?

That's a really good idea for her stand ability too
>"With the power of my stando,「PRIVATE EYES」, user will never be able to give me an order I don't know how to misinterpret!!!"

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How do you hear Amelia when reading?

By using an audio book.

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>"Mother’s Day in a week?! user I'm not due for three months!"
Weird and highly niche, but the Beverly Martyn cameo line in Simon and Garfunkel's Fakin' It. There's no other voice that really fits her that I've heard so far other than that one.

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>"Mother’s Day in a week?! user I'm not due for three months!"
Need more mom-to-be Amelia

It exists but it's not entirely on topic :v

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"Well I have a cannibal fetish, Amelia."

>"A cannonball fetish? Hand me the ramrod then sir!"
Now I need Molly Pitcher Amelia

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Upturned nose Amelia is cute!, cuteeeee!!

>"Upturned gneiss? That's an awful lotta deformation user..."
Need geologist Amelia

>Hand me the ramrod then sir!"
With pleasure!

>"A molly pitcher!? Sir spiking drinks is wrong!"

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Spiking a drink is a terrible way to celebrate a touchdown.

>"Of course spiking a drink is a terrible way to do that- how do you expect to hold it!?"

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I don't want to hold a spike, I might hurt myself.

sooo cute!!

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>Amelia Bedelia as a Revolutionary War reenactor
>Day in and day out she teaches the people dubious and misinterpreted facts and information about the war, its history and how it was fought
>Her favorite display, and the one attracting the most visitors, was always firing the cannon
>Panting she had just fired off another blank with her crew, somehow, and invited tourists to watch
>"First we worm the barrel," she said, "like so."
>An intrepid little earthworm was promptly placed in the muzzle, on his way surely to scour the barrel of cinders and burning debris
>"Next we sponge the barrel."
>Dipping a kitchen sponge in a sooty bucket she ginger scrubbed the gun down, water hissing where it quenched a spark or two
>"Then we load the charge."
>Dropping a battery down the muzzle with a satisfying 'plonk' she invited an animal over
>"Here's our ram, Rod, to seat the charge."
>The ram conked his head on the barrel, satisfied with his work
>"We then pick the charge," she said, swinging an ice pick into the touch hole (Amelia making sure it was, indeed, touched)
>"And finally the slow fuse."
>An assistant stepped, inches at a time, towards the gun, the fuse smoking ahead of him on its stick
>After several minutes he tip toed his way close enough and dropped the match down
>As if by magic a cloud of smoke and soot erupted from the barrel, the blast echoing through the park from another perfect demonstration
>Smiling and waving she sent off the last group of spectators, happily retrieving the worm, unharmed, from the smoking gun

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So small...

>"Vinyls start this week? I'll make sure they're only playing records, sir."

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>"Polish the knob? I don't think the landscaping up there is that bad..."

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