Will we ever be free from the scourge of trying to make Batman as 'realistic' and 'dark' as possible while surgically...

Will we ever be free from the scourge of trying to make Batman as 'realistic' and 'dark' as possible while surgically removing any sense of whimsy or fantasy?

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From DC you will only get dark, gritty, realistic and grounded OR ridiculous over the top parody movies making fun of anything that resembles a comic book.

No, you won't. You WILL have your Zodiac Killer gimpsuit Riddler, your ice pick-wielding Mr. Freeze without a powersuit, your Clayface who's just a normal dude who uses masks, your Joker who's just a mutilated Hannibal Lecter ripoff without bleached skin, your Carmine Falcone without the Godfather references, and your Penguin who doesn't have a penguin motif at all. And you WILL enjoy it.

All three of you go out and get a fucking life

>who doesn't have a penguin motif at all.
Did you miss the part where he waddled

The green suit actually looks good on him, shame they gave him the costume they did

I still theorize that he's going to get a suit later on

Shut the fuck up and kill yourself.

I think that movies are the perfect medium to explore a "realistic" Batman, frankly I just see it as a different take and don't take offense to it, though I would also like a live action TV series where we have a more comic accurate Batman. Overall, I don't think a realistic Batman is inherently bad.

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No. Not from hollywood.

>You WILL have your Clayface who's just a normal dude who uses masks
Literally the original Clayface.
>Basil Karlo was an actor who was driven mad when he learned of a remake of his classic horror film Dread Castle, even though he was to be one of the advising staff. Donning a mask made of clay, he embarked on a murder spree among the cast of the remake. He started killing the actors playing characters he killed in the order and way they died in the film. He was foiled by Batman and Robin and was sent to prison.

When did batman meet george floyd?

>ice pick-wielding Mr. Freeze without a powersuit
I don't get why people think Freeze is difficult to adapt in a more realistic setting. A scientist who creates a gun that can freeze people and has to wear a suit to prevent dying in warm temperatures? It's not the most unrealistic thing ever. It can easily get worked into a realistic Batman. He had a lab accident, it nearly killed him and his wife, both of them have to remain in cold temperatures or they'll die because of the effects of the accident, Freeze ends up making a gun to make it easier for him to steal the stuff he needs to cure both him and his wife. That's not too much of a reach. Even Reeves' movie being "super realistic" is blown way out of proportion, seeing as how Alfred survived an explosion in Wayne Manor and Riddler managed to flood Gotham on his own.

Riddler is a pretty 'realistic' villain already and they changed a lot about him. Joker being heavily scarred due to chemical burns would actually make sense, but Reeves changed it to him being naturally deformed. I would expect Freeze to be altered a lot too.

Batman hit the side of a steel column doing like 100mph in his suit and got up and walked away.

Not while you’re still walking the earth.

>discussing Yea Forums on Yea Forums
what exactly do you think this board is for?

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in the prison showers at Arkham, apparently

uh... Batman?
Thats not the joker.

I know its a meme, but I don't think raping the joker would solve anything. If anything, he'd probably go on to commit even more crimes.

nonsense! Its just a disguise! Isn't that right (*unf*) joker?

tender love might help desu, cure Joker with the BBC

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You had your chance with Lego Batman.

fujoshits really do need to be castrated en masse.

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>Heeeelp! Somebody get this crazy cracker offa me!
>Orderly injects batman in the hieny
>There there, easy now Mr. Wayne, it'll be alllll right

>poor Bruce, ever since the Joker died he keeps raping random black men thinking they are the Joker
>uhhh.. are you sure thats how psychosis works? how do you know hes not just raping black guys?

You don't know what a fujo is do you

>I'm not trapped in here with you!
>You're trapped in here with ME!

I remember seeing a comment that said The Batman was basically what Lego Batman was parodying except played totally straight, and desu they were right on

I mean, how far do we really have to take this 'Realistic' Batman? When does it stop? Are we going to reenact the crying game? Is Bruce Wayne going to shave his head and join the Aryan Brotherhood and get raped in the shower?

I do, and you are advocating for their sick sort of thinking.

Adam West

To be fair, all they really did was amalgamate him with Anarky and a bit of Hush.
The new movie felt more like it was going for a feel of “realistic but leaving it open for fantastic elements to be introduced”

Raping the Joker isn't fujoshit, if it were tender lovemaking or just kinky sex, that's fujoshit

your thinking of futa.
totally different.
futa, fujo, and fujoshi are all different things.

the post i replied to said "tender love making," you illiterate fuck.

learn to follow a thread.

if I'm a fujo then so are a lot of Batman writers

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So it does, pardon my mistake, carry on

>so are a lot of Batman writers
yeah, and that's a problem.

"whataboutism" doesn't work if I'm not advocating for the person/group you're "what-about"ing.

I kinda hope he picks up the suit later on, since he's sort of meant to parallel Bruce, I could see him copying him in a sort of mocking way, dunno about any mask though

Bruh, that movie is 4 times older than the average Yea Forums poster. Some of use might have watched itsreruns growing up while watching new episodes of BTAS, but most zoomies only know the BatBomb BatShark BatDance memes.

I was under the impression that most yaoi comics involved one guy raping another guy, and then the victim "realizes" that he's gay.

user if you don't like Batman and Joker having a weird psycho-sexual obsession with each other, but it's silly to call the mostly middle-aged men who write Batman comics fujos, it's not like they schlicking it to Batjokes yaoi on their off time

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I haven't read a yaoi manga since like 2013 but that's how I remember a lot of them being.

Maybe in 20 years, after Gen-Xers stop funding movies.
Miller likely ruined the public's perception of Batman forever, but Nolan drove the final nail in the coffin for the foreseeable future.

>but it's silly to call the mostly middle-aged men who write Batman comics fujos
they're definitely fujos if they're into writing that. middle-aged men are immune from being degenerates.

Fujos can only be women

*aren't, but I'm sure you get what I mean.

maybe in japan, where they don't believe in gay people, but male fujoshits definitely exist across the world.

You forgot, you vill eat za bugs and you vill live in a pod and you vill like it

The male version of Fujoshi is Fudanshi

welp, looks like that shit's gonna be left in the past--because guys who're fujos may as well be women in my eyes.

gender/sex traitors, the lot of em.


a girly-boy like you totally *would* cringe at the slightest offense.

There’s no need to be so defensive over your delicate fake sexual camaraderie with strangers on the internet

I have no problem with more realistic interpretations of Batman. As a guy with no powers who relies on his skills and tools, and a character that has a heavy hardboiled crime influence, making him some street-level guy with a souped-up sports car and plausible technology not out of some sci-fi works just as well as focusing on the Romantic gothic elements and doing it like some old pulpy Universal monster movie.

It's when they suck all the colour out of the villains themselves that I'm like, "fuck this." Batman as a gritty crimefighter is still Batman. The Riddler as the Zodiac killer is not still The Riddler. The Penguin as a random mob underling is not still The Penguin.

People shit on Nolan, but it seems like he understood this. His Joker is still a clown in a purple suit. The reason he looks the way he does is different (it's makeup, rather than a chemical bleaching), but the end result is still the same. I won't say Nolan was perfect at this—his Catwoman was just as bland as Reeves' takes on villains—but he managed to adapt everyone else to his realistic world while remembering what makes them what they are and keeping the cores. And if he didn't believe that he could do that with a character—like with the Penguin—he'd just leave the character alone, instead of mutilating them.

Reeves did a lot of things I liked. He tried to give Gotham it's own identity, rather than just being a stand-in for an existing US city. And while his Gotham isn't as memorable as Burton's (not that Burton's would have worked in this particular kind of movie), he made more of an effort than just making Gotham obviously be Pittsburgh and New York. He focused on the detective stuff that all the other directors only injected small elements of (Keaton looks at some archived files about Jack Napier and the Penguin, Bale follows leads to incriminate a corrupt judge and does some ballistic forensics, but these things happen in some quick scenes). But he made the villains boring.

Nonsense, that's just regular gay people and you know it

I didn’t really expect much from the Penguin since this is supposed to be a prequel for the most part and by the end we see he’s just then getting into some actual power, but I wish they allowed the Riddler to go a bit darker, really lean into the horror aspect of it all, but they really pulled back probably to not lean too far into Rated R territory, I really didn’t hate what they did with the Riddler, but it seemed like they could have done more, I wish we could have cut the Catwoman plot for like one extra Riddler murder

In some ways it reminded me of the Joker movie, in the sense that it was basically a 'realistic' movie inspired by another movie (Taxi Driver in Joker's case, Se7en for The Batman) with the names of Batman characters slapped on. With certain characters that works out fine (like Alfred or Gordon) but with Riddler, he basically feels like an OC. And while Penguin was enjoyable, I don't get why he's even called penguin.

To me, the core of The Penguin is that he craves acceptance. Because he's fat and has a funny nose, people look at him and think he's a joke. His father saw him as a failure unfit to be the Cobblepot heir. He was bullied in school.

So, he's all about over-compensating for those insecurities. He overdresses because he wants to seem cultured and sophisticated. He's above being a common thug. He wants to be a gentleman of crime that even his enemies cannot help but admire.

He succeeds in commanding the respect he's always wanted by becoming more powerful. He can have any of the kinds of women who rejected him in his youth. But he's still not fulfilled. He knows that these people are only around him because he is powerful and feared. But deep down, what he really wants is to be loved.

That's why Cobblepot talking like a mobster doesn't make sense. He's too pretentious to allow himself to sound like the criminal he is. He'd want to distance himself from that image. He'd want his club to look legitimate, not just to hide his criminal activities, but because he's above being associated with a seedy dive. He'd move drugs through there, but he'd still demand you wear your best and use a coaster. And, when Batman visits him, he'd make sure Batman sees his collection of Victorian poetry. If they did shit like that, and maybe even gave him literally one pet bird in his office, I'd feel like, "yeah, that's the Penguin."