Death Battle

How will they have Thor win?

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Probably Bejita expecting to tank the God Blast to go Ego but it ends up backfiring on him.

That or Thor just chucks his ass into space.

Phoenix force scaling

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Does anyone have the link to thors bio?

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No thanks

Stop pushing your fanfic

Vegeta's like a Pokémon, weak to Electric/Rock types guess what Thor has

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They'll pull be Shao Kahn and have Mjolnir fly through Vegeta at the end or something if he wins


Definitely not rock kek

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>Their decline will continue as long as they make these obvious bad decisions. They had their chances to create super popular fights with Tanjiro and Saitama, perhaps surpass even Broly vs. Hulk, but nope.
I blame people being tired of capeshit shilling, especially DC.
Vegeta will do wonders, no matter if he wins or loses.
Tanjiro and Vegeta matches will surpass Mickey vs. Yoda, Link vs. Cloud 2, Batwoman vs. Spider Gwen, Dio vs. Alucard (a fight with its potential views ruined by Swan) Korra vs. Storm, Jinx vs. Harley, Zatanna vs. SW, Mikasa vs. Blake (RWBY dragged down AOT hard), Ironman vs. Batman, and Shao Kahn vs. Akuma.
If both don't surpass Saitama's Death Battle in the long run, it will be just due to being relegated to sprite fights and Saitama still being THAT popular.
I predict that the three matches will go for the lesser popular outcomes, which means that Vegeta will job. But even with that, his and Thor's fandoms are so big, it will not affect that badly potential views, unlike the Tanjiro, Mikasa, and Saitama's Death Battles.
Vegeta got a more popular capeshit rival than even Goku and Broly did.

Saitama is not popular
Maybe during PEAK OPM but they don’t even have an anime anymore

Why post long ass replies in every single thread if you hate death battle so much?

Viewfags confound me

afraid of getting stomped I see

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Who is this

post the next page
>Casually mogs most of Godzilla's on-screen feats with one attack

Imagine actually thinking any Evangelion angel can beat godzilla

power level wanking is pointless anyways as it always escalates to "my narrative controlling circlerjerk god-being is better than yours" anyways a normie feat is way better.

Godzilla stomps all of Eva.

>resorting to “vs debating bad” when confronted

Exdeath, also known as the guy they wanted to put up against Swamp Thing

Bring me Archer

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Why is it that this always happens?
>Feat feels really impactful
>It's not that impressive
>Feat is really impressive
>It feels like a wet noodle
Every time

>can absorb the energy from people
Vegeta can remove that energy from your body.

Death Battle at least serves one decent purpose even in its declining state: identifying which characters are still big online.
Will give them that.
I'm using it as a popularity metric, combined with other YT videos, for marketing purposes.
In Death Battle's case, the more stuff is stacked against a popular character, yet manages to get good views, the more useful results I get.
But if the fuckers kill the channel, and just give me one outlier per season, like what happened in 8 and 7, then the idiots aren't even useful for that.
And yes, they are far from being the only channel I keep an eye on.
Although YT removing dislikes did fuck over market analysis.
Even with extensions to see like:dislike bars, it's easy to tell that all over YT, people unfortunately don't dislike as much as before, because they feel that thumbs up lost most of its power.
Work on Panini, by the way.
So you can tell why I consider comics less profitable and more unpopular than manga.
It's obvious which one puts more bread on my table.

Both can absorb but Vegeta needs to injure you to do so

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Vegeta will fucking job and lose like he always does. That's why exists, to job and lose.

>the megazord tied with Godzilla
So how powerful does that make the rangers?

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I'm sorry what does even half of Vegeta's hair colors even do?
What the fuck does Ki Control even mean, what is "True Blue", does Super Ego even do anything other than make him look like that one Slurp Freiza fanart?

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The issue of using db characters is that they have little to grab from. Despide being one of the progenitors of power level faggotry, toriyama mostly care in the specific parts of the martial arts, story and characters over showing exact speed, strenght, destructive power and so on. Even the hax shown is still rather undeveloped and nothing special compared to other series.
Death Battle and dbsfags can only wank the characters from the few feats shown, and even then it is debatable if they can be actually be scale to other characters. That's toriyama, toyotaro is even a funnier case since the effects on the environment of the battles(of powerful warriors) varies from universal threatening attacks to naruto level.

>Vegeta will do wonders, no matter if he wins or loses.
That's true. But Vegeta is a lot more popular than Thor, so if he loses the popularity of Death Battle will continue to decline.

To powerfags it generally means multipliers stacked upon multipliers to make some nonsense bullshit number for power.

True Blue is basically SSJ2 but for Super Saiyan Blue.

Super Ego is inverse Ultra Instinct. Instead of auto dodging so you can focus all your power purely on attack, you want to get hit and you get way way more powerful. Kind of like how Lucario works in smash.

He can't survive underwater nor in space.

Other way around
Thor won the DBX against Vegeta

Archer like the show? The hell
The guy has an assload of feats. And Kirbyfags can do nothing but watch.
Look, I know, VSBW. But this is the only collection of feats I could find without having to binge an awful god damn show

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>Ki Control
It used to be a meme about how inconsistent the power level of SSB was (Goku sometimes did better using lesser forms against the same characters).

>can't even bother watching the series he's shilling for
>expects Death Battle to use it

Did he get any feats in the IDW comics?

No one cares man, your gimmick isn't taking off

>But Vegeta is a lot more popular than Thor, so if he loses the popularity of Death Battle will continue to decline
Don't they make popular characters lose to boost rating?

I don't want to.

Who should be next in line to enter the one pump chump room?

My bet its gonna be Luz from the Owl House.

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Nobody cares

>Vegeta is more popular than Thor
Probably not true.


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>tfw you get robbed by Cuckquean Buttershittyending because of a non-canon book feat
We all fucking know post-future Steven would pulverise her in the time it takes her to blink. They just read "planet-destroying" and immediately started cooming because they're capefags and cannot help it.

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Vegeta can't just do it indiscriminately. He has to land a hit on the person, and it's a little at a time with each hit.
Plus Vegeta himself says he doesn't even like using the technique and only was willing to learn it because his hand was forced.
By the time Vegeta decides to use Spirit Fission, Thor-Force would crush his hands.
You're more likely to argue Ultra Ego as Vegeta's wincon than Spirit Fission.
and yes, this means I also believe Thor won't use his one time energy absorption as a wincon either.

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That's not how you should use multipliers.

>One time
Wow do you just not read Thor comics? It’s a fairly big staple of his that hasn’t been shown case much recently due to issues with him keeping Mjolnir

>That Thor preview

Holy shit they hate Vegeta. They’re going all out with the wank for Thor.

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well he'd have to be added to IDW first


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You mean this massive edgelord furrybait as cookie cutter as any IDW OCs come, hasn't featured in a comic yet outside of that single promo issue?

Fuck, Sega truly did hate the guy.

SEGA doesn't want them using characters who are dead canonically.

>and yes, this means I also believe Thor won't use his one time energy absorption as a wincon either.

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God why couldn't they make Veggie live up to how awesome his one-liners could be


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Infinite is not confirmed dead, but since his status quo is unclear he can't be used because they reserve to themselves the privilege of continuing the story.

He still would not win

He was only confirmed dead recently.

well not dead just stuck inside the Ruby which means he appeared in Mania

>Time to play the game thor

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But he didn't. Unless I missed something

Apologies, I meant to say life force, not energy.
Yeah, I'm familiar with Mjolnir absorbing energy but a few threads ago, people were saying "Thor would just absorb Vegeta's life force" as a counter point for Vegeta's spirit fission even though Thor's only really done that once or twice.

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