Why do people hate Legacy characters?

Why do people hate Legacy characters?

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>Why do people hate Legacy characters?
Hack writers doesn't know how to write a good legacy characters

For a coomer like, I like them.

A legacy character is never going to have the charge the OG does.
Not everyone is comfortable with the ideas of just being handed something.

I used to be caught in the moment and think that they were replacing my favorite characters. Then I realized that they're never going to and they'll at best be a side character I could grow to like such as Impulse or Batgirl

Still better then "X character but VAGINA" characters comics loved to do. Even Adam Warlock got one before he became massively popular with Infinity Gauntlet.

They don't. They just hate bad ones.

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Schway and May are good ones

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People don't hate legacy characters if they are well handled. One problem Marvel runs into is that some of their heroes shouldn't be mantles at all, like Wolverine. One problem I have is that the big 2 love giving characters unrelated to the hero the mantle, instead of people close to the hero who fans would want to replace the original.

Like how over at DC they just killed the entire Justice League. Who did they choose to take up the Batman name? Dick again? Jason? No, they chose the fucking black Batman nobody gives a shit about to be on the Diversity League. A lot of modern day legacy characters are desperate attempts to diversify instead of a natural passing of the torch and people don't like it.

To add to your point:
They seem to like to portray them as:
>That guy? Yeah, like I am ten times better, faster and stronger than him. And also X.
Instead of:
>How can I hope to ever replace him? Will ever be as good as him? What path did he take to get to where he was?

Less snark, more admiration for the mantle they take over. Treat the old hero as an old martial arts mentor and not like a drunkard failure.

i do hate present legacy character but what do people think about past legacy characters? cos i like the Jaime Reyes blue beetle more than the Ted Korr past

Who's everyone's favorite legacy character? Pic related, I know it's an obvious choice

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so why is this legacy fine but not the modern ones?

I like Kamala Khan a lot more than Carol Danvers who comics I don’t read. Also in some ways he's more successful than Carol .

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I dunno I actually like Kamala/Miles/etc., I just think Wally's the gold standard for how to do one right (to be fair he also was Flash for twice as long as they've been around)

Because most people didn't actually care about Barry for a long time

>>How can I hope to ever replace him? Will ever be as good as him? What path did he take to get to where he was?
That's exactly Jace's Batman's take. You'd know that if you read comics instead of headlines.

Because he was not made to vindicate a culture war

Because neither Marvel of DC has had the balls to commit to a legacy character for decades.

There was a time when Wally West really did replace Barry Allen as the Flash. He wasn't just keeping Barry's seat warm until he came back, he was The Flash and always would be as far as anyone knew. But somewhere along the way, we got Barry Allen back again due to cosmic multiverse bullshit, and thats where all the trouble started.

A legacy character can be a fantastic idea in a setting that progresses and allows for permanent consequences and changes and growth. Batman Beyond works because he KNOW Bruce is retired and while he might still have some Batman left in him we understand why he can't be the hero he was. A new hero needs to take up the mantle.

But what we get today is more like Miles: utterly confusing because his story only works if he is a replacement for Spiderman (he even just goes by Spiderman, not a variant name) but hes not ALLOWED to be that because they brought Peter back. What can Miles actually *do* if he isn't Spiderman? The answer, it turns out, is nothing. He is team filler. Fucks sake, he still doesn't have an original villain of his own yet. Even Kamala has villains of her own, even if most of them are jokes.

And most legacy heroes are like that: never allowed to be the main attraction for longer than about 3 issues, after that the hero they are supposed to be the next generation of comes back and steals all the spotlight and the legacy hero just becomes a sideshow distraction.

If the older heroes don't retire or die and STAY that way, there is not and never will be room for new generations of heroes on the roster. Not original concepts or legacy mantles.

As great as Final Crisis was, it does feel like in retrospect it closed a chapter at DC in undoing the the largest death/replacement they had - even Hal coming back didn't have as huge an effect due to the nature of the Corps (and he never really went away the way Barry did). Not sure if Marvel really had an equivalent moment, although it's probably no coincidence that this was around the same time the Ultimate Universe (where they could make big changes without them affecting the main line) turned irrevocably to shit

Bucky and Jason coming back at almost the exact same time is probably another death knell, since while we got some good stories in the short term those were probably the two biggest non-origin "permanent" deaths with consequences aside from Barry and Gwen

Love this guy

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>How can I hope to ever replace him? Will ever be as good as him? What path did he take to get to where he was?

This was Kyle through most of the 90's. Dude had a huge inferiority complex when comparing himself to Hal. Didn't help everyone else ALSO compared him to Hal.

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It's not the legacy part they have a problem with.

>>How can I hope to ever replace him? Will ever be as good as him? What path did he take to get to where he was?
That's Miles Morales by Bendis

they arent legacy characters. they are diversity projects diluting a property to try and sell snow to eskimos.

Because they don't have the balls to get rid of the original. That's usually my main complaint. I'm usually OK at the very least with Legacies when they are replacing and not sharing the name or title.

>"I hate everything about that sentence."


There's a black Batman? Is that that Duke guy I keep hearing about every once in a blue moon?

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No that's Signal/Duke Thomas. New Batman is Tim Fox, brother of Luke Fox (formerly Batwing) and estranged son of Lucius Fox, who I think now owns Wayne Industries.

Tim Fox from the Future State thing.

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More often than not they make the reader wish they were reading about the original

Because I want to read about Batman not his various adopted children or his black not sidekick or the latest color haired LGBT street rat he has taken a liking to. Same with Superman or Wonder Woman or pretty much any other character. Flash is the only character where im ok with there being more than one and even then I only really care for Barry and Wally and mostly Wally mostly pre-new 52.

>modern day legacy characters are desperate attempts to diversify
It's worse than that, It feels like marketers convinced creators that they need to churn out a version of each character for every demographic to self insert into. I think that "We are Captain America" thing was the most fucking blatant

This all sounds weird.

>formerly Batwing
I thought that was the name of Bruce's flying vehicle.

...See I like X-23 as Wolverine but this just feels like it's pandering.

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I don't hate legacy characters, just certain ones when they're written by certain people

Yeah this shit makes me roll my eyes. Laura is fine as Wolverine, but when writers go out of there way to point this shit out it just reminds me shes just a legacy character and not her own.

>marvel kills logan and makes Laura wolverine
>in her wolverine ongoing Laura denounces the name x23 and says it's like her slave name or some shit
>Her wolverine ongoing gets cancelled
>her next ongoing is called x23 again
>she doesn't mention the slave name shit anymore
>that ongoing also gets cancelled
>she gets shoved into the x men books
>calls herself wolverine again
Marvel so very clearly don't know what to do with her

Mayday and Jaime

No they aren't.
They are both trash and can't carry a series or comic.

I don't understand how anyone can enjoy any of this shit.
Cape comics should have died in the 2000s at the very latest.

Kind of the perfect microcosm of why comics are failing: nobody who likes these characters wants to seem them stretched and tortured like this any time the writer changes or editorial gets a bug up their ass. You can never get invested in anything that happens because it gets rolled back a month later, and then just as likely treated as if it was always canon another month after that. Fucking everything is in a permanent state of quantum superposition of being canon and forgotten at the same time.

The writers hate them. The people don't.

Barry was brought back as a stunt/pleasing old losers.
Problem is the old losers liked Barry and the Flash stopped being a joke with Wally as the lead. Even had to make Barry and his rogues into terrible Wally rip offs to sort of make it not shit.

>Kind of the perfect microcosm of why comics are failing
Comics have always been like that. Comics are failing because they are no longer culturally significant and haven't been for decades. Movies based on comic books are in an unprecedented boom, comic books are not.

Everything was perfectly fine up until Johns showed up and took a shit on all the legacy characters because they weren't the ones he grew up with. This just resulted in all the old and new characters running around at the same time and gave precedent for them to do it with everyone else, most egregiously Batgirl, and has conditioned fans into thinking the legacy characters aren't worth caring about because they'll just keep the old characters around forever.

No one enjoys this shit on any level.
They are just throwing shit at a wall while they rearrange deck chairs on the titanic.
It's around still becuase they're marketing for the dying comic movie industry and people like the few FEW LCSs out there are still around making money but more rage farmers on youtube make money from bemoaning the state of comics.

Miles is a good legacy.

Johns was told to fix the old characters by Dan DiDio.
You know the "genius" behind a little cartoon called Beast Machines. The infamous cartoon that was so bad that it very nearly bankrupt Transformers as a brand in the US.

Mayday is the only marvel heroine to have a single run hit 100, she’s probably the ONLY marvel heroine who will ever have that happen

Fuck off, Bendis.

Oldfag here

When Wally replaced Barry and Rhodey replaced Tony we saw a good slow burn in where they both dealt with the responsibility of their roles and both of them were not as experienced or powerful as the characters they replaced. They STRUGGLED and eventually found their footing but in their own way and it was an entertaining journey.

Now? A combination of editorial greed and artistic laziness means characters are given another's identity and narratively presented as being AUTOMATICALLY awesome right out of the gate and many times pushed as being superior to their predecessors without any achievements to back them up. They are not bad characters but they are introduced badly,

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Mayday Parker

Bart Allen

Technically? Zatanna fills this role, considering her father began in the same comic as Superman.

>Now? A combination of editorial greed and artistic laziness means characters are given another's identity and narratively presented as being AUTOMATICALLY awesome right out of the gate and many times pushed as being superior to their predecessors without any achievements to back them up. They are not bad characters but they are introduced badly,

This is basically the problem. I don't know who's at fault but it seems like Marvel and DC just don't want to do the legwork in making the new characters appealing and just want short-term accolades, or they have something potentially good going and proceed to royally fuck it up.

Like case in point Ms Marvel was a popular book in the first year for a character that was expected to do as well as Gravity (remember that guy?). They they proceeded to fuck up all their goodwill by relaunching her book (which turned off the new readers who didn't put up with relaunches), let a really bad crossover throw the book off the rails (Civil War II) and other problems.

Stop pretending you read comics, you dumb LARPer

No, go read our Barry angsts about his mom story again and Barbara being a nothing “feminist” character.

God I hate Kate Bishop so much, she's Marvel's Roman Reigns

He wasn't created as one though

The only right answer.

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