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>How does this work?

>It works like a community toy chest. In the /coc/ threads you are free to post whatever ideas/settings/characters you want, but you have to be OK with other people playing with them (tweaking them, putting them in stories, using them for things, etc.)
>There's no guarantee that what you post will catch on either.

>If the OC you are posting is YOURS for something you are personally doing, then it would go to the "How is your webcomic?" threads.
>If you just want feedback on an OC of yours, then it would go in the "donut steel" threads or drawthreads.

If the thread dies suddenly or you still want to discuss something when there's no thread:

Last time:

-Golden Girl "game" by Cooleyette, comic WIP by Vann, Bullion plots discussion
-Old archives
-Shark Lass 10 year anniversary
-Supermoms are still relevant?
-Progress on JackHammer: The Corn Maze Monster comic inks
-Progress on the Highway Robbery comic
-Progress on THEFAPV comic
-Other stuff I didn't mention

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does this page make sense for everybody? It makes sense for me but that's probably because I already know what's going on.

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The page on its own is
-SS loading car
-GGu and PP clashing
-Car is empty, WTF?
-Nice car, boy. Mind if I chill here for a while? Also, I threw out all your shit.

Context plays a factor since it is a page in a sequential comic.

stubborn shy lady

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So what's she and the long nosed prince about?

Those characters and designs were the results of creating a elegant passionate romantic male character with a brash stubborn action adventure female love interest. Also wanted the male character to be prettier than the female he deeply loves.
That's what i'm working with so far

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How are the stories set up? Is it a romcom leading up to their kindling of flame? Does the series start mise-en-scene, post-relationship-establishing and they just go on hijinks battling life's little inconveniences and social pitfalls? Ren & Stimpy style, swap out the house and environment each episode for something/somewhere different each time? Is this some Antoine/Bunnie Rabbot shit we're seeing come together?

It's her going off on different adventures and the guy pursues her because he wants to be with her which is why they are often together and interract

Being that it's May, does /coc/ have any mermaids?

Sometimes he is a hero or supporting character, other times a villain, else times a base roadblock. Always relatable and sometimes even tolerable. I like it
We have a fish girl, a lass about sharks. There is also a /coc/ wiki with character pages; you may find a mermaid there

None that come to mind other than the stuff Bug is doing in doodles.

I remember there was a samurai mermaid from one of the webcomics from the How's Your Webcomic threads that was popular for a short while.

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Little surprised to hear there's isn't a true blue one. I wouldn't mind one but don't know if it really needs one.

Cute concept but probably not best to mess with her lest she was made for these threads.

What fascinates you about mermaids? Perhaps crystallising that brain-amber would make for a story worth reading in itself

Does Co/die live in modetimes or in the 2000s?

I'd imagine she existed since Yea Forums did.

So from 2006 to now.

So basically she been the same age since the beginning? I'm just asking, I might want to do some art myself and maybe add a new character or two. She works at a comic shop too right?

I would say in "present day" since she is often commenting on things happening right now.

Existing art indicates yes.

She works at the comic shop and was hired to attract new customers who are there to gawk at her and talk about their fantasies with her
It's the same shop run by Yea Forumsnrad and /tg/

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What's she confused about?

>You are one of the top love interests in the city. Solicitations for your service are numerous in quantity. Compensation, adequate. It is a balmy summer evening. You are feeling particularly Scottish tonight.
>What will you do?

>Supermoms are still relevant?
I’ve had things happen irl that have halted my progress on Star-Striker but I’m now getting to a point where I can start getting back to it.
Did something happen last thread?

Just discussion.
But over the past year there has been an uptick in chatter about them. Or so I've noticed between the comic of them as teens and the comic of Star-Striker VS Dr. Solarge.

And they live in a world where GG comics exists too right? What other comics are there? Dose the GG comic have author?

Wouldn't the author be a stand-in for the various anons who have actually written the comics?

She's also a Yea Forums anonymous troll too right?

I see.
I’ve haven’t been through the threads in a while cause I got nothing new to show in regards to Star-Striker or the other Supermoms. I’ve been trying to come up with designs for Sgt. Star and Air Strike Lass in my down time at work but nothing solid yet.

She's the one who bumps threads and complains all the time no matter what it is

Hmm, I think the authors should be anonymous. They'll be more than just a couple too. They work and collaborate ideas and stories and share profit of how much each comic makes. Something like that I think. The comics make enough money for a movie maybe it's based off the modern day comics. I don't know it's just something I think would be cool.

What's shark lass' personality? Like how does she approach conflicts/problems? Is she timid and shy as a civilian and confident when in costume like Ladybug? What sort of media does she consume? She doesn't like Jaws thats one.

If she's a human dressing up as a shark and dislikes Jaws, we can assume she is using the outfit as an outlet to escape her landlocked lifestyle and has a problem with the shark's defeat, or the film's portrayal of sharks to begin with. If she's poor she may have a grudge against those with more assets; if she's rich she may simply be bored or feel confined. A father who throws yacht parties would enable her to be close to sweet watery freedom, always out of arm's reach, merely imagining what lies in the ocean depths. Said parties may also be a breeding ground for activity the city police can't so easily investigate.

She's not actually dressing up like a shark. The teeth, gills and tail are all mutations.

Maybe Anonymous is the publishing company that makes the comics

Doesn’t the shark eat women and girls constantly. I remember 9 killed in a day from the comic.

Do her parents keep her in a tank, or a caged crib like Penguin in Batman Returns, or do they throw her into the sewers like Penguin in Batman Returns, or what

The shark is an uncontrollable being of chaos that follows her around because she "made" him. To her he's like a dog, to everyone else he's death on four legs.

Her parents aren't really relevant to her.

How flexible is BQ as a project? I know it basically has an outline that's been finished for years now but I wanted to contribute more through smaller comics with Briana exploring the world rather than full length story driven issues.

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Pretty flexible seeing as it never got fully finished

If your contributions are interesting, people will accept them

>"That mean ol prince took my ice pop...."

>"Long Nosed Prince....I sentence you to work for EA!"
>S T A L K E R

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I think people in-universe would call him a weird perverted stalker

I'm going to go pick up some Chinese. What do you guys want?

Something wrapped.

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Golden Girl and Star-Striker
>Audrey on the usual midnight patrol trying to be independent, psyching herself up with monologues
>intercepts a group of suspicious people outside a bank, one of them turns into molten gold, nicknames herself the Gold Girl
>"that's my line" Audrey gets the jump on the thugs, disabling them, but the Gold Girl forms a ring around Audrey pinning her down
>a solid punch from behind breaks the gold down and the Girl retreats from the 2-on-1 fight, we see Star-Striker for the first time, extending a hand to Audrey
>"You remind me of my daughter." meant as a compliment to Audrey's aptitude, but Beverly's daughter is also mischievous and gets into danger
>"T-thanks..." Audrey seeing Beverly's outfit and surprised someone would choose to go around looking like that
>They burn the midnight oil together, Beverly trying to tease some backstory or facets of Audrey's personal and crime-fighting life out of her, treating her like a friend of her daughter that's a little introverted
>A few fights here and there, a lot of punks throwing catcalls and insults at Star-Striker that bounce off her [heard it all before, they do nothing for her, "don't threaten me with a good time" etc], but Audrey is self-conscious by association
>Beverly mistakes Audrey's funk for envy/self-doubt not being fully grown-out, and tries to be supportive
>Audrey gets to meet the rest of the Supermoms and it's kind of like in Super Robot Wars where the hot-blooded pilots act as [more supportive] surrogate dads to Shinji Ikari
>Silver Queen giving Star-Striker good-natured grief about her ward having an unscheduled 'sleepover', their alter-egos are on good terms with one another

Are all the created female characters here straight?

Majority of them are

That's really fine. I once designed a bi character for a story with my friends but she ended with a male one

Conner and Star-Striker
>Star-Striker on the midnight patrol, operating over one of the segregated neighborhoods with less sky-traffic and safety measures
>She's called in to assist on a small-time bust that went wrong, including earthquake powers
>After the dust settles most of the people and the responding capes have evacuated, there are some homeless-looking people left, including a boy with all his life belongings in a huge rucksack
>Star-Striker takes pity on the boy but he seems confused and insulted - Conner lives in the neighborhood and goes to high-school, he was just doing shopping for the week when the quake hit
>Beverly isn't convinced and takes him to a local diner, he must be starving living on the streets
>Conner is torn between establishing independence as a teen, his underdog complex around heroes, and his parental affection issues - he affects nonchalance and shoots the shit, while Beverly humors him
>Conner namedrops his stepparents - Star-Striker used to know George and Barbara back before they were retired, they must have such lovely children now - Conner agrees, gritting his teeth
>He pushes his luck and asks if she knew his real parents; the names don't ring a bell
>Conner gets put out when he's not allowed to pay or even go double-dutch; Beverly is horrified that he's taking part-time jobs [soup kitchens, labor, renovations etc], it's against child labor laws
>Kid-Striker arrives to give her 'mentor' grief; Conner recognises her as Betsy from the Cheerleading Club but she feigns ignorance, not wanting to let her identity slip
>Betsy trying to blackmail Conner to ensure his silence, but he doesn't really want to leverage knowing her identity or Star-Striker's, he doesn't give a shit
>"If you want, you can pretend I'm a bad guy" "I'll get you next time, Conner"
>The next day Conner thinks he has a swell ancedote ["my dinner date with Star-Striker"], but it turns out most of the rest of his class have already met/worked with the Supermoms

Nice Cass. You could easily just do omake stuff for BQ.

Yea Forumsle and Star-Striker
>Multinational Intellectual Logistics & Financing is funding a series of informercials riffing on the superhero craze, giving Yea Forumsle an in as a stuntman
>The company wants to use a bootleg version of Star-Striker as the heroine of the infomercials, which goes south when Beverly [who greenlit the operation] is denied from giving input on the actresses auditioning for the role
>She decides to audition as the 'real Star-Striker', mostly to show up the staff who snubbed her, not considering the consequences of having to juggle both jobs until she's already in the queue
>She doesn't land the role, being dismissed as an inaccurate, delusional, dumpy cosplayer
>Things go further south when one of the other auditionees takes the rejection so badly that they reveal themselves - first as an unfairly abused and fired worker who essentially had to crawl back to the studio they were fired from for a menial and humiliating [and much lower-paying] job, and then as a champion of the gods, with powers able to destroy the studio and possibly the city
>Yea Forumsle and Star-Striker have to team up to stop the champion
>but the Goddess of Shadow Puppets isn't going to like that in the slightest

Admittedly this one isn't as thorough as the other two, but that's mostly because I have second-hand hazy understanding of the Yea Forumsle project, so ideally that just gives actual Yea Forumsle user more breathing room to embellish, discard, add, etc etc

Feels like it would be in Breast Wars 2.

Would Conner really be so opposed to a free dinner? I mean, sure, maybe. But a free dinner a cape is paying for?
There's refusing charity and then there's priorities and no love lost over a cape spending the dough.

I haven't been on the Yea Forumsle train in a while since the user helping me edit it hasn't been around. I've mostly just been amusing myself with Bullion recently.

By the end of the Yea Forumsle story all of the other gods in the pantheon are living in a box/dollhouse in SG's apartment. If it takes place before the ending, then sure, it's totally plausible for another champion to show up.

As """""""""""finished""""""""""" as most Yea Forums projects tend to get
Fair enough
Thanks. :)
Right now I'm storyboarding a something of how Briana and Arthur first met/their little drinking contest. More prompts are welcome btw, strip long stories would be preferred

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>how Briana and Arthur first met/their little drinking contest
The greentext an user came up with some months ago?

I don't think he collected any of those little writing proses anywhere.

>Feels like it would be in Breast Wars 2.
Possibly, but it's a bit more low-key compared to the stakes present in BW1. I'm surprised Audrey isn't a factor in BW1 to start with, but maybe it was just written up well before her creation
>Would Conner really be so opposed to a free dinner? I mean, sure, maybe. But a free dinner a cape is paying for?
I'm under the impression he doesn't like feeling that he owes things to people, especially if they refuse to/can't be repaid. He generally acts out more confident than he lets on anyway, so it makes sense he would want to seem capable/mature as a teenager around an adult, especially a milf who initially mistook him for a bum. When Star-Striker condescends to him over the bill, he probably relents and handwaves it like you said ['well if it's a cape spending their money, go ahead']
>I haven't been on the Yea Forumsle train in a while since the user helping me edit it hasn't been around. I've mostly just been amusing myself with Bullion recently.
Oh, hopefully they're still in good health. It's nice to have other anons look at these greentexts and offer their own insight, line suggestions, and tangents that can lead to better drafts. Sometimes the first thing you write down for a given scenario is a little 'autopilot' compared to coming back, rethinking things with the context given, and sometimes scrapping huge swathes of the story to swerve in a total different direction

BW1 was WAY before GG's time.

>I don't think he collected any of those little writing proses anywhere

I didn't, but they're in the archive somewhere. I'm on vacation but I can look for them when I get back next week.

BW was about two years before GG hit the scene I think. SM and BQ I think gave the anons in the threads enough insight to scale things back for GG to the point where it found some form of success.

I hope this summer we'll see more of Conner. Artist user seems to only show up during the summer months. Might have something to do with his job.

I hope so too. I haven't seen the Yea Forumsle editor around in almost a year. We were pretty close to finishing the second pass of edits too. I really want to finish that story. The story already is mostly finished, it's just a matter of polish, making sure everything is consistent, making sure it's all understandable, etc. It's a long ass story by this point, so it's not easy finding anyone willing to read through it and give feedback or point out errors.
And I feel you on the first takes. Look at the Bullion scripts I've been writing over the past month or so. The bare bones notes were decent for a guide, but then I went and smashed two issues worth of notes into one, then re-wrote them back into two issues after getting input from other anons in the thread.

They should be easy enough to find if you remember the right words to search for.