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Based Ben

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Imagine being Ukrainian and fighting to defend the US global hegemony. Cringe.

I ain't American but aren't Right Wingers supposed to be anti-Russians cause "We defeated the Soviets Russians" thing.


Captcha VJA 88

Sometimes I feel like I live in a bizzaro world.
This comic is correct, but it points a finger at a figurehead of the US gov, not the US gov itself.

can we not

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American politics are confusing and not the purpose of this board.

>I ain't American but aren't Right Wingers supposed to be anti-Russians cause "We defeated the Soviets Russians" thing.
Modern right wingers, are contrarians. They are against the popular thing.

/pol/ as dumb as it is, noticed that the only people who support putin are far-left and far-right ideologies. anyone who is even remotely centrist is against putin (as it should be)

How is it correct, though? I am aware that americans are self-absorbed retards, but there are countries outside of the usa. But then again, usa didn't give a single fuck during ww ii, which didn't stop usa from considering itself The Superhero of WWII

>bizarro world

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Generalisations are bad regardless of sides, not that I know the state of American politics but still fuck you and this shit thread in general

Don't fuck me, fuck boomers for thinking they have any grasp about the world and being selfish

Based politicuck Ben

Yes, surely your youthful hot takes outweigh your parent's experience.

>parents experience
like what? cheap houses and life on easy mode?
my own parents admitted that I have it harder than they had and that the world changed for the worse

based on what

You're right, you should mock your parents for raismg such a bitch.

Nah, I'll mock yours instead. And I'll bring my parents as well. We will mock your family together

Putin is proof that horseshoe theory IS real. Anyone who says fish hook theory is the only valid theory is most likely supporting Putin for their own reasons.

...That's not how you twist an armc

American politics hate each other. If the left side support one thing, the right oppose that one thing and etc. The irony is that their country called UNITED State of America but they divided as ever

I support pootin for blowing up reddit trannies.

And reddit trannies support putin because fuck usa

>parent's experience.
boomers don't have experience, they have lead poisoning from huffing leaded gas throughout the first half of their life.

>Putin is proof that horseshoe theory IS real
Yeah, it certainly was a cold shower for me and a disappointment. While I wasn't a far-right winger, I certainly had a massive disdain for usa. But not that much as they apparently have to the point of cheering some russian faggoty dictator who invades another country because "muh clay". It's literally nigger-tier behavior

No, reddit trannies support CURRENT THING.

>Modern right wingers, are contrarians
Aw yes because the left wing is totally not contrarian... I mean it's not like the left went from
>hug a chinese day to...
Lockdowns must be enforced!
>masks don't work to...
masks need to be implemented even with a vaccine
>vaccines work you idiot to...
well yeah the vaccine doesn't work but it at least reduces symptoms
>the hunter biden laptop story is russian disinformation to...
well yeah the hunter laptop story was true...
>the 2016 election was stolen to...
a general election could never be stolen
>no blood for oil to...
Oh my god military intervention is the most important thing ever
>if it saves one life to...
Let's go to war!
>it's a private company they can do as they please to...
We must stop Musk from buying twitter as it's dangerous as a private company
>free speech is important to...
Free speech is hate speech

they don't even know how to floss or play fortnite

right. so it's The Current Thing vs. Against The Current Thing. I get it now

left wing being retards does not explain right wing being retards as well. What kind of right winger is pro-putin?

I work on Saturdays.

>if you're not a boomer you're a zoomer
typical boomer retardation.

>being anti intervention is the same as being pro putin.
See this is the lie leftists tell themselves to pretend they aren't the only contrarian scumbags

>What kind of right winger is pro-putin?
The ones that like getting paid rather than being loyal to their country.

Take the eco-Third Position pill, brother
Eco-fascism will be the salvation path for Western decline
and if you think i'm kidding, i'm not, i dream of the day where such a movement rules a Western country

In case you didn't notice, putin invaded a sovereign country, one that has ties to USA allies, the same allies that supported USA when it went into pointless mission to iraq. geopolitics is not as easy as you think

another thing is that most of europe relies heavily on russian gas, which is idiotic, and hopefully will change because of current events.

that's only icing on the cake, but I don't feel like writing essays on Yea Forums

Cold War is over
Right wingers tend to be more isolationist by nature and it was only neocons that took over the party in late 80s that wanted more wars

The only eco-fascism I can support is the one that makes peace with nuclear energy, which is ironically the most ecological energy there is

Ukraine is a corrupt shithole and I would sooner kill you than defend the Biden's dirty Burisma money.

>other countries outside of the US

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>just 33 more billion, biden-sama
>I need my nose medicine

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>The only eco-fascism I can support is the one that makes peace with nuclear energy
exactly, but the majority of europoor environmental parties are all sucking up on renewable energies
fucking money laundering morons i swear
and don't get me start on murica where your average yankee muttoid denies climate change altogether
i hate this world so much

>Modern right wingers, are contrarians.
Says the contrarians who went from "FUCK NAZIS" to "Except these Nazis, they're the good guys" because their TV tricked them.

It's not confusing at all, actually.
The US Government has supported tons of splinter groups and foreign militaries dating back to the barbary pirates. From commies to terrorists, from fascists to dictators. It doesn't matter. The only imperative in American politics is pushing the next piece in the global board game. Morals, principles, rationality are things made up after the fact and are changed on a dime with the use of their massive propaganda arms that, as you can see from Yea Forums, /pol/, reddit, twitter, etc. are immensely successful at getting people to believe the polar opposite of what they did even several seconds ago by tricking them into believing that the new "popular thing" as the other user puts it is actually a moral imperative, not a logical or a principled one.

Who gives a flying fuck what is happening on the otherside of the Earth? If this was syria invading lebanon or peru invading ecuador you wouldn't give a flying fuck.

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This is real low-effort Vlad. At least edit in some cocaine residue.

Hey watch it Peru better not take more of our land.

>How is it correct, though?
The entire war in Ukraine has been bankrolled through HUGE purchases to military contractors to keep them stocked up. Printing money is another form of tax, since we pay for it through inflation.
Is Ukraine, or any country we prop up, worth the massive investment into its military? I don't know. Most people
cheering for it couldn't find Ukraine on a map three months ago, and almost nobody on this board or outside of Ukraine in general can tell you with accuracy how the war is going or if it's even helping or not. If it's helping, great, but is it? You can't trust basically any news source remotely connected to the same people we're giving money to on the subject to tell you the truth on the matter.

I'm glad you bring up Syria because we were printing similar amounts of money to arm rebels there who hate our fucking guts but gladly accept our munitions to fight the government.
And, if you remember, the same song and dance over Ukraine happened with Syria for a few months back in 2012 over this.

>This is real low-effort Vlad. At least edit in some cocaine residue.

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>left wing being retards does not explain right wing being retards as well
Yes it does, the mainstream right wing opinion is there to keep the mainstream left wing opinion up through giving people who disagree with the left wing opinion a different opinion even if it doesn't do anything other than stall their policies.


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It really depends on the politician or who the right winger listens to. The American right is hardly a monolith.

>The ones that like getting paid rather than being loyal to their country.
So every left winger

>examples of "white" people are always "them"
how tiresome

This mockery of him for this (and not his previous faults as a president before the war) are only effective to people who don't like gays or think doing this as a comedian reflect bad on his worth as a leader.

To the last ukrainian!

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So "them" is actually (((them)))

>What kind of right winger is pro-putin?
>opposing giving massive military boosts to a military we're not even sure exists anymore outside of a tense insurgent force means you're pro-putin
the funniest shit is retards like have gone full on war-on-terror retardation over the sentence to the point where they cannot logically explain how the prior action proves loyalty to a country 6000 miles away.

A rich girl was obnoxious
Then her brother died because he couldn't leave the country
Both if them are bad, after this is over there's going to be a lot of wake ups (hopefully) of how easily we're to accept authoritarian laws during war.

The most popular memes are all of an old white dude.

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I love Russia's multiculturalism

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>Ukrainians are Nazis for defending their country
Do conservatives really?

Ha, I love your optimism user

You do realize Azov Battalion is a neo-nazi group right?

>Black people acting like black people is the same as white people acting like black people

>Republican opposing the military industrial complex
Holy shit parties really don't mean anything anymore do they

>They have Nazi units with Nazi emblems and Nazi leaders but they are NOT NAZIS
The left just needs to cope with the fact that they have Nazi regiments who have become elite units and accept that it's OK because they're doing the right thing this time. The mental backflipping doesn't eliminate that fact.
You can say literally the same thing about Russia's units and be right, because they, too, have Nazi regiments in their ranks. Politics in the region that saw active fighting during WW2 is fucking weird and it's pointless to split hairs like you're doing.

I thought the right in America being authoritarian bootlickers was just dem bullshit, but their reaction to this war has convinced me otherwise.

Who cares this video is nearly 6 years old? Also everyone lambasted when it was relevant.

>Holy shit parties really don't mean anything anymore do they
Strange times, huh? I think it's more that people have been driving to the Republican party who hated the Military Industrial Complex and despised its usage during the Obama years. These people would have never been republicans during Bush blowing up half the middle east.

>authoritarian bootlickers
>giving money to literally the biggest authoritarians on Earth in hopes of it stopping a proxy conflict half the world away
No, but you certainly are.

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Eh, I bet the thread will be autosaged.

Generally, but things are crazy and moving quickly.

One current idea is that America should put America first, and not be getting into wars. The isolationist branch.

>What kind of right winger is pro-putin?
The kind that is anti putin's enemies before anything else. Lurk pol long enough and you'll see a retard of every direction.

>Not wanting to get financially on the hook for a war means you're an authoritarian bootlicker
This is some "War is peace" bullshit

They're talking about the Azov Battalion which has like 1000-2000 members in an army of 245,000 people. I don't support either side in the war but it's a really weak argument.

>Holy shit parties really don't mean anything anymore do they
About as much as coke and pepsi.

Fucking hell /pol/, make your minds up.

>These people would have never been republicans during Bush blowing up half the middle east.
Some of us are old enough to remember that the war on terror was a Bi-Partisan issue that democrats and republicans supported together.

And if we're on the subject, Russia has a battalion with similar imagery whose ranks are even bigger.
Still both nazis, tho.

Pepsi is better though.

>getting killed for the whims of a cokehead kike while your women are whoring around in western europe

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Ben Garrison was, though.

You think I don't know that? Democrats were along for the ride until it became unpopular. Obama beat out Hillary in 08 specifically because he was on the "nah the war is bullshit" side and that propelled him past the person who spent a king's ransom on trying to get elected as the next new war hawk.

Shut your whore mouth,
Coca Cola is superior in every way. Pepsi tastes like ass.
Pepsico's only saving grace is Mountain Dew.

>900-2500 people justify an invasion to "denazify" a country

Yeah and Obama eneded up being the same exact Warhawk that Hillary was. Ironically it was Trump that proved to not be a war hawk.

And then he went to war in 3 more countries

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This thread should be deleted, but I want to point out, that lurkin' the happening threads on /pol/ the only people that supported putin were from third world countries, including the dominicanfag. It's possible that some of them were VPNs, but still, haven't seen anyone froom a white culture country supporting putin. And that should tell you something

This is incorrect, he specifically made anti-war and anti-war industry comics even back in '04.
His comics during the bush years were basically "Fuck both parties, left wing, right wing, they're both going to stomp on you"

Now, that doesn't mean he STILL believes that, but you can't say he was all for it.

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