Why did "sexy sorceress"-archtype die out?

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Did it?

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pretty sure it did, some people say it was an improvement

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You missed his point, it only died out in the west

The sword & sorcery genre got cucked for an imaginary wider audience like everything else.

You know why.

women being attractive is bad and women can't be evil just misunderstood

>Libk coukd have just fucked her and saved everyone some trouble

You know how your girlfriend will get angry at you for looking at cute girls in fiction?

Imagine a society-scale shit test like that

In fantasy, for me doesn't make sense that a woman is barely clothed unless she is a barbarian or uses her beauty to fool men like a succubus

>Why did "sexy sorceress"-archtype die out?
It most certainly did NOT.

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That sort of blatant cheesecake was always looked on as embarrassing and the people who consumed entertainment with that sort of thing in it considered it a guilty pleasure. As genre fiction became more mainstream, the more embarrassing elements like e.g. sexy sorceresses were pushed to the fringes. The American mainstream has always been run by and for judgmental prudes, it's just that most of the stuff you guys like was too niche to be on their radar until now.

It didn't

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Women are so insecure that they can feel jealousy of a cartoon

Vizimira get the fuck out of the thread.

Episode title?

TV Knight 5

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>die out
Are you sure about that?

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You know why?

Half the shows are about magic and all of them have sexy sorceresses. There are two different Evil Lynn's that have come out in the last couple years.

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>tfw a literally CGI show for kids shows more booty than the mature show

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Because women are insecure self obsessed people who ruin fun for everyone if they aren't being paid attention to, you know precisely why.


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Not to seem rude, I honestly love your Warhammer 40k fanfics, but this place isn't made for a man of your tastes

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...how large is magny

I'm not actually Vizimira, I just love her (I thought she was a her??) art and her take on the Thousand Sons being hot femboi wizards. It's because of her I'm going to make my TS army like that.

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OG Shadow Weaver had a nice figure, this bitch looks like a gremlin witch who puts a lot of make up and clothing to catfish people on tinder.
Meanwhile in the CGI show...

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Pretty, uh, large.

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I keep smacking but she won't stop sucking.

Yeah, their take on Evil-Lyn in this form was surprisingly attractive.

What the hell is it about this agile crawling that's so sexy? It's Xenomorphs and the Ring Girl all over again.


when carpet munchers and pedos taken over the western media

Women like to feel hot, have you missed how often cleavage exists IRL?

>entire plot happens because choco-mommy is being so uncontrainably horny for Link it lets the bad guy manipulate her into resurrecting him
Koei Tecmo are extremely based

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Dude, pedos have been running the show for like a hundred years. All this shit didn't start in 2016, it's always been a factor.

This. Look at how they had to retcon Cia's death in Hyrule Warriors. Women aren't allowed to die as pure evil anymore.

Feminazis became so progressive, they horseshoed into islam-tier puritan censorship of female bodies

My wife deserves a happy ending.

it actually blows my mind that female characters in actual children shows are more attractive/pleasant for an eye than from "mature" ones

It's like you can't bullshit children into "if you don't like something, you are sexist"

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>those manarms

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Mosquitra needs her Green-Orange juice for her to make her two sacs big.

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>voice by Grey no less

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>Meanwhile black Teela is neuron activating all the children watching the show.

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Anons who make these types of threads just want to bait fags who do nothing but complain.


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It's still impressive how well detailed they made her ass. The cheeks even squish as she walks which is a detail I was not expecting them to add. I'm not even much of an ass man but damn is it nice.

I mean, Evelyn is completely covered up until she powers up.

Sure, but she pretty much stays in that transformed state for as long as she can after that.

>edit the picture to make her look like a man
>she looks like a man now
wow, good job sherlock

The energy goes straight into her tits. I'm not sure how much more obvious they could have made it. It's a shame that fan art really didn't pick up on this show. I'm glad we had a few artists notice and do stuff for this show.

because the animation industry isn't comprised entirely of old white cishet dudes anymore???

The "editing" was shaving the head and removing the lipstick. That's it.


It's a puzzling but strangely hot feature.

Ya do know thats a dude, right?

Technically a fairy but eh

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Vizmira, that character's a dude.

LOL I'm notVizimira. I know the character is a dude, I just like that she re-imagined him as a femboi because fembois are cute UwU.