"Oh god why would you make a movie about how girls get angry, irritable, bitchy...

>"Oh god why would you make a movie about how girls get angry, irritable, bitchy, and unpredictably horny when on their periods?


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>also makes a story about puberty, but for guys

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dunno what that animu is, but Spider-Man stories are puberty super power stories for boys.

Squirting sticky stuff makes you powerful!

stupid movie. Cringiest stuff ever made by Pixar

>Cringiest stuff ever made by Pixar

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>"Oh god why would you make a movie about how girls get angry, irritable, bitchy, and unpredictably horny when on their periods?"

I think it's mostly women who have this complaint... I for one never really knew when anyone was on the rag.

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At this point our culture is aggressively trying to gaslight the public into accepting pedophilia is the norm. This is ironic because it's exactly what many people said would happen after we allowed gays to marry.

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It was a fun movie though

Why did a fat panda movie break right wingers?

It talked about female sexuality.
Not in an overt or inappropriate way.
Just acknowledged that it's not just boys being horny weirdos during puberty.

when the little girl prostituted herself on tiktok in a major feature length film they realized they lost the culture war

There is no tik tok or social media in turning red.

I thought it took place in 2002, hence mr enter's outrage that they weren't freaking out over 9/11

The cringe is the best part.

That was just one guy insisting that because the US did a booboo every movie set in the period has to talk about it.
There were a lot more angry boomer parents who felt called out for being controlling assholes, and Christian fundamentalists who tilted when faced with a character who observes different religious rites.
And of course the pearl clutching at the tame suggestion of sexuality.

>The sooner people realize their issues can't be solved with bitching on the internet the sooner they start killing each other.
That's pretty much why any extremist group hates media, can't distract too much from the cause, there's bad guys over there to kill

Hate to tell you, your "side" is probably going to win office again this year, put in some new delicious corporate tax breaks and get rid of more of their legal impediments, and try to make it illegal to abort nogs. And that's it.

>your "side"

Won't stop him from vaguely gaslighting over how society will collapse within 200 years n shieet though


It only took about 20 to irreversibly destroy the society you grew up in.

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Here we go with the vagueness again, keep it up user

If you don't like the way society has progressed nobody is stopping you from fucking off forever.

1.pedophile 2.kill yourself 3.possibly bait, if so, you got me.

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>hehe we subverted your society now get le fuck out
Your dad and grandfather had the right idea when they just lynched you guys.

>hehe we subverted your society now get le fuck out
this but unironically

It’s FLCL (Fooly Cooly) and it’s one of the best anime’s ever made.

moments later
>hehe we subverted your society now get le fuck out u mad?
Your dad and grandfather had the right idea when they just lynched you guys.

Just like nobody's stopping you from biting the bullet pedo/troon/fag. Kys for the good of the whole or at the very least don't try and reproduce by touching more kids.

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you're that funny guy from the other thread, i see you a lot here

colors are off because your source is bt709 and webms can only be shown as spec demands bt601
you need to make a conversion

-filter_complex "zscale=f=spline36:min=bt709:m=170m,setparams=colorspace=smpte170m"
Or use lanczos w/e.

going to watch it then

This poster is obviously a troon or a (((joo))).

aw damn...why did this thread have to be the /pol/ one?

Not interested in arguing with fascists online (or ever really), only here for my Panda.

get out while you still can

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Literally nobody is doing that.

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Wow the Japanese made a better coming of age story than tumblr trannies working for Pixar? Who would have thought?

Hey I'd say lately Pixar and WDAS are gaining on the Japanese (except for Hayao Miyazaki, but he's just a GOAT).


Shit Toshio Suzuki praised Zootopia.

And they got Hosoda to draw fanart for Turning Red

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she's not on her period

meds, now

>she's not on her period

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yeah there's like a 15 minute portion before that where the joke is her parents think she's on her period, but she isn't

Sounds like a movie people watch ironically.

If women by their own admission can't be trusted to behave rationally or logically while on their periods, should we really allow women to be politicians in charge of nations or executives in charge of running multi-billion dollar companies? Just look at the woman who ran the Theranos scam- she had amazing qualifications and recommendations before she got the job and started scamming everyone. Can women be trusted if they can't control their hormones while on their period? The media told us that Elizabeth Holmes was one of the top female executives on the planet and an inspirational hero and role model for all women before her downfall.

yeah but the dudes can always get tricked by a hot dame.,, who's to say who really runs the world anyways?

>I think it's mostly women who have this complaint... I for one never really knew when anyone was on the rag.
Some women claim PMS isn't real and doesn't affect female behavior at all. Some say PMS is just an excuse women use to act bitchy. Some say PMS is real, and the most debilitating pain in the world. Some feminists say that PMS is real and males have it too, and it is even worse for males than it is in females.
I would believe what a biologist has to say on the subject, but not what any of these anthropologists or buzzfeed listicle writers are claiming.

>the joke

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FLCL is an anime for pedos. It was designed to groom you.

bitch what... I wasn't even talking about PMS... and cramps are objectively a real thing.

And I guess for the rest of the thing like the whole "in a bad mood/horny" thing, I was basing it on social media posts, yes.

ok groomer.

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Yeah, Turning Red seems to be big in Japan.

>who's to say who really runs the world anyways?
Read this pic related before janny trannies delete it to find out the answer to your question.
When I was in college, c 2012-2014 all of the teachers in my mandatory feminist classes taught that PMS was not real and merely a social construct used by the patriarchy to control women. They said it had no effect on a woman's hormones or decision making.
This is what I was taught in my fancy university class by my highly educated university professors. Were they lying to me? Is PMS actually real?

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They paid Hosoda thousands of dollars to draw this. Disney pays Japanese artists to make fanart of their new movies in order to create the idea that it's more organically popular than it is. One of the Japanese artists Disney hired to make Frozen hentai openly talked about this on their twitter because they didn't realize it violated the NDA with Disney.

>Yeah, Turning Red seems to be big in Japan.

It is? Only seems moderately popular in Japan and China.

It's no Zootopia.

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angry, irritable, bitchy, and unpredictably horny nine month pregnant Mei

>Disney literally paid for hentai

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true enough... but you're still pregnant Mei user

The story was posted all over /co about a year and a half ago when the Japanese artist made the tweet, but now I can't find links anywhere.

>Disney hired to make Frozen hentai
kek. I don't even care if that's true or not, that's hilarious.

yeah I realize that the Hosoda shit was commission.

not sure about the Zootopia opinion though. That kind of came out of nowhere.

yes :)


>The debacle started when seven artists tweeted out cartoons praising “Frozen 2” using an identical hashtag last week without saying their works had been commissioned. The artists admitted the drawings were marketing materials for Disney after the posts — which appeared around the same time — generated Twitter chatter, according to the Journal.

>Disney’s Japanese unit initially apologized and said the lack of disclosure stemmed from a communication breakdown. But the company published a statement Wednesday attributing the problem to a lack of compliance with internal marketing guidelines, without saying who failed to follow them.

Every time a new Disney movie like Encanto or Turning Red comes out and you immediately see lots of well drawn porn and fanart of characters in the movie, be aware that Disney probably commissioned it.

The Disney vault of porn drawings is famous in the animation world.

Next you're going to say you have screen caps of the tweets, but you can't post them for whatever reason.

>lots of well drawn porn
Haven't seen any of that for Encanto OR Turning Red to be frank.

also that doesn't say that it was Frozen II porn, come on.

Though it is shady. Pixiv must be bonkers

ok There is a lot of Encanto porn, be grateful you haven't seen it.

>also that doesn't say that it was Frozen II porn, come on.
When the story first broke, the artists mentioned in the article tweeted porn drawings. Note how their original tweets are not linked to in the NYpost story.

Still too much evidence that Disney's new movies are still making a lot of impact in Japan.