The only original actor reprising his role is Mufa's actor (black man)

>The only original actor reprising his role is Mufa's actor (black man)
>The rest of the lions are played by black people
>Jeremy Iron wasn't approached
Mmmmmmmmmmm suspicious
Almost like they didn't bring Jeremy Irons back because he isn't black

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>Jeremy Irons back because he isn't black

uh yeah? No shit? They didn't ring up Matthew Broderick either.

Why do you care? The movie is just a rehash of the original without any of the fun.

I can't believe this is considered black

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What was the point of all black cast again? So that the cgi lions wont be offended by lack of representation?

user clearly has an agenda he's trying to push

Hmm... They could have brought back Whoopi Goldberg, Rafiki's black is dead, so is Sarabi's. Young Nala's black actor is still alive, but I guess she couldn't play the same part. I couldn't find interview of Whoopi saying anything about the remake, but I did find pic related

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>waaah waaah I'm being oppressed and replaced!
go to /pol/ if you want to cry and be a victim

See, people call negros monkeys, and lions are considered superior animal race, so by making sure all lions are played by negros and all monkeys are played by white people, they make a statement that the black aren't monkeys but royalty (more negromania).


Don't worry nigger, we won't be victims once we hang you all in the streets for niggertry.

None of us are jeremy Irons though retard

It's just pandering to black market like Black Panther. Apparently they found out that there's this market of black people fantasizing living in africa and being kangs and shiet

>he doesn't think Jeremy Irons browses Yea Forums

I literally stood up in my seat and clapped when Mufasa showed up. I was like " YAY MUFASA YAY! AIDHIAUIDHAODHAJDLJOFPEJOIOP"

I don't browse Yea Forums fag

I mean, black panther at least makes sense to me. But cgi lions? Who gives a shit who voices them.

Shut up Jermy, yes you do. It's why you accepted roles in awful movies like Watchmen and BvS now send a vocaroo saying "Sneed."

Ya'll too busy hanging yourselves with the high suicide rate and voting Repub will make it worse. You'll be minority by the time you fucks actually have the option to.

>Oh no celebrity singers like Donald glover and Beyonce got the role in an animated musical. I'm being attacked.

How does Rafiki fit in this white genocide narrative?

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Which is funny. Africa is real, they can go live there right now and be kangs.

>White people can only be comedic characters and all the importany people need to be black

There, I solved it. Black people have such fragile egos now that even considered a white person equal to them makes them think they will be back in the projects again.

Nah, I gonna stay here fuck alota of bitches, you get rid of the tethers tho.

>Black people have such fragile egos
They're not the ones aping out over some casting choices.
Funfact. No matter how mad you get over this, it's not gonna change and that's a good thing. A lesson that white privilege can only get you so far

>white privilege

The thing you have

Can /pol/ just fuck off?

This was set in AFRICA. Lions are AFRICAN

it only makes sense that Black actors and actresses voice AFRICAN lions.

Now white racists can shut the fuck up and leave

Do you know know who Rafiki is?
That didn't explain how Rafiki a literally monkey is still black?

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In a different reality they would cry about white genocide if scar voice actor was white, because a white guy being evil is also a personal attack.

This. The fact we let any whites in the voice cast is a gift to the chuds

They don't appreciate it. You gave them an inch and now they want the world

Define it, because I don't recall benefitting from it.

>I don't recall benefitting from it.
And that's what makes you privileged

White privilege doesn't exist.
Case and point, affirmative action.

Who gives a mother fuck? The movie is complete shit either way.

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Rafiki is not a comedic character, he's a very wise spiritual guide. Will you shut up now?


Whites literally don’t understand their entire life is living in a cushioned bubble. While we slave for them

Dunno if you are trolling if you legit arguing your libtard policy and doing a poor job of at it, because you aren't convincing me of anything. The point of political argument of is challenge others' viewpoints so that they might change their mind, but all you are doing is contradicting me.

Why do threads about blacks get so much attention? You don't even need to be on topic. Just post a nigger and you get hundreds of replies.

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No it does t make sense. It makes as much sense, as saying that elon musk in his biopic should be played by a black guy, because hes from aFrIcA.

>The point of political argument of is challenge others' viewpoints

I would but white people ruined Africa

>inb4 someone posts about how whites made it better
Why are whites like this? They claim to hate nigs but go to their countries to "civilize" them? Just leave them be. You had centuries to send them back. At this point it may as well be called White SUICIDE rather than genocide.

Stop slaving for us then. Go back to your home countries. That'll sure show us.

Explain me "white privilege" in pic related?

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That's the plan. At least Africa is EXPECTED to be shit. America is fucked. Have fun cleaning up the mess. I'll be in my mud hut.

Chuds want to start their daily 2 min of hate thread and on shitty live action lion king thread of all things.

Tjis time it really disnt make sense
The justification is that the story took placw in africa

White grievance is a hell of a drug.

If your going to be off topic, at least mention china current Africa colonization.

If it doesn't exist then why do you get so defensive over it?

>The point of political argument of is challenge others' viewpoints
Who said I was making a political argument? I was just making an observation. You have white privilege. I don't need to believe water is wet in order for it to be true. Silly chud

We aren't talking about china. We are talking about you, white boy. Stop trying to deflect the issues

So, you are just trolling, okay.
Personally, I want to understand where people are coming from with their beliefs. Libtards generally don't give a fuck about understanding other people's viewpoints, they are too busy screaming "white privilege", which isn't very productive.

Affirmative action doesn't exist.
Case and point, CRT

White males are obsessed with being viewed as victims and they put a lot of work into it

you do

left or right, white people are obsessed with black people

Ayo we wuz fuckin Hamlet and shiet

10,00 years for this to finally happen. Easy. Now give me a harder one

If you're going to criticize this movie, how about you criticize how emotionless the lions were?