Are there any really good collections of the Sonic comics if I want to get into them without prior knowledge?

Are there any really good collections of the Sonic comics if I want to get into them without prior knowledge?

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Damn that image hurts

Why is Tails alway hurt by women?
He needs to go to his one and only.
He needs Sonic.

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She definitely reminds me a lot of Terra.

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Theres that reading guide that everyone talks about.

Archie and Fleetway comics aren't avaliable now legally
IDW you can just pick up the trades starting at 1

Sonic says its okay to pirate comics

How does IDW compare to the best of Archie?

It doesnt reach anywhere near its high points.

Say goodbye to Sonic comics then

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Shipping best bros is wrong. Cut that shit out.

OK KO did it

OK KO is a steaming turd, so there you have it.

Who the fuck hated Tails so much that they wanted to write this shit?

What issue is this from?

Having hardship and disappointment doesn't mean a writer hates a character. Well, not always at least.

Have you actually read the story OP's pic is from? It's mean spirited garbage

It's been a long time. But I'm pretty sure the point was to have Fiona be irredeemably evil, not to take a dump on Tails.

Tails is for femdom

Who's this crusty bitch?

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He man deserved better

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Hot Take: I prefer the animated Terra.

Which one?

You're a year too slow friendo. A couple anons did an 8ish or 9ish month storytime of archie sonic last year.
Here's a rough idea of quality. You can start with 1-50 without knowing anything beforehand, but I forget when the universe reset happened. If you don't want to need prior knowledge, avoid echidna bullshit. If you don't care about that, still avoid echidna bullshit.

Thought I had it, guess not. Unless you meant pic related

Archie #172

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Archie's stories were usually very un-Sonic like, IDW at worst is boring and meandering.

I wanna say Penders but he might have just called back to it during the "DESTIIIINY!" portion of the wild ride.


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>Who the fuck hated Tails so much that they wanted to write this shit?
I think the real question is who likes Tails enough not to want to write that shit... wait, that only applies to modern Tails, nevermind.

how does this end? does tails have a moment where he get revenge?

Read the issue, it's not hard to find.

Not really she gets retconned from existance

damn tails doesn't fuck around

>gay shota
Uhh yeah I'm thinking based

Tails doesn't deserve a toxic bitch like her in his life

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This was after Penders, so for once this had nothing to do with him... though Fiona being wiped out of existence is basically his fault.

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I meant this guide. But even starting from the issue 160 you will still see references to old issues. Unless it doesnt bother you, I would recommend skimming the starting issues just to learn about the overall cast of characters.

You could also read only the reboot, which starts at 252 and doesnt require any knowledge of the preboot stuff ( at the start it might seem it does but the characters just forget their previous lives). Unfortunately it does have way less content compared to the preboot.

Oh and heres the pastebin link to the Archie ride, in case you want to read the comic in the archive. I would recommend it for the reboot, the conductor storytimed the final reboot issues in her own order, which worked very well compared to the release order from the guide.

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These two are cute... CUTE I TELL YOU!

Mighty kek

>These two are cute
yes but these three are cuter

>Fiona being wiped out of existence is basically his fault.

Thanks Ken!

>tails tries his hardest to be like sonic but cream is there to encourage him to be what he's really meant to be

No but he does get cucked by Sonic and run off crying like a bitch.

I remember Ian tried to salvage this mess by retroactively having Sonic start dating Fiona because he thought it'd cause Tails to accept it wasn't meant to be and move on.

That's some fucked up logic there that says a lot about Sonic, and none of it good.

>"Now tell me this isn't better than chilli dogs."

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That's not cosmo

Damn it, stop making me ship things!

No, it had everything to do with Penders. Tails having an unrequited crush on Fiona was set up by him, as was the Sonic/Fiona/Tails love triangle. Flynn just took that plot thread and put an end to it.

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she knows he's self conscious over being seen as a nerd and pretends to be fascinated by his inventions or his techno-babble

>Flynn just took that plot thread and put an end to it.
How comes it seems the only thing Flynn was good at is take up what Penders started and either fix it or get rid of it?

Sonic dating fiona predates flynn, like the info image said when flynn started writting, it was more of a clean up of ├▒ast issues and closing loose ends in some plots.

who thought the whole fiona and scourge shit was a good idea
what even happened to those two, were they just completely deleted since that faggot penders "owns" them

They had that prison escape story, which ended with a hint for some future plan that Scourge had in mind for Sonic and his friends. And we saw no more issues with them after the Pendering happened.

For IDW, you can get the hardcovers. They even feature the recommended reading order.

For Archie... nope. Good luck trying to untangle that mess.

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She leaves the company of the protagonists and officially joins the bad guys. Tails and Sonic have a talk over what happened. The closest thing to a revenge was that time when Sally punched Fiona in the gut for messing with Tails.

Starting the whole romance back in the Penders days was a bad idea (there was already way too much shipteasing and romance drama). But after the characters got more development, IMO it worked out in the end. I thought it was interesting to see a villain romance like that.

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He created a promising setting during the reboot. Too bad the comic got canceled before he could develop it.

>sonic needs romance!!
Legit glad Archie is dead

It's almost as if every plot thread introduced by Penders was bad and going nowhere. Or something.

What are you talking about, theres a guide for it

Archie Sonic had other writers besides Penders and Ian.

And yet IDW is somehow worse.

Riiiiight. Not messy at all. :P

This is true, but Penders had an outsize influence on the comic by the time Flynn came along. The only other person who had a significant hand at the time was Bollers, and he didn't have as much of a mark as Penders.

Its still an untangled reading order though.