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what are you reading that isn't from Marvel or DC ?

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Webcomics mostly

One Punch Man
Vinland Saga
Those are the latest non Marvel/DC reads.

Just caught up on The Wrong Earth. Fame and Fortune fucking sucked, but I'm fairly confident the next mainline installment will be pretty good. I think Ahoy comic's gimmick of adding text pages is pretty fun, they just need a couple other series that are at the same level of quality as the wrong earth or second coming.

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the department of truth

Eden's Kino

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Good to see Dragotta back

Manga, manwha, and web comics.

Thinking about shelling out and getting what Jay Stephens been making

>One Punch Man
>Vinland Saga
not Yea Forums

not Yea Forums and not indie
is it really that good? everyone keeps shilling it

Crimson Cage

Weebs are insufferable because they feel compelled to shill their shit in places where it's not wanted, this is an indie thread for Christ's sake. I read manga too but goddamn, you don't need to proselytize everywhere you go.

To get back on topic, I've been reading pic related which has been fantastic at filling the "WWI fantasy" niche I've been desiring.

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Pretty decent, but the last chapter made it very clear that Unute is his own father.

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Question for you Yea Forumsmrades: I’m releasing my first comic through a kickstarter campaign, and the plan is to release two issues at a time, and give an option to buy a physical copy that bundles both issues in one floppy.

The reason I’m doing this is because the story is spread across four issues, and I don’t want to do four separate Kickstarter campaigns as I’m afraid I run the risk of not meeting the goal, since I feel like the risk increases substantially after each campaign.

I guess my question is, is releasing one physical copy that contains two issues a dumb idea, since it’s technically not a #1 but more of a #1+2?

lmao this nigga making a book

Why not just call it part 1 and 2 instead?

What is this about? Any good?

This comic has been absolutely fantastic.

Descender ended and providence was like four years ago. Also this is Yea Forums not Yea Forums

That shits awful user

But this is worse, by a mile.

You can do two chapters in one comic user. Just release two chapters in each and do a 1 and a 2.

Fire power is fun and I wait for DWJ to release Do a power bomb


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Most of those aren't indie though?

You're smoking some kind of bathroom cleaner. Someone storytimed the first issue and it was utter drek.

Rogue Sun is pretty damn good

Finished up Headlopper's four volumes, enjoyed the whole thing. Going to move onto Rumble next cause I like James Harren's artwork.

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I answered the op question while ignoring the subject. It's just my non-DC/Marvel comic list (minus Star Wars being there).

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Just be prepared for the art change midway. Rubin is a bit of an acquired taste.

At what point is there an art change? Is it really noticable?

It does one of those silly things where they relaunch the comic under the same name but start at issue #1 about halfway through the series, it's just a continuation but be aware that there are two Rumble comics. I like David Rubin's art, not quite as much as Harren's but as far as replacements go he is suitable.

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Also if you get a chance, check out Rubin's Hercules story, it's a good read. Herakles is also a pretty good take on the mythos.

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>art change
They're copying all the shittiness of big 2 comics.
The fuck?

I forget what the reason was for Harren having to leave, probably just an issue of workload, and the "relaunch" was probably just a way to drum up sales considering the gap. You sometimes see comics like this relaunch at #1 even though it's just a continuation of the same story.

That seems normal to me. Not every book, especially with a team, will retain the same people. Long as they make the attempt to replicate the previous artstyle or at least keep it similar vibe. A creator owned book where the artist does most the work is usually the death if they leave. Like can you picture Orc Stain drawn by anyone else but Stokoe?

My nigga. Good series. More of a straight forward ending than I was expecting though

Robots with high heels are honestly pretty cool.

Gimme some recs.

I Kill Giants

>Sleepless Domain
>Clown Corps
>Ten Earth Shattering Blows
>StarHammer (and Bogosian's other works)

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The entire reason I clicked the thread. Pretty disappointed so far with that decision.

The concept doesn't really interest me but that art is fantastic! Sort of reminds me of Extremity?

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nice cover desu

has image published something worthwhile in the last 7 years and had it NOT be abandoned

>Busiek started a new series
>Last Autumnlands issue was back in 2017
jfc, what's wrong with image creators, why are they physically incapable of finishing the series they start.

last of a dying breed*

*image is simply too retarded to notice how the indie market changed and still favours retarded floppy system instead of the GN fantagraphics does which is the only way a vanity press could make it.

Currently reading my Ninja High School collections. I'm around issue 20 right now.

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but why

Currently reading shuriken

I'm reading Winterworld by Dixon and Zaffino.

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Can 2000ad be counted as /indie/?
Im cirrently reading indigo prime by john smith. Its about a rag tag organisation that makes aure all is well in the multiverse.
For fans of filth (and i guess invincibles but im not keen on that other than the first trade and final trade, the rest was so-so).

Highly recommend it. John smith is one of those wroters who could have been a great addition to the vertigo british invasion, but he just didnt want to play the game (but mainly he missed deadlines, a lot).

Also reading cerebus for the first time.

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How is this series? It had a long run so it must have its fans.

Read Satania a while back
I liked it more than Beautiful Darkness but I get why it's not as discussed

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The art in this series is incredible

2000ad is decidedly not indie but it has a nice variety of stories and settings.

Fucking classic, and god bless b&w comics.


Spawn, by way of the origin series trade paperbacks. I'm currently in the process of collecting the hardbacks for the origin series.