The shipping wars were nobody won and everybody died

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Canonically crashing Marcy's long-time favorite fan ship.

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oh shit, Yea Forums, the moon's about to hit Amphibia! What do you do?

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Considering that was a Twilight joke, it was obvious the cyborg was gonna win

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Endgame right here brothers

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Time to rape me some newtussys before the world ends

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How can Sasha be like that after what she did? Why would have her think that way after her arc?

Cope seethe mald dilate.

I hate this drawing, Anne looks like summer

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i like the spider-eyed gal
wish she was shown more

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less than 2 weeks left until the end of Amphibia.....

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Says the cuck.

Do I really have the intelligence of a bag of rocks?

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Anne! We have to kill the Nerd!

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She deserves it.

No Anne, that was a metaphor, which you would have understood if you weren't thick as shit.

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Where did tribefag go?

But why do you tell me I'm shit? Do you think I'm stupid?

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he's nowhere
now stop looking for trouble you fucking schizo

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It's like saying "where did Sasharcy shipper go", as if it's one person

It was totally only one person shipping that trash.


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Is that why there's so much fan art by multiple artists?

You're not stupid Anne, you're just a little slow, a little scattered, a little lacking in understanding, a little clumsy, something special... and I'm still going to give you a tremendous fuck.

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So how is the finale schedule going to go?

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Non of those retards come here. Also there is way more of the other ships.

These are gold.

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Surely they'll be in The Hardest Thing, right?

Kinda funny how HP's prized cane was destroyed in the second episode and now he's having back problems.

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Is this Mossa? Does he not post these on Twitter?

they'll be featured right after the maggie cameo

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Anne is for Sashy only. Marcy can watch.

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Delicious how this has aged.

Marcy can die.

This a transexual.

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Maggie will save the day just like always

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Schizo says what?

I wanna take a shit and shove it up her nostrils.

Are these 2 different people?

god she so hot

>Oh why user, didn't you know? The reason Marcy was always so quiet around you was because she had a "crush" on you. Analyzing your human mating customs finally made her realize that you always lusted after her. Well nows your chance, come now, mate with this body. Having a human child could be fun, and we will raise him to be a far better servant that Andrias.

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>supervillain origin story
>future vessel of evil and the two knights that will stop her

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>The invasion force sweeps through LA quickly, destroying large parts of downtown. The invasion happens so fast that the army has no time to respond.
>Andrias jumps down from the castle once again and surveys his newly conquered territory.
>He walks through the smoldering remains a suburban neighborhood
>Only one man remains to resist, armed with a rifle

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Knights need a princess to rescue, user.

I don't see a princess. All I see is two friends and a moving heap of garbage.

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Sasha: can tell that puberty is already favoring you.

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If I see Marcy and her fucking parents coming into my town with their station wagon looking to move for work, they are getting nothing directions to keep on moving. We don't like her kind here. By which I don't mean Asians, but Californians. They fucked up their state and now they want to escape to others to do the same thing there? Fuck them

user you're ridicuoulous

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Come on Anne isn't that bad

These Marcyabuse posts are getting too volatile for my liking.

Sasha has always had a masculine appearance. That is why tumblr likes to project her as a troon

Episode felt really out of place despite actually liking it a bit. It was way too late to be referencing Twilight. None of the target audience would even be aware if it. Shipping stuff is more about an older audience.

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Marcyfags are delusional.

Go fuck yourself pussy.

It came on the wave of the YA movie adaptations I think more that one kid is going to get what they are parodying.

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Even being a duck is too good for her, hope the Core fries her brains out.

why the fuck does Sprig have abs

And you a using Yea Forums posts to pleasure yourself

Do we have a Marcy version for that yet btw? If not someone needs to head to the draw thread.

He is canonically jacked

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Projecting again autistic cuck. How about you go back to Twitter?

is this a reference to?