So true

So true

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Why stop at 750$?

>sofubi market.jpg

Yes, the price of a piece of art isn't a cost-benefit analysis of the cost of supplies plus some percentage, totaling in the price of a finished work. No, it's a reflection of what the artist is worth as a person.
I don't know what overall philosophy this artist subscribes to, but I get the feeling he'd retch at being called "hyper-capitalist," where the net worth of an artist must be reflected in the art they sell.

No way is that shit worth 750 dollars
30 dollars max

Because the craft she made is small

Good points.

i feel bad for artists you've interacted with if this is what you're taking from this comic

do it yourself

it’s up to the artist how much they price their art, and if other people can’t buy it, then it’s not their problem. How they get customers is solely up to them.

>1000$ for sketch art, 2000$ for simple shading, I only draw sneezing Sonic characters, anything slightly different from that will be BLOCKED and REPORTED.

Kek. She's not wrong

I did your mom last night instead

Materials alone cost more than that

Nigga ethots are literally selling bottled farts for hundreds of dollars let alone the secondary market for said jarred farts. If someone is willing to pay for it, it's worth it. It's not what I'm willing to pay for it but if someone does and it's real and not a pump and dump kinda thing then who the fuck do you think you are.

Should have actually used the materials to what it’s worth

The funniest part is that the "art" is deliberately drawn to be a kitschy piece of crap and the argument of generic skinhead guy (the most frequent type of audience for art galleries) is not that it fucking sucks.

>So true

Yes, that is correct.

>Why stop at 750$?

See: The selling and purchasing of art is a combination of the effort itself, the end product and it's various unique or interesting qualities, and how much the artist (or others) value the artist's work. If an artist thinks the Shlimby they've made is worth 750 dollars than they're free to charge that much.
Likewise, there's nothing stopping anyone else from making a competing Shlimby, Shlorbo, Scroop, Bibby, etc.. But just because they've made something "similar" or even "cheaper" does not necessarily equate the same original demand or value. Again, an artist sells both their work and their 'image'.

Then there's no profit. It's worth 750$ plus tip

What supplies? How do you calculate the cost of digital art?

look at this retard

>*gets all of their commissions filled*
Never underestimate autism

Photo editing software + computer + internet + pornhub subscription

Is this really all it takes to set you faggots off?
The price of art?

Should have ended at the fourth panel

If an artist really charged too much, they wouldn't get buyers. Simple as.

aren't most artists broke?

one full eight hour work day in mspaint

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>paying for photo editing software

porn when?

I don’t get it

Wait a minute thats not abstract art, thats a surreal sculpture.

She never sells it and eventually dropps the price to nothing, thus making the guy correct.

Mostly the ones on the other end of the spectrum; Having fews buyers but lowering prices wouldn't be worth their time.

I'm talking about the ones selling YCHs for thousands a pop and how people shriek that they must limit themselves "just because"

Gotta get the good stuff

>equipment, electricity, internet are free
When you stop living with your mom maybe you'll understand.

The art community on the internet is a massive circlejerk because they need to pay the bills with it. This is just the artist declaring to the world that he supports people not underselling their art and that he also thinks that everyone who ever dares to open their mouth in criticism (and is not in their gossip circlejerk) is just a dumb hater.

you can get the good stuff without paying for it...

That is much funnier because the last panel in the original comic ruined the joke. I hate people like the strawman but nobody is going to buy that ugly thing much less in that price unless it was for money laundering.

Or you pay for good stuff which pays for them making goober stuff

Now draw a panel where they end up passionately fucking.
Asking for a friend.

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This whole artist pricing dilemma could be solved with one simple trick.

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I made a thing.

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Finally, something worth $750.

How can you charge so much?
I could do that myself

Then do it

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>Not congratulating me on getting dubs
I thought you was better than that user
You can suck white guy dick urself?

Sorry user but todays dub-economy double digits have become worth less than before. Now you'd needs trips or higher to be seen as any value.

Thanks moot

It always blows my mind when artists are closed to new commissions because they already have too many and they're charging like $30 for a finished drawing. Up those prices, dummies.

>nobody is going to buy that ugly thing much less in that price
Yeah they will, don't be an idiot.

lol Adobe hasn't put out a good update in 6+ years

>unless it was for money laundering
Could also be if the artist was a famous serial killer. Ugly thing made by Dahmer would definitely sell for 750.

>good person in comic is nigger female
>bad person in comic is skinhead White male
10/10 jewish propaganda, everyone clapped

Is that how you saw it?

Considering she didn't actually manage to sell it you could argue that it's not really worth $750.

i'm jewish and i can confirm that i made that comic

>Female is about a head shorter
>Clear tension in the room which reaches close to a boiling point in the final panel
>Tried and true "common internet phrase" tacked on that could easily be re-contexed into a sexual punchline

Fuck, I wish I knew how to draw decent.

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>nobody is going to buy that ugly thing much less in that price
Art is subjective


While true this answer tends to be so commonly used by those in the lower artistic skill threshold that it comes off more like a cope than anything.

People always underestimate art

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yeah, this is really common among beginner artists. I know a few that are the same, they are basically working for like $3 an hour just because they're insecure about asking for more money.

Generally for beginners it should be:
>figure out the quality of artwork you can reliably create and how long that takes you to make
>charge at least a minimum living wage + materials
>require payment up front: 100% for smaller projects, maybe 50% for much bigger/costlier projects or if you really trust the client. NEVER work for free.
>if clients agree to your prices every time, you're not charging enough

Well I didn't want to
But you forced my hand

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Just the tip


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i would take this guy seriously if he actually knew how to draw good comics

>if other people can’t buy it, then it’s not their problem.
It's obviously their problem if they're trying to make a living off art. Pricing yourself out of your own customers is a failing strategy.

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>nobody is going to buy that ugly thing much less in that price
if she's selling at that price then she probably already has a customer base that has paid that price before and would do it again
Or she does it as a hobby and doesn't need to lower her price if she doesn't want to, no amount of guilt tripping is gonna change her mind

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>now we'll see if you can do it yourself