"Wuya, you are going to jerk me of with your Haylin feet RIGHT NOW"

>"Wuya, you are going to jerk me of with your Haylin feet RIGHT NOW"

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>"You can't handle my Haylin technique, boy"

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Shy she hates wearing shoes?

was waiting for a xiaolin showdown thread
>best monk
>best shen gong wu
>best villain
>favorite showdown
reversing mirror
pic related
the one with the lighthouse

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Learn english before posting.

>Best monk

>Best SGW
Golden Tiger Claws. Literally fucking broken

>Best villain
My nigga Jack

>Favorite Showdown
I need to look through em again but the one that pops up to me is the Truth or Lie one Jack and Omi played.

He had a typo, retard.

Nice try ESL, but that was more than typo.

Based subhuman troll.
Stay undesirable.

Stay mad, pajeet.

Stop projecting, nigger.

>can't even write basic english


>>best monk
Omi, he's definitely one of the more capable fighters but Rai is a close second because even though he's the joker he does make it up.
>>best shen gong wu
I was going to say the Golden Tiger Claws but the Moby Morpher is fucking broken. It's all of the body mod wu like the monsoon sandals, mikado arm, changing chopsticks and more.
>>best villain
I like Jack for the comedy but chase got the most shit done on his own.
>>favorite showdown
Rai's Shen Yi Bu dare against Tubbimura

She could kill him like that. It would be a hell of a way to go.

I would die happy if Wuya just annihilated my cock with any part of her body.

Did the creators ever explain why she went barefoot 98 % of the time?

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Most likely someone had foot fetish in studion

>Then for you suffering, uses magic, imagine that.


stop posting Omi


She wants his smile

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anyone have that picture of Jack wearing the misspelled "Boy Genious" hat?

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based, ty

reminder there's a timeline where he fucking won

Every timeline ends in his victory.

>Best Monk
>Best Wu
Shard of Lightening (Crazy overpowered)
>Best Villian
>Favorite showdown
The one with the Wuya possessed Raimundo fighting on a giant map.

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On the topic of the last thread about Raimundo becoming the leader at the end of the series, I disagree with the sentiment that Clay was too passive to be the leader. He never has a problem telling the others off or putting them in their place when they go too far. He still wouldn't have made a good leader, but not for that reason.

Throughout the series that Clay suffers from terminal big brother syndrome, and it's especially highlighted in episodes like "The Black Vipers" where he all but forfeits the showdown to keep his sister from getting hurt. As the leader, and the one primarily responsible for the safety of the other four monks, I think his issue would likely be that he'd be far too cautious and prioritize his teammates well being over victory. That's not necessarily a bad thing in moderation, but with him having the final say in everything it's not difficult to picture him going overboard to the point of the team taking a lot of Wu losses and stagnating. That's kind of what was shown to happen in one of the bad end futures.

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Magical elf witches don't need shoes.

I'm torn between the headcanon that he did that on purpose as a joke, or that he's just a mega autist when it comes to robotics and is otherwise barely literate.

Eye of Dashi
Toss up between Wuya and Jack. Jack's robots were always cool goon designs
Jack vs Raymundo in the Lighthouse

So any speculations on what the hell Hanibal Roy bean way before he got turned into a burrito ingredient? The show kind of hints at him (and maybe Sabini) being an evil entity that either founded or predated the Heylin but it ended before we got a proper explanation.

>So any speculations on what the hell Hanibal Roy bean way before he got turned into a burrito ingredient?
A musical fruit

Why not.

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Still pissed executive meddling stopped him from becoming the Metal Dragon. That would've been fucking awesome.

Clay is easily the monk with less development and episodes, can only remember when he fought against the mime, his father and then the one about his sister
it was confirmed? I still hear it was just a rumour, but yeah Jack and Jermaine joining the group as Metal and Wood dragons would have been interesting

>no good xiaolin showdown game

i'd settle for a power stone clone honestly

>xs fighting game
>pick your character and a wu to bring into the fight
>campaign where you travel around the world and wager wu against enemies

Being pregnant too would be a little on-the-nose

clay sucked

>>best monk
>>best shen gong wu
Eyes of Dashi so I could protect myself when going out... Of course. The one that gives life to objects could be fun , imaging using it on a sex doll. Haha, wouldn't that be funny
>>best villain
Panda, the only one with a brain.
>>favorite showdown
None in specific but to this day I don't get why did they pick such weird throphies after they beat Jack to decide who gets to be the leader.
Omi got the underwear
Clay yanked some hair, guess he couldn't grab the googles.
Kimiko, a fucking single boot
And Rimundo grabbed the belt

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Exactly. She's a powerful magic witch and if she wants to wave her feet all over the place who's to stop her?

It's been a while since I watched but didn't she spend a long time being a ghost? No wonder she wants to feel the ground at all times.

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Is Wuya an elf?

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Is he settling for Wuya cause he knows Chase wouldn’t do it and Katnappe would rip it off with her claws?

I believe you meant that was more than "a" typo,

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I really, really like Wuya as a character in these series.

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I'm actually working on cropping every single scene with Wuya right now. Almost done.
Can someone give me good x264 settings for an encode under 100 MiB? I'm willing to go 2pass.

What are you cropping out?

Just Wuya, frames with her.

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As I crop wuya I can't help but notice so much brilliant animation on this show.
Amazing angles, came changes, masterful play with individual frames in some scenes.

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Now the plot is stupid and all that but it's so much better than capeshit movies they churn out nowadays. More mature even.