Clay Mann

This guy draws some of the baddest bitches in comics but it seems like he works on the worst series. The Poison Ivy mini was boring at best, Heroes in Crisis was absolutely terrible, that Trinity series was mediocre af, and Batman/Catwoman is the absolute fucking worst.

in fact, I think he worked on a lot of Tom King Batman issues. Tom King is the worst.

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Looks boring and stiff. Good art but low energy.

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Remember that time Harley beat booster in a fight ha haha ha

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good artists get used on big names. tom king sells well so he gets a good artist like mann.

they're basically naked lmao

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That's comics dude.

That's how Batman looks in 90 percent of his comics. Wears "armor" that looks like a skinsuit lmfao.

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I hate that this happens so much

Immonen was anchored to Bendis for so long that I lost track of him

I know Clay personally from back when he was a plumber. Super nice guy with an outstanding work ethic.

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I like how three out of the four of them are totally too high classily dressed for a country fair.

Based Valiant user.

Clayman’s art is so fucking gorgeous.

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god that fucking look on selina, that short hair and figure just drive me wild.

a woman could tell me she plans on cutting my nuts off later that evening and if she looked like that I'd just nod and smile.

even though there the look is kind of 'meh' cause shes hiding behind bruce. When a woman has short, black, messy hair, nice curves, thats half the equation, but when she has that cool, sexy, confident stride that says, "I'm going to have you for dinner" i just lose my damn mind.

if a trinity movie ever gets made, this should be used as official promotional art.

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and i mean it just her, its every girl like her, with the short, messy pixie cut, the black hair, and the tight outfit with those nice, subtle curves, o-naturale', no plastic, no bs. That and the dominant attitude, like shes in charge and she knows it, shes queen bitch and there ain't a thing you can do about it cept' drool.

>Looks boring and stiff.

Like your dick.

And if she wants you, she'll have you, and if she doesn't, tough luck. Breaks my damn heart.

It also helps if she gives off some strong bi-sexual vibes, just a hint of sapphic overtones.

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In my mind, there is already a girl like that for me, just waiting for me, and I'm going to pierce that cold exterior and expose the fragile girl underneath, she'll know me because I respect her, and she'll know me because deep down she needs to be loved and held no matter how tough she is, and we are just going to have all kinds of kinky misadventures and fun drama, we will both come out of our shell and I can be strong and she can be soft, and we will fall so deeply, madly in love that we'd venture into hell for one another, and the power of that feeling would be so strong we'd walk right back out.

eh, too subby.
shes not 'acting' strong, she is strong.

still hot tho'.

who knows? everybody has a 1000 faces, we don't always recognize or like every single one.

Male artists don't really know how to draw a 'strong' woman, because their subconscious bias prevents them from depicting them accurately. In their mind, a strong woman is strong because she submits, because she endures. There is something to be said for that, but to me a woman is strong because she is strong willed, she acts in opposition to what men think, she isn't afraid to oppose a man or butt heads with him. Someone who is comfortable with authority and supremely confident and competent, because there is nothing most men fear and that I desire more than a woman who is strong and competent.

Bonus Magpie

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You haven't read these issues you have?

Selina acts anything but "subby" to Batman in King's series. She goes from bitchy, demanding, to absolutely insane in some of these issues.

In most men's minds there is this desire to make women submit, because they see it only as right and natural, and for the most part, that is what works and keeps humanity going, but there is always that one exception, someone who can not or will not conform, a woman who wants control and man who wants to submit to a womans loving authority.

Comics are always going to be attrocious that way because men can never admit to what they want, they think they are going to tame her with their cock. The whole point of being human is that we are not slaves to our biological nature, we can CHOOSE who we want to be and how we want to live.

A woman like that will be called all sorts of names, frigid, uptight, stuck-up, a 'dyke', or worse. But deep down she knows that what she yearns for is for a man to submit, to truly submit to her will, to devote himself entirely to her, to know her, not just her beauty but her essence, and that is the thing I crave most in the world.

your first mistake was assuming people here read comics.

they only read excerpts and outrage bait

The whole point of the comic is that their sexual tension can never be resolved because the protagonist can never submit. They will always find a reason for Bruce to be 'stoic' and for Selina to be 'aloof'.

They can never enter into a femdom relationship because neither has the guts to go through with it. Just like wonder woman will always be a facade of feminism that hides an extremely chauvinistic point of view.

Oh, you're retarded. Never mind then.

well, i suppose it 'is' a form of brain damage, if you want to get technical about it.

I'm sure all your friends at the lodge think you are very progressive.

The whole point of 'modern' wonder woman is showcase how women 'shouldn't' be in charge. Its basically just 20 pages of woman bashing in every issue, saying, "look how stupid! dumb bitch thinks shes a man!" then having Diana show off her ass in a skimpy one piece bathing suit that would have made people in the 30's bored.

>absolutely insane
of course, because a woman can't be portrayed as strong, powerful and dominant without being completely irrational.

I love this guy and the amazing ass's he draws

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don't get me wrong, most women, and most men, its not for them, they don't want or need that kind of relationship. That kind of iconoclasm only exists with people who are 'different', people who can't fit into the normal 9-5 world without turning things around a bit. Not everybody can or should be in that kind of relationship..

Only difference is what we want to do with it.
You want it bent over a table, I want it sitting on my face.

I think femdom getting popular is probably the worse thing that could happen to the scene. I don't want people who aren't into that lifestyle muddying the waters of what its about.

just cause Salina wields a whip and wears a catsuit doesn't make her a domme. Bruce and Selina, if they ever hooked up, would probably have the most boring, uptight relationship you can imagine, basically missionary every night with the lights off with a couple of spankings and church on sunday mornings to wash away the guilt. They will never know shame, much less bliss.

She was moonlighting with the Joker in Batman/Catwoman.

Read a fucking comic dude.

Why are people shitting up this thread with this weird shit? Post more art you cunts.

sounds more like clark and lois.

>They will never know shame, much less bliss.
>Dat one Batmoth ficc where Babs licks Killer Moth's blood.

Batcat has been surpassed.