Post characters that have been gothified. Punks & Emo's are also acceptable.

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Mandy was always evil/goth. She just dresses like a nice girl because that's the joke.

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based thread. I want it to grow strong.

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>completely off-model

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All those piercings on Korra side cut.

Yeah that might be edgey, but that shit going to like a mother fucker with any wind or exercise.


Adam West in all black + make up, instagoth.

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Shadman thread you say?

The real question is what would Adam west consider emo music?

i'm gonna post this because you already know its gonna happen at some point

But that means you'd need lots of blush, sweat, saliva, maybe some braces.

Well Batman is inherently goth, so Adam West Batman grooving to horror surf is very feasibly goth.

Emo involves being upset, so I'd imagine a nice cello piece would suit for his time.

post wut

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Reminds me of this

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Is this edited? This looks edited.
Regardless, which episode?

Why are you goth?

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Who says I'm goth?

Wish I could find goth, emo or punks edit of bria

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Then who the fuck was asking (You)?

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I love these.

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That's goth Amity not Bria...BAKA

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I guess they count, you know Punk

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Most people interested in goth women, of which the majority here are, are not goth themselves. I am and I'm dating a girl who has never listened to anything goth in her life, she just dresses black, at most she listens to pop punk. It's the way of life.

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Could post alot of loud house stuff I've saved

even shit purged?

Goths are dead user, an extinct subgroup

Fake goths are cute tho.

i remember tiktok revive it as egirl

Not, because the show is garbage now

no im not

you mean posers? yeah.

Yeah they are pretty cute but not goth.

I wish that there was more content that treated gothification as a transformation thing. Like girls getting magically transformed into goths or becoming were-goths

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>Thinking e-girl is actually comparable to Goth

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our opposite of the gender loves makeup and fashion. so goth style fashion have a perfect blend of black and she can choose to add glitter to her eyelids to popout.

for a second that person in the mirror remind me of veronica from archie

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imma show this screenshot anyway
wow the 60's had goths

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