Unofficial Sonic Storytime: The Cursed Amulet and Kohane01 Comics

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We got more Sonamy for some reason. It really is a coincidence but then again it is the second most popular Sonic ship (you know what the #1 ship is). We’re starting with The Cursed Amulet, a Sonic Boom comic that’s still updating… slowly.

Also, last thread had an update for Sonic Freedom and Turtle Power. Check the OP of the last thread for posts replying to it.

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Look it's Amy! Distracting you from me being late!

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And she got something important! What could it be?

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It's the boys!

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No it's not, Sonic. It sounds boring. Don't lie.

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Oh hai, Sticks.

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Sticks has me worried for no reason!

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I can't tell if this is going to be crazy Sticks, or she was right about everything Sticks.

>i promise
You sure you don't want to use "THE HEART"?

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>22 minutes late

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Training montage!
Both perhaps.

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Oh, yeah, something bad is going to happen.

Will she be a werewolf or kidnapped for an inbred hill people?

Boom comics have done weird things.

Good talk.
Turns out taking a nap without an alarm means I go into hibernation.

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Amy, can you just not do the thing you like doing? For no reason?
Or it could be like Sonic High School and nothing bad ever happens and it was just an excuse to put all Sonic characters into school.

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Imagine taking Sticks seriously. You'd be just as paranoid as her.

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Now I'm thinking about Sonic being obsessive over Amy. That'd make for a good AU.

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>more Sonamy

>(you know what the #1 ship is)
But of course.

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Why was Rouge never in Boom?

>i didn't sleep
I wish I could do that and not have it negatively impact me.

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Tails is just wondering who this female who disturbed a game session with the boys is.

Sticks is cute, and comes across as very gay for Amy in this comic.

That's us she's looking at in the second panel.
You know it!
Considering they only got Vector, I'd say that they were unable to get more characters either for mandated or financial reasons. Probably both.

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Fool! The answer is always both.

Tails, I...
Tails is disturbed alright!
It's not often but Sticks and Amy had a lot cute borderline gay moments in the show. Like the episode when it came to naming the village.

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Or like Spring Is Here where the biggest threat was Tails being way too damn horny and having to fight his boner.

>Boom Sonic spilling his spaghetti in front of his crush
You love to see it.

Geez Sonic, you want to talk about Amy being two days away from retirement while you're at it?

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And of course, what's a Sonic fancomic without random twinks?
>You love to see it.
Which is why Sonamy works in Boom.

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>Considering they only got Vector, I'd say that they were unable to get more characters either for mandated or financial reasons. Probably both.
The mandates crap might explain why the villagers are mostly OCs instead of being made up of the regular cast. Still dumb though.

Sticks knows that sleep is a psyop from evil alien space demons to steal our bodies and prepare the world for the coming of their overlord.

>what'd you find?
>this chalice, it's worthless, just glows with a holy aura

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Damn it Sonic, you're turning into Sticks. Have faith in your wife.

I also remember seeing these two in images outside of this comic. Might be OCs the artist liked and wanted to do more with. They probably fucking.

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Two delicious archaeologist twinks right off the bat? Don't mind if I do.

has this menace not heard about jinxing, they'll be doomed all because of him

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We now go to the generic fighting usually found in the show.
I'm willing to believe it because of budget as well. The show felt like it was funded by sandwiches.
Hey now, you're leaking the plot for Sonic Frontiers!

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Do they fuck her?

Kind of funny Eggman can just poke at Sonamy when he needs to make a jab at Sonic.
He probably saw the script for this comic.

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>find a key
>immediately disregard it
These guys are pretty shit archaeologists.

>I'm willing to believe it because of budget as well. The show felt like it was funded by sandwiches.
Meh Burgers, specifically. I like Boom, but it is demonstrably harmed by its shoestring budget. The jokes and writing were on point, but they struggled to do more interesting stuff, because they had no money.

Sticks jinxed her first, JJJ.

Ah yes, more of the same repeated bots that Eggman always used in that show. You KNOW your action sequences are lacking when Sonic X has better fight scenes than you.

>Hey now, you're leaking the plot for Sonic Frontiers!
God, I wish.

Everyone's smug except for Knuckles. Come Rad Red, just do what everyone else is doing.
They're all yours!
You're absolutely right!
Yes, get ready for the hardcore fucking happening later on.

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INCREDIBLY smug Tails in that second panel. Good lord.

Will Tails back his bro up?
>These guys are pretty shit archaeologists.
Yeah they're disregard is pretty weird. You'd think they'd at least say they ran tests and that it's from some cereal box.

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A proper archaeologist would literally do everything and anything to that key to figure out were it came from. Hell, most other scientists would.

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I always really liked Boom Sonic because he's allowed to be more vulnerable and emotional, and thus more interesting. He doesn't come across a gaslighting sociopath.

Please do not tease the more self-aware himbo. He gets flustered very easily.

Tails is so smug, he's emoting it in a speech balloon.

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The smugness levels are off the charts for this comic.

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Should've been specific, Tails!
I miss all of the Boom crew, especially Eggman.

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Tails, you can build a gun.

Damn, Sticks!

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But Tails, you ARE a tool

>rat out your brother
>he still helps you out without giving you crap
Sonic's so cool!

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Tails your upper body strength...

Is it me or is everyone out of sync?
It must be contained!
That would be very problematic for a kid's show with no adult references!

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>Knuckles in that foruth panel: "Please be patient, I have autism."

>you will never pick up sticks until she stops flailing about

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Fiona pls, this isn't even your universe.
Knuckles skipped leg day and Tails skipped arm day.
Unironically wearing the cap.

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Aaaaaaaand that's it for now! Kind of weird we've gone 32 pages without knowing why it's called The Cursed Amulet and what all this doomsaying was leading to. But like I said, this comic is still updating. Just very slowly. Maybe we'll get another page before this ride is over.

Now we'll take a 10 minute break and do a shit ton of random comics!

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I need more smug foxboys and Sticks, but it's good to know it's still ongoing. Just super slooooooowly.

>there are "people" who hate Sticks
She's so cute!

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>Another Sonic Boom comic but no OVA comic.

Remember when Sticks teamed up with Mega Man X? A robot AND basically a government agent?

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Sticks was one of the only saving graces of that absolute trainwreck. The other was that tour of various other IPs near the end. Shame it killed both books.