Out of Context comic pages

Out of Context comic pages

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I think I can understand the context from this.
Also, those are cool digits.

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That storytime was great. Victory fire was way more great then it had any right to be, RIP you died just before the finishing line.

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I know you are the guy that said this page would be good for this topic in that story time thread

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Is there a bigger, more accepting cuckold then Reed?


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I dunno, the context seems pretty clear here.

How apt

Why is the rape of men always played for laughs

What makes you think that page was supposed to be funny in context? You got the 'tism or something?

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user, that page is clearly not meant to be funny.

The sniffing cocaine of the balls was pretty funny. Horrible. But funny.

It was just a PRANK, BRO

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I mean I'm posting about ass rape on m00ts crazy comic corner, so yeah probably.

I guess I mean it's gets treated as a really blase thing in a lot of stuff. Annoys me

Man, that's a weird fantasy to have.

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as funny as this page is(and seriously, who needs context when every single person who knows the comic character batman knows he is Bruce Bayne), it seems really out of character for him to laugh like this.

source please

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I would like to know the context


I'll warn you it is not worth it. There were 10 or so issues, this is from "Untouchable" if I remember correctly. Every issue but the last looks like it was outsourced to teen fanartists. The last one was drawn by a professional and looks absolutely nothing like the series (it might have been repurposed from something else).

It's direct

that comic has so many wtf in context pages

So were they reprogrammed or something? I remember that Ant guy being overridden while sleeping and that made him loyal to Megatron. So I'm guessing it happened to the rest.

It was from Legends of the Dark Knight. Batman was allowed to be goofy there

Jesus christ, what a fucking ride that was. Was thay comic ever finished?

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It was written by Garth Ennis, who consistently plays the rape of men for laughs.

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Based Namor

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I like how avengers and other heroes didn't have anything to do in Infinity trilogy and if it wasn't for the villians bassicaly announcing to them, that they're doing something evil, they wouldn't know about it anyway.

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Honestly, the whole "Spider-Man in L.A." arc was great, if only because it had Jameson calling Robbie in the middle of the night to say "Guess what? I'm in love!"

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Oh damn, thought it WAS fanart.

What even was the beef between this guy and diives?

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>RIP you died just before the finishing line.
QRD? Also,
>try to reverse search on yandex
>all I get is ponies

There's so many great panels in this disaster.

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You don't know Garth Ennis

Strap in for a great afternoon read.

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