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i meant the camera

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He stopped a draw. God damn, that's a job.

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They are straight up trying to kill this man hardcore.

Best girl

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>Lupin's OP crew jobbing to the new character
every fucking series

What would the Lupin cast look like in the same world as Sherlock Hound?

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They were just herding him.

I'm gonna cum.

Sorry, but Sherlock Holmes doesn't work without a british accent.

One save and she's wet as fuck.

>Going toe-toe with Goemon
>Can dodge Jiegon's bullets
>Seduce Fujiko
Mah God

Knowing Lupin, it's just part of some scheme to get into a position that he needs to accomplish a task

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Holmes is just styling on them.

>Lupin in the light
>Holmes in the shadow
>this is the last time they speak as friends

damn sherlock just clowned on the whole crew

>flips goe
>dodges jigens bullets
>makes fujiko cum

Does Lupin lie all that often?

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I wish women like this liked me.

Does Mycroft Holmes or Iren Adler show up in this season?

I wish I was that poster

motherfucking Baritsu

Goemon is the nigga who slices bridges with one stroke, crops planes in a single moment, and kills dozens of men with one slash, why the fuck does he keep jobbing.

Depends on who's storyboarding at the time.

Well he is a thief.


WTF lupin

breasts > ass

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>collapsing a whole fucking building on top of a dozen police officers
And here I thought Lupin wasn't a killer.

In-universe, how long has Lupin been in the game/the crew been together? Any previous series explore the origins?

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he can't cut through plot armor or bad writing

Please stop posting jailbait.

Those don't fight back.

this ed is reminding me of azumanga dio

Worf effect

If Satsuki doesn't like you you're simply an unworthy human being.

Lupin doesnt give a FUCK

They say Lupin wears the tits of his victims like a badge.

Why did Lupin shoot that ol boy?

Caring about the lore or continuity of Lupin is even dumber than watching it in the first place.

He just said he was "sometimes a killer".

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Such a fucking charming ED.

its almost as if its like every other shounen

He is a notorious cool customer.

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What did Lupin do to her?

>azumanga dio

lol the suicide guy is just going to devolve into L

Wait wasn't that the bad guy dude from a previous part?




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Who said he doesn't kill? He's just not as violent as he used to be. Manga Lupin decapitated animals and people alike, and was pretty much an edgelord.

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Eh, this OP and ending are serviceable, but can't compete with perfection:

what is a disguise but a visual lie

Is that Moriarty?

>you're simply an unworthy human being.

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so is that moriarti?

So, does Lupin have any rivals?

Because, Holmes is really fitting into that category.

And a Pip pip Cherrio to you to Johnathan

It's a sliding timeline. Lupin's always in his early 30s or thereabouts.

anyone remember her

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Is this official?

Something deft.

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Is Fishman History month still going on?

New part lupin is good. I don't know how I feel about the whole sherlock holmes arc. Fun sure, but the plot itself was a little tired. The second half with the mom arc is weird too. Sleeper agent Lupin is interesting but strange as all hell.

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Just don't use him then.

This ilks the fuck out of me more than anything else when watching Lupin.

He slices bullets at point blank range, this shit is dumb.

Just no have him there like the older shows use to do.

No, it's a guy from a previous season.

Luped right In

Why was there a sentai logo if you all said he got Lupin directly thought TMS?

"Whatever the writer thinks in that episode."
The only canon is Goemon being an antagonist at first then joining Lupin and Jigen and Lupin are buds.

Well, that was a long, fun night of asskicking (and laughs), but now... look, I have work really early on Monday, and I can't get my hours that far turned around. Even Melatonin can only do so much. Time to go to bed. Remember that every true warrior craves not more war, but peace and a chance to rest. There are no treasures greater than those close to you, like you, my good toonami general friends.

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No people weren't talking about her in the last thread so clearly we need your formulaic waifu question.

Man you're a fucking lightweight on top of being a faker.

I will post my progress of catching up to One Piece up to the current Toonami Episode every week to motivate me to continue marathoning the great adventure that is One Piece!

>Currently at Episode 405 out of 544
>Last Week was Episode 381 out of 542
>Started at was Episode 117 out of 519 when One Piece Returned

I will not be watching OP on Toonami until I catch up, so this is it for me, so see you all next time!

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No, that's Albert from Part 5.

Moriority is a fem boy who shows up twice.

>one piece

i sleep

good night, all

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The opening's good, but yea, the ending isn't quite as good as Part 4 and 5's. Feels like they should have gone for something kind of Beatles-esque or whatever.

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See you guys for Bebop. Hope you're ready, first part of the series finale is tonight.

That's it for me, goodnight folks.

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Since the 60's.

>Just no have him there like the older shows use to do.
You don't know what the Worf effect is, do you?

Lupin streams on Sentai's HIDIVE service.

Wait Detective Conan and Lupin had a crossover? Any chance we can get it on Toonami?

Wasn't she the lesbian that fell in love with that girl who did a coup in her own country? Also they met at a finishing school?

let me guess
is that moriarity iii

Time to be a quitter, but since I'm dodging Nardo and Wan Piss, I'm the real winner. Good luck to those going for gold, and keep fighting the good fight.

Have fun, everyone, and see you all next week.

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Zenigata... but not really.

Also sometimes randos from the 1st series like Pycale or Poon.

It's definitely a lot more experimental, which is probably to be expected since it's the first anime without Monkey Punch to give his input on things.

>finally caught up to nardo
>missed last week's bebop
Tonight will be different

Sussy inpopster!

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So, let me get this straight.
>Lily is Watson's daughter
>hears gun shot and sees her father's corpse
>sees Lupin with a gun in hand and thinks he killed him

And I guess hospital bed guy is the one that framed Lupin?

yeah, i still use the red wig every now and again

Time for Flashback Piece

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Fucking Yong is voicing Sherlock?

Attached: file.png (1200x675, 948.55K)

Keep forgetting to post this

No, that's the guy from Part 5, one of the other contenders to be the lupin the third title.

kill yourself spammer

where is the OP dub at right now outside toonami? isn't it still lightyears behind?

See you next week, Toonami General!

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Nope Albert from part 5

>Worf effect
I know what the fuck it is, Goemon doesn't need to be used to inflate the new faggot up.

continuity? in my lupin?

Best girl

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one way to cope is to simply believe Goemon is rarely ever truly serious, so people often catch him by surprise like Holmes did. Surely it was just a one-time thing because he wasn't expecting it.

There isn't any serious attachment to continuity. If they do reference something from a previous series or movie, it's usually treated very loosely rather than acknowledging the time that reference is from. And sometimes, they just set things wherever, like the CG movie which is the first Lupin III animation set in the 60s.

These are so weirdly high quality.


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Shoutout to the sex music in the One Piece bumpers

Oh boy, time for The Robin Show - featuring the Straw Hats.

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I think it’s somewhere in Whole Cake.

I'm with you bro, I passed out before Bebop last week and have been kicking myself ever since.

The Fish Man Pirate backstory is heating up. Where will it lead? What tragedies will befall the princess?
Time for skeletons!

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princess breasts time

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I am seething right now, I just can't do it.


The middle of Whole Cake Island.

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Look at the crybaby!

I can't believe people thought Paulie would join the crew

I agree but having him absent 90% of the time like the last series was an even worse way to handle it, the cast felt too empty.

Do the other mermaid girls from earlier in this arc appear again?

Attached: mero.jpg (436x379, 56.74K)

More like look at those crybabies!

You know, they keep mentioning the "Graveyard of Dreams" line in the intro. Makes me think I should try my Necromantic arts on them.
Anyone have any dreams they want made undead?

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>Hey guys
>milquetoast opinion
>*fellates Kojima*
>milquetoast opinion
>Yong Out!

>Shirahoshi crying tears of joy while her breasts are also crying during breastfeeding to calm a crying baby

as bad as these people say the Celestial Dragons were to them, doesn't really seem like any of them have any scars or anything

Attached: FPoWPfRXoAkEUl0.jpg (1398x780, 99.85K)

Her cleavage starts way too low, it looks unnatural.

Sleep well and good dreams, quitter

Do we ever meet these Celestial Dragon guys in this show? Are they strong? Why do they need so many slaves? What are their motivations?

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>this overdramatic tumblr-nose merman

One of the arcs demarco skipped centers on them.

We're gonna see one tonight I think

Emotional scars.
Word can hurt, too!

Attached: One_piece_is_awesome.gif (958x637, 22.27K)

They all have scars. Literally all of them. Celestial Dragons "mark" their property.

>doesn't really seem like any of them have any scars
They were branded.

I want Luffy to choke on Shirahoshi's tears, what a jackass.

>two episodes a night
>still moving at a snails pace
what the f-
I thought the anime had so much filler because they had to make time for chapters to come out.

They are tough fishman.

Try my childhood dream of being an inventor. You could probably get a lot of mileage out of that one.
Or my dream of being a stuntman.

Attached: Luffy grin.jpg (604x453, 37.92K)

Fuck fishmen.

I don't know what else to do besides cut him most of the time, I rather that then him job like a bitch all the time.

Don't have your souls weighed down by hatred.

Attached: Ghost 6.jpg (236x381, 23.16K)

>You will never slumber on the soft breasts of a colossal mermaid.

When does this fucking flashback end?

>Are they strong?

Attached: 271.gif (200x138, 1.53M)

The title of the episode literally tells you that there's one in this episode. Pay attention.

Attached: 8jqevmppdkd81.png (3100x3100, 1.37M)

Imagine what other shows we could have on right now....

Attached: 1648346179174.jpg (351x351, 77.94K)

Don't worry, my soul is just weighed down by gravity.

Whenever animators do shit like that I just imagine it as broken outline-level shading, rather than that's where the cleavage actually starts.

Wouldn't you rather fuck mermaids?


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>Jinbei joins Warlords to protect his island and people
>his islanders don't understand and hate him

>Hancock joins the Warlords to protect her island and people
>her islanders completely understand and love her

Attached: 1640908070601.png (600x800, 578.83K)

Oooooo, how about both? I could stitch them together like a Frankenstein monster.

Attached: Undead Monstrosity 4.jpg (679x960, 68.8K)

But my hatred gives me my strength!
It's gives me focus!

Attached: Palpatine7.jpg (1920x816, 55.83K)

Makes sense. The stand alone episodes are still fun though. Dancing Goemon was hysterical.

Attached: 1643624628711.jpg (320x324, 47.54K)

There's one for ya

Why does the Celestial Dragon sound like Asta from Black Clover?

>next week ass class gets to be the lead for one time
>but literally 3 hours of one piece and naruto and reruns
jesus christ I can't even enjoy that, it's literally Ass Class, shitty lupin, and then all of that where I already drop off