Hey Yea Forums, I just moved in to Gotham City and...

Hey Yea Forums, I just moved in to Gotham City and, there's this guys who lives in a very big tower not far from my flat, some CEO of some sort.

Well I kid you not, everytime I see him he's dressed in a cosplay of an ancient Roman or something. Like, with a toga and leaves on his head.

Rumors say he's legitimately a schizo and literally thinks he's Zeus.

Anyways, here's a photo of him. I miss Minnesota

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Oh yeah, that guy. I occasionally get set a bull loose on his property and give it a name tag saying Zeus.

Confuses the fuck out of him and you can hear the autistic screeching for hours.

He is unironically one of the very few who actually deserve to be in Arkham since it's clear he isn't in control of his actions.

Poison Ivy, Joker and the likes deserve the death penalty however

Do NOT fuck with that guy, he's a kook but he's jacked AND rich and will lose his shit if you piss him off.

Come to think of it, just about all the wealthy people in Gotham are fucked in the head, except maybe Bruce Wayne who seems nice but dumb.

You know rich people they like their weird cosplays, at least he isn't that mob weirdo that goes around in a weird black Jim Carrey the Mask's mask. He isn't even crazy like the Joker or crazy quilt he just wears that for no reason.

Welcome to this cosplay hell, this shithole is filled by dangerous schizos who have acces to weird weapons, i wonder where they buy them? also police is useless the last month a fucker in clown make up tried to poison the water plant and him only got slap on the wrist and got internated in a mental hospital with zero security, oh god in Texas that fucker would be gassed or injected in no time, I miss Laredo so much.

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That's par for the course for CEOs OP.

>Come to think of it, just about all the wealthy people in Gotham
>in Gotham
And out.

>I just moved in to Gotham City
Why the fuck would you do that? Gotham is one of the biggest shitholes in America, you would legit have a better quality of life in fucking South Africa at this point.

>Bruce Wayne
Isn't that guy a himbo? Man, good thing he was born into money. No idea how someone like him could survive without it.

Gotham the one place in earth where police brutality is needed and every cop does things by the book.


Two-Face seems truly insane.

>Gotham the one place in earth where police brutality is needed and every cop does things by the book.
THIS and I'm a black guy. This whole city is like some kind of weird-ass experiment or something. Sometimes I wonder.


I bet Gotham is supported by a bunch of wealthy avant-garde artists who come to the city because it’s “authentic.” Actually, I like the idea that Gotham has a big art scene in general.

You just watched the new Bat-May episode, didn't you?

Rent is cheap bro, don't know what to tell you.

>except maybe Bruce Wayne who seems nice but dumb.
The guy who has a fetish for girls with holes in their heads!? What the fuck are you smoking?

Guys, is Metropolis a good place to live? I hear LexCorp is willing to hire ex-mercenaries, might apply for a job since Lex pays his employees well. Any supervillains or other weird shit to worry about?

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What would happen if we just let the military run loose in Gotham? Surely they could cut down all the crime and maniacs in this shithole of a city to almost 0%?

Out of all the super-hero cities, which has the least amount of crime? Which hero has reduced crime the most?

>not wanting a brain job
Get the fuck out of here, you normie bitch.

Ivy Town with a white population north of 95% has the least crime but that's merely a coincidence of course you hateful bigot!!

Batgirl just saved me from a mugging. AMA

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>He dosent live in metropolis
>He dosent make around 300k-400k a year working for lexcorp
>He dosent get to look up supergirls skirt when shes flying around

you sad pathetic motherfucker, enjoy getting ass raped by the joker or batman, i hear that's what happens when you move to gotham.

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>girls with holes in their heads

I don't go to gossip sites user...what the fuck are you talking about?

Whatever you do, don't take any drugs he offers you. Word on the street is it's cut with some dangerous venom.

There are a couple of crazies running around but our caped schizo usually wipes the floor with them in around 21 minutes or so.

What does she smell like

>I occasionally get set a bull loose on his property
So ye're the townie who keeps stealing my bulls? I don't see no other farm around these parts.

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Poison Ivy SHOULD be characterized as more of a schizo. It was a terrible idea to connect her to "the green" or whatever to rationalize her power creep, she should've stayed a bitter poser who wishes she were more plant than human but still continues her plant supremacist crusade regardless due to how delusional she is.

Joker, on the other hand, labors over no clearly defined delusions and is way too high functioning to deserve psychiatric treatment when he's clearly just a sadistic asshole.

There's nothing Schizo about superman he's just an alien who wants to help.

Fuck that pedo Wayne. He has had at least a half dozen kids coming in and out of his mansion over the years.

We all know that Jason Todd didn't die in an accident
He just knew too much about Wayne's pedo sex ring
I hear Oliver Queen also has his own kid as well

Has Wondy ever encountered Maxie Zeus? Seems like kind of an obvious story. But as far as I can tell, it's never happened, kinda like how the Fantastic Four have somehow never fought the U-Foes.

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I don't see why you're so cross, Mr. Brown. I've been with your daughter not too long ago and she assured me I'm all the bull she'll ever need.

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Does he wear anything under that toga?

That's just Maxie, he's legit mentally insane. Most of the Bat's rogues are some degree of crazy, you just get used ti it.

Jason Todd is alive has been for years what are you talking about?

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Wait, didn't the Boy Wonder vanish for a while after Todd was "killed?"

I moved to Gotham for the Postgrad course at the University, I managed to get the Amadeus Arkham grant to fund research on psychological interventions. Worst mistake of my life. Not one, not two, but THREE of my supervisors have turned out to be supervillains using false identities, and half the capes and cops in the city seem to think I'm either the latest protege, brainwashed or just some nut. Swear to god, one of the Bat-people broke into my apartment and stole my computer's hard drive the other week, the one with the latest draft of my thesis and research notes. You ever need to try explaining that to the cops, some advice - don't bother. It's actually better if they don't believe you, when they finally bought my story I ended up in an interrogation room because OBVIOUSLY I must have deserved it if some nut in spandex is doing a little B&E to get to me. The anxiety is killing me, but I can't go to the doctor or a shrink because I'll get tagged as a nut. It's @£#&ed.

For the record, Professor Crane is very reasonable when he's on his meds and actually does cite work and give credit fairly. 8/10, would TA classes again.

>except maybe Bruce Wayne who seems nice but dumb.
Are you serious!? Bruce "Pedo" Wayne is the most fucked up of all.
Have you seen the number of "wards" he goes through?

I dunno, I hear that a guy with a 10th level intellect always reinvents himself to cope with Metropolis. Something about it must make him wanna change.

Has Maxie Zeus ever teamed up with the Wonder Woman villain Aegeus?

Aegeus has access to actual mythological Greek artifacts and weapons and post Rebirth has been selling weapons that have been enhanced with Greek myths to the highest bidder

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Yes. In the nineties. There was a plot by Ares.


Wayne Enterprises>Lexcorp
Enjoy beeing second best at everything. Also BALD.

They all do that, man. All you can do is just stay out of their way. I hear the Wayne's all do that while they go to secret parties.

I bet the latest one he has now ain't even his real son. After the adoption laws changed a few years ago, he couldn't get any more of those "wards" too. What kind of mother would let Gotham's equivalent of Michael Jackson have custody of their kid anyway?

>Fucking around with emmy-lou

user are you insane havent you heard the stories about the guys who get chaught messin around with emmylou. i hear they are grinded into sausage and fed to his giant pigs.

also Theres a rumor floatin around that emmylou likes to fuck horses balls deep

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Who the FUCK is the big Bitch on the top left, bro?!

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Well, ol' Farmer Brown ain't caught me yet, and I've been with Emmy-Lou at least half a dozen times by now.
And as for what she does with her farm animals, that's her business, and hers alone. I'm not gonna drop a piece of ass like that that easily.

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Based Architect doesn't let a single fat bitch slide away from his grasp

Does anyone know what happened to pic related? I used to listen to her every day

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She had that event in the rain, refused to reschedule, and died in an electrical accident. It was right around the time that the blue electricity bitch started fighting Supes. Maybe Leslie was assassinated by that electrical bitch?

>arrive home
>Darkseid is on my sofa
>tells me not to worry, he’s just hiding from the Justice League and will leave soon
>stays for four fucking hours, eats half my food, and keeps streaming the same episode of Arrested Development over and over and laughing obnoxiously at it
>leaves and gives me 5 Apokoliptan dollars (12 cents in USD) for some reason

Fuck that asshole

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probably physical therapist and a model. Dude seems to be a bit of an autistic savant, I mean he clearly takes damn good care of himself that a regimented diet can't explain.

They had a whole “evil pioneer” thing going huh

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My friend says he’s Batman