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Based TTGG

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Best girl

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Bottoms > Tops

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>3 Generals at the same time
You better get a dedicated guy to make these thread when you're gone, TTGG.

Alright then.

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Best girl's show continues, as does tragedy. This is gonna suck.

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She cute

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dumb fish children

>can only vote once
Joe Brandon disagrees

bitch, just get everyone to sign new ones


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Vote early, vote often.
And its not who votes that counts, its who counts the votes.

>get water
Funnier than it should have been to me

so is her sister

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Oh shit!
Why did we print all the petitions on our hyper-flamable paper?

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>leaving all the papers out in the open
What is this, the US election?

There, happy now? She's dead.

Couldn't everyone just... sign again?

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Like shooting fish in a flaming barrel

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Whelp that's it. That's our show. The queen is dead. Good Night.

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She's cuter.

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No! You can only vote once on November 3rd!

what is the best gauge for a nice quick and painless suicide? asking just incase 5/21/22 does not get better

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Yes, but it's the principal of the matter.

They finally killed this bitch

>Pedo creeps Shiro
>Cops show up immediatly


Is this fucking flashback over? If not, then no

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Sniping's a good job mate. Challenging work. Underwater. Guarantee you won't go 'ungry.

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Imagine being a fish AND a woman.

>Tfw just jerked to Boa Sandersonia CBT porn

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>This is why her brothers constantly sing and dance
That's fucking heartbreaking.

>we are here to operate!
>no….I need to die for drama….
I hate this show. Every death in this arc was avoidable

>Have to fake a smile as your mother fucking dies to calm your sister before she kills everyone

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It's nice that she doesn't want everyone to be anger but if someone shot me I'd be the most petty asshole about it. I'd say "forget all that peace shit. Weaponize Shirahoshi. Start the Bubbling. You have to keep moving forward."


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It's fin rot.
She'll be floating upside down by morning.

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breasts > ass
she has to die listening to this? also hinata needs to talk again

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>the brothers are only clowns for their sister's sake

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>jannies still supporting this stealth Yea Forums thread

Attached: 1587645164876.gif (319x272, 1.67M) who shot her?

Add her to the wall lads...

That's why you're not the queen.

This is pain

Are the dancing bros actually strong though? would be pretty cool if they act like goofs all the time, but then when shit gets serious they can fuck some people up

3 hams will kill her 3 hams will kill her do not feed her 3 hams!

>forcing yourself to act like a fucking clown when your mother is dying to keep your sister from destroying everything
Pretty painful shit

We all do.

>got mind broken into being permanently goofy

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>Weaponize Shirahoshi. Start the Bubbling.

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Fuck, I'm actually tearing up.

Attached: onepiece 22.png (2224x1251, 2.64M)

But, who was gun?

>CBT porn

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Keep watching.

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What they don't know is that after getting shot in the arm the first time, Otohime built up a resistance to bullets gradually over time.

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and that's why the queen is fucking dead and fishmen are still treated like shit by humans

He can be whatever twitter says he wants to be, bigot sandwich

you know it.

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Ok so this flashback shit is over now, right?

She was gonna die either way. It's not like Tiger. She always had a weak body. Remember how just slapping that thief once broke her hand?

Me too, fuck One Piece. It fails 99% of the time on emotion why did they do it well this time? Minus the buildup.

This is almost as sad as Mitty death.

They're the three strongest in the Neptune Army.


Yeah, now it's time for Naruto.

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RIP Queen Otohime

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Alec Baldwin, but he assures everyone that he never pulled the trigger

>Kaede raped into loving Nagisa

>Dies with a smile on her face.
OTO D. Hime

yeah, hitting a little harder than I anticipated her death would

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Check back in a couple weeks

I fucking love One Piece

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Oh shit, Nardo is on so that means its time to waifu post!

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There was no guarantee she'd survive the operation, and undergoing it would mean losing those final moments with her family.

Next week is gonna be fucking rough.

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It's Hordy, he even paid a human to be the fall guy, then "caught" him so everyone would go back to hating humans


Attached: 33698521456.jpg (1627x2048, 271.77K)

After seeing the Neptune Army get their shit pushed in by Hordy's crew, that's not a high bar

too soon you mexican bastard, too soon


I did. What ya gonna do about?

>One Piece over
Welp, that brings an end to our Necro-Posting for this week.
With this character's death, the thread of prophecy is severed. Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate, or persist in the doomed world you have created.
In all seriousness, that was fucking sad and the backstory to this arc is really more compelling than the actual arc itself.
I leave you all with the Wishing Skeleton. Until next week, stay spooky.

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No, we got one more episode of flashback.

The buildup is probably why it works.

>brothers trying to cheer up their sister while their mother died nearby

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West Coast, best coast!

Attached: wcbc.jpg (1440x810, 210.55K)

It is when you remember that they're using a drug that doubles their strength and just overdosing on that shit.

Hody's crew is doping. If they weren't on drugs, they'd probably get rekt. Maybe not Hody himself, but the rest.

Would be fun to see Code Geass again with the Toonami gang. Far from perfect, but it'd be a fun ride.

Attached: CC promo ass.jpg (1400x907, 356.71K)

>one fish
>two fish
>three fish
Soon to be four

I initially hated how stupidly quirky they were when they were introduced, but this makes up for it.

I loved the Brak Show.

Attached: 44.jpg (512x384, 30.77K)

Go figure when Ass Class gets to be the lead in the entire rest of the block is a massive nightmare. It's literally just Lupin and 3 more hours of shit everyone tunes out for, and an hour of reruns.

Then again I have little to no energy anymore. I used to be able to do 11-4 am blocks but I barley make it through these nights now. It'll be easier on me at least.

Definitely fitting that Tiger and Otohime are side by side.

So it is...

... gonna be 37 come wednesday.

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Attached: Jenet.jpg (1324x2048, 206.89K)

the brothers bit was the tragic part
Queen dying was meh

Good soldiers follow orders.

Attached: b602f5f364ebc73c926e4cc5ffd0aa7e.jpg (2627x1802, 589.26K)

My dad would be proud of me, posting my waifu in a legit thread. Two more hours until my dailies.

Attached: __jean_genshin_impact_drawn_by_kukumomo__f7720339aeff34678c16e9dec3cae8f5.png (1328x1920, 1.38M)

Remember that other time she was shot and lived?

that last image was pretty hot

No need to get so salmon about it, user!

Attached: Carlos throttles a blonde.jpg (439x329, 22.74K)

Yeah. I'm actually looking forward to the extra sleep I'll get.

Good luck and have a good week, Necromancer!

You can survive getting shot in the arm.

Happy upcoming birthday

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But being a useless doormat who tolerates war crimes isn’t bad. It’s impressive how something so horribly written can get so popular

>last episode made it seem like this shit was over
>it isn't

I don't get it.

didn't that guy in Alabasta also have a secretly tragic reason he looked/acted like a weirdo?

That would be the best time of the night.

Attached: JIBUN WOOOOOOO.jpg (640x448, 51.49K)

Fuck your talk no jutsu bullshit

Wouldn't mind a Soul Eater rerun. I didn't see it the first time for some reason.

Attached: 1589089293947.jpg (1739x1270, 355.84K)

About time

Attached: 1603006772468.jpg (1705x1200, 456.9K)

Attached: 1651388613796.jpg (2560x1600, 1.88M)

Which character exactly? OP is pretty much 99% weird characters.

You know it.

I know that pain. I'm going to be 32 on Friday.

Attached: EZEThlVWkAIZG-O.jpg (1800x1540, 239.91K)

Whether or not you show up next or week or not, it's been a pleasure gentlemen. See you same time and place.
Happy Future Birthday

Attached: loki butt.jpg (1153x1741, 149.24K)

She got grazed

I knew what it was gonna be, and i knew what to expect, there was nothing for me to gain by looking, but I looked anyways and I wish I hadn't.

Attached: 1645863375099.jpg (783x391, 30.83K)

Most people in One Piece have a reason to their rhyme. Oda is just that kind of writer.

your pic, like many others I see posted these days, seems to be kind of imitating that robutts guy

Attached: 1642530214550.jpg (1000x1642, 1.13M)

Wow, Naruto really did the stupid "creepy crooked head" thing.

>got cucked by his younger self

Onoki just floating back there.

Happy birthday user

Attached: __kiryuuin_satsuki_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_cafekun__7a94c723ff4d08600aa9eebfeedce754.png (1456x2628, 2.55M)

Shame they never did a brotherhood for that to cover the rest of the manga

Attached: Liz ass.png (1280x1384, 1.09M)

Son of a bitch, that was tough to watch. Next week's gonna be even worse, though at least I think it should be the end of the flashback. Which kind of sucks, it was really sucking me back in.

Damn straight.

Keep on drinking that milk.

Damn man, nice. Or not, I dunno your stance on birthdays.

Sorry man, not from what I know.

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Attached: 1FABD298-5D98-4046-A1C3-F52432265D12.jpg (800x1034, 125.93K)

just keep in mind that the manga is the popular thing and did the scene better. it's just the obligatory anime that has the shitty writing, because it's taking good stories and stretching them into painfully long-winded animated episodes

>have a secretly tragic reason he looked/acted like a weirdo?

Attached: cover4.jpg (1920x1080, 587.43K)

>multiple episodes to get invested in the character and her desires, flaws, and struggles
>character is an absolute paragon of sweetness and goodness
>her sons have to feign happiness for the sake of the daughter despite clearly still being in pain
It was pretty well crafted for maximum impact, especially given that the audience already knew she was going to die at some point.

Happy upcoming birthday to you too

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Oh boy, 3am!

Attached: Graveyard_Shift_149.jpg (512x384, 41.82K)


I can't remember. I remember Genzo from Nami's village had a pinwheel in his hat so that he could still make Nami smile.

Heeeeey Toonami General! Deep Space Radio here with the music to get you groovin this glorious night!

First up, we've got a piece from Rozen, a cover of Merry-Go-Round of Life from Howl's Moving Castle.
This comes from the upcoming album of such covers they'll be releasing this week, but this is the only track you can currently play, you can pre-order the rest! Knowing their work with the Zelda covers, I highly recommend getting this album, it's sure to be excellent. If you don't want to preorder, it'll be out on the 6th. As for the song itself, it's exquisite. Floaty, waltzy, it really makes you stop and say "ah, yes, this is perfect for a Studio Ghibli film." Seriously, great work here.

Attached: dj_sona_by_dicex012-d8q0fxn.png (1024x1448, 1.56M)

>silent appearance
at least she was doing something and wasn't drawn way worse than everyone else this week

Attached: hinata.jpg (2480x3507, 766.9K)

i'll fuckin find you carlos and when i do, i'll deport that little mexican humor of yours back to the shadow realm

I wasn't watching, did Naruto just fucking talk-no-jutsu the big bad AGAIN?

Attached: 1392195498050.png (409x325, 163.63K)

Attached: 1648524804810.jpg (1470x1200, 310.21K)

Choose one.

Attached: 1650164680600.jpg (1500x1708, 1.24M)

I think like "salty", maybe?

Happy birthday to you as well user

Attached: __kiryuuin_satsuki_and_junketsu_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_pomelomelon__4a21d982fb13c415b9e624d606da62fa.jpg (2310x3570, 603.18K)

30+ club?
Turned 31 last month

Attached: PSjf.gif (500x376, 301.58K)

Naruto following the path of his Lord and savior by spreading redemption.

Attached: naruto_with_our_savior_by_goodnews80.png (525x700, 566.89K)



Happy Birthday man

Attached: 1648309389258.jpg (1200x1800, 860.88K)

Oh boy, thinking back at all the people who shit on a certain character because he dressed like a baby. How little did we know.

Gonna have to catch me first, seize the day, carp diem!

Attached: Carlos will be your wing man.png (448x336, 279.93K)

Part I Hinata's design simply can't be matched

Attached: qthina.jpg (707x790, 226.86K)

Much obliged, user.

Moroha was made for breeding

Attached: 883.jpg (682x545, 58.67K)



Time for MILFs

Attached: 8191003001420156.jpg (1000x1119, 170.74K)

Look I feel bad for his past and that sucks but I'm not gonna start enjoying a grown man dressed as a baby just cuz of a sad backstory.

>the army of background nobodies are STILL hanging around, pretending to contribute to the fight
literally just a liability at this point

Attached: 1621749013615.png (1044x969, 1.05M)

This artist?
Yes, Miraiart and Shexyo's pics are pretty popular, along with several other artists that either are aping their style, or are just alt accounts/past names for them.

Attached: Eh0pw5iXcAEk2Qj.jpg (906x1300, 386.41K)

In a way I’m not even mad about the upcoming shit schedule. I’m long overdue for resetting back to a somewhat normal sleep schedule

>no fang

Attached: 1651296182092.gif (400x300, 3.39M)