Now if I hug this Mei Mei

Now if I hug this Mei Mei
And she just combed her panda
And I get fur on my T-shirt
Imma feel like a panda

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>i was cringe when i met her


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Pregnant Mei being sent into labor after /pol/ raids the #TurningRedWatchParty

Panda panda panda

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This movie is shit, and you're shit for liking it and continuing to obsess over this ugly underage 3d character. KYS yourself!

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Calm down and embrace the Mei-Mei

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Mei is dying...

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Not as long as we continue to exist to send and give her astral energy. We are her guardians. WE ARE MEI*CHANNIES! RIDE OR DIE!

Why is it every thread for this movie seems to start off with some random infantile gibberish?

For how long do you think Meiposting will be a thing? Raya and Encanto threads rarely happen any more and the few that are made will die with a few responses. Does Mei have better staying power?

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>Does Mei have better staying power?
If i have anything to say about it, yes.

Fanart is a decent gauge on how beloved and memorable something is. How much art did Raya and Encantó get compared to MeiMei?

why are Chinese people so ugly?

Silence round eyes

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Gweilo opinions are NOT important.

Mei is positively adorkable

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>has round eyes herself
Why do Asians hate drawing the way to actually look?

cause they wanna be white
if you wanna see the only asian nation unashamed of their looks, see north korean cartoons

Not enough rape from Japanese soldiers to properly cleanse their genes

I'm so sad. Please post more heartachingly precious Mei pics. I am away from my computer now getting druk.

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Mei if she drew cute baby animals instead of the daisy mart wagie

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Do one with the lyrics to Stressed Out please.

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Upgrade your tastes.

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Some are, some aren't. Mei-Mei definitely isn't, since she is super cute.

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I'm hungry for some oyakodon

>getting druk


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are you... the user who lost half his life savings to crypto?!

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What? No? Though with my savings and current situation, I might as well be him. poorfagging with mom and dad is not fun for the spirit.


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it's okay

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>Does Mei have better staying power?

what do you think?

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Mei is 10 years older than me...

I need to find my mommy chinese lycan gf

I wanna go back to the time every new disney movie got a tv show.
Raya, Encanto, Turning Red, etc

Alright I'm just going to start dumping in chunks. This is too big to ponder.

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>I wanna go back

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She's the girl who's super hot but still has body image issues as an adult