Why is she even in Arkham? She is clearly in complete control of her thoughts and actions

Why is she even in Arkham? She is clearly in complete control of her thoughts and actions

She deserves the electric chair and nothing less

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Gotham has good lawyers.

doesnt she like talk to plants and shit, like even flowers in some random-ass garden

>thread about BTAS
Now that you mention it, I remember there was a scene from BTAS where Batman kills with an axe a living tree made by Ivy, but I cannot recall which episode it's from. Can someone indicate me the sauce, please?

Arkham is a mental hospital but it's also the only prison in Gotham that's properly equipped to contain people with powers.

You need to be a damn good lawyer to even consider working in Gotham.

So do a lot of gardeners.

In TAS only Vnetriloquist would go to Arkham. The rest know what they are doing. Otherwise Ivy kinda fits for Arkham.

>The plants told me to do it!

>properly equipped to contain people with powers
HAH! Tell me another one bats!

Gotham is still in a 1930's mindset where anybody who's a little "off" gets thrown in a sanitarium.

Batman doesn't show up in court to give testimony when it's time to convict.

So? My mom does too

Talking and singing to plants helps them grow.

The only guy with powers in Arkham is Clayface

She never argued plants were talking to her. She just loves plants too much

If she is insane, so are all the vegans of the planet.

Your mom belongs in Arkham.

It's not from an episode, it's from Adventures of Batman and Robin on SEGA CD.

At 02:33 youtu.be/IQPdL1pt2n8

>If she is insane, so are all the vegans of the planet.
most vegans don't commit acts of terrorism for the sake of the plants they love.

that's where it can be considered insanity by the court.

Supervillains bring in the tourists.

Her image has been rehabilitated a bit in recent years to pretend she's just an eco-terrorist but she's literally a complete psychopath who doesn't have even an ounce of compassion for anything not plants.

Every time she's tried going straight, it's ended in complete disaster, not because she knowingly commits crimes but because she ends up doing something massively fucked up not even realising she's doing anything wrong.

I can fix her

Is she still a dyke in the mainstream continuity or is she straight again now

>Why is she even in Arkham?
Because she fought Batman. Local law considers his insanity contagious.

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reminder metropolis has death penalty and that nigga got sent to the gas chamber at the same time he realized superman and clark kent are the same guy.

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Huh, I completely forgot that was a thing. Thanks.

That's why Metropolis is so safe. Commit 1 murder, get the chair.

In Gotham you get to kill 20 people per day and you'll just live inside a hospital sustained by tax payers

>"Trust, justice, and the american way until you fuck with me personally, then you're in the government's hands kek"
Christ, Clark.

Gotham isn't just a mental institution, it's also special containment prison for the superpowered villain. Mr freeze, ivy, and clayface are also held arkham because it's the only place with the special cells to hold them.

Freeze isn't in Arkham and Ivy doesn't have powers.

>Ivy doesn't have powers
what? is that a new thing?

>Ivy doesn't have powers

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Why is the Joker in Arkham? He clearly understands right and wrong yet chooses to be evil. That instantly crumbles the insanity defense and should send him to normal prison.

She's should be bi, but Hollywood hates bi people (notice how bi women are always just sluts in film) so she's probably just gay now

Freeze is held in arkham in the animated series and the Arkham games. Depends on Canon.

Joker does whatever the fuck he wants at this point. Crooks fear him, villains who could saw him in half with one hand don't want him around, no hero except for Bats can possibly measure up to him and the justice system shrugs its hands and goes "he's the Joker, what ya gonna do." It's beyond parody.

to all the people saying "alot of gardeners do also", i mean that she see's them as more than equal to human's, and believe that humans should be wiped out so that her plants can live and not be killed by them

The American Way includes the death penalty so Superman won't do shit unless he has proof the person is innocent

Who actually likes this shit? Who opens up a comic, looks at this happening year after year, and says "Yes, this is quality writing!"

Why doesn't she give a shit about all the other animals that eat plants?

And Freeze. And Ivy. And Phosphorous.

No, in the animated series he is held in Blackgate prison

The only supernatural thing about her is her immunity to poisons

>Why doesn't she give a shit about all the other animals that eat plants?
>implying she doesn't

>Hollywood hates bi """people"""

Rightfully so

>The only supernatural thing about her is her immunity to poisons
Only in B:TAS, and that's just a genetic mutation in this case.

She actually can communicate with plants, so she's not insane when claiming to do that.

Is there a specific mental illness that makes you believe plants are just as important if not more than humans? Like is there a term for that or a close real life equivalent even? Not necessarily only plants but something that makes you value something as much as a human life (or maybe value human life less).

>She deserves the electric chair and nothing less
I'm pretty sure there is no capital punishment in Gotham City's state.

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Why doesn’t Ivy shake up with Ra’s? They’re both eco extremists and Pamela seems like she’d be into older guys. Ra’s could create a new heir with her, unless the Lazarus Pit has sunk his swimmers.

Ra's wants to eradicate all humans from Earth so his chosen few can repopulate it. Even if he did show interest, Ivy is traditionally infertile and thus of no use to his Master Race mentality.

Poison Ivy is such an oddity in Batman's rogues gallery. She's not crazy, she has actual superpowers (good ones at that) and she doesn't really represent an aspect of Bruce Wayne. She's not even like Bane, who exists to be a physical and intellectual superior to Batman. She's just some metahuman that hangs around.

They still seem compatible.

No kill in DCAU always sorta had that loophole about how close they were to a conscious human. They murder the fuck out of the aliens in the JL pilot

If you talk to a plant, and the plant proceeds to actually go and do shit for you, I wouldn't consoder you insane at all

Originally her obsession with plants could be taken as insanity, she talks to them and thinks they talk to her, loves them over people to a deadly degree and she's still human. But at this point they have made her too actual plant for that to make sense, now she basically does talk to plants and they pretty much do talk back. So she's really just normal evil not insane.
I really do miss when ivy was just a crazed eco terrorist/botanist, she was more interesting.

It's not Batman's fault they escape, it's your burgerland govt.

That is the American way though. Passing the buck to someone else. What's more American?

>Ivy doesn't have powers.
In reality, pheromones don't have that kind of effect on humans. She has powers, because she has pheromones that do work on humans.
Pheromones do things like sync women's periods, so in hunter gather times they'd all be pregnant at one time, containing the risk of the tribe to one uniform time, and not constantly having new babies crying all night.
Nothing in humans react to pheromones in love potion type ways.
Ivy has powers, you're either uneducated, forgetful, or dumb. Likely all 3.

she literally thinks grass has more value than human life, obviously mentally ill

Grass doesn't produce furries. I value all grass more than furries.

Values plant life over human life, which I guess some psychologists would consider enough to commit her to a facility.

Well there's also the whole eco-terrorist "plants belong to the world so I'm going to kill people because I'm right" thing

The cop not only tried to get an innocent man put to death he also tried to kill Clark for knowing this information, cmon user

Speaking of which, what American city do you think is the best stand-in for Gotham? And where would you put Metropolis in relation to Gotham and why?

Poop city.

That's not correct or not always correct. There's a story where Batman proves Jokers innocence for a particular crime and saves him from the death penalty, which is really fucking retarded considering all the other horrific things he's done.