Old Harley Quinn

Old Harley Quinn
>colorful and visually striking
>a beautiful design that sticks with you
New Harley Quinn
>looks like a crack whore
>no originality to be found, just a stereotypical "it's not a phase mom" getup
>disgusting in every way
>her name might as well be meaningless
And that's not even getting into how fucked her characterization is, going from a snarky but innocently dumb girl capable of terrible things into a shitty walking "girlboss" stereotype with no reason to exist.
How did they fuck up this character so fucking hard?

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Old Harley is not a character. She is a tool with zero agency. New harley is a complex, compling and fun hero.
You can make your life easier if you admit that you don't enjoy quality writing. You're just a coomer with an abuse fetish.

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Hi shill

I agree that old Harley was visually appealing and lived up to her name as a harlequin. New Harley's design is just too busy.

Huh? But new Harley is nothing but coomer bait.

You're right OP. The only way to fix this is to make a comic which features Classic Harley Quinn making out with New Harley Quinn.

the closer Harley Quinn is to Jeanette Voerman and Junko Enoshima, the better

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I completely agree. New Harley Quinn makes me bust loads so thick and fat that they can actually shatter human skulls and smash through concrete because of their density

>Old Harley is not a character. She is a tool with zero agency
Bull fucking shit. Old Harley had a ton of fun character moments that new writers can only ape in a feeble attempt to repeat what better people did before. She acted like an actual human being. New Harley literally only exists for people to jerk off to, she is a walking Internet meme with no personality worth talking about. Much like the Joker, but at least his design wasn't so fucked up.

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>90% of the character apprance is about an obsession with one dude. I'm totaly not a coomer with perveted fantasy

Sounds familiar.

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man i really wanna fuck the crack whores in your state

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I havent read any of the new Harley comics or watched her show. But the old Harley painted her face white, and when she was outside of the costume she had a normal skin color. The new Harley is entirely white, though (at least in the OP pic). Is it still paint or is there an explanation for this?

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She was dropped in Joker crazy acid. The cartoon and comics don't share the same canon.

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That's fucking dumb.


>Harley Quinn is living proof that someone can recover from crazy acid
>also proof that Joker is in complete control of his actions and bears complete responsibility so there's no reason to pity him

Ah, ok. Thanks for the info.

Does the acid give you powers?

Old Harley Quinn
>crazed murderer
>clown whore

>>disgusting in every way

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>we live in a cursed universe where prime Marisa Tomei never played Harley on the silver screen

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Because they basically turn her into a Joker clone but without a smile. It's pointless, just let her put on makeup.

No Ivy did that.

Probably super intelligence, some durability and some toxin immunity. It mostly just bleach your skin and force you to smile.
Ivy just gave her regeneration, strength and complete immunity to toxins.

Old Harley was Joker's girlfriend.
And that's it.

>She is a tool with zero agency.
They all are, they're characters on a comic book.

So is the new one.

Now all she is is Poison Ivy's. Such progression.

Old Joker
>people chortle at my bones
New Joker

She is a shit character, then.

sometimes a character is stronger as a supporting character

>New Harley is a complex-


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New Harley is designed to be enticing to women with daddy issues and submissive soi men. It's the new targeted demographic. Old Harley was probably seen as too attractive, funny, and classy; mentally ill audiences find such traits unrelatable.

The point of Harley was to represent retards who follow Joker. If she's insane like Joker than that is lost

Old Harley Quinn
>looks like a Harlequin
New Harley Quinn

This would be like making green lantern blue

Among all the missteps they've had with Harley over the years, putting her in an actual relationship with Ivy was the worst. Their dynamic is at its best when they work as a comedy duo, with Ivy just barely tolerating Harley's shenanigans. Sure, have them fuck on the side if you really must, even if that adds nothing to either character, but putting them in an honest-to-God relationship just to please coomers just ruins their dynamic completely.

>Harley Quinn
More like "Gnarly! That face is a sin!"

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That's just retarded. Did they have to fuck with her origin too just to make her entire skin bleached?

Certain things are better left to the imagination.

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Gotta love Timm. He's a horny fuck, but he knows exactly where to draw the line and leave the rest to the viewer's imagination

Well put

Get rekt OP nu-Harley isn't going anywhere because she sells well. DC literally called her one of the 4 pillars of their comics

>Jim Lee Dubs Harley Quinn 'Fourth Pillar' of DC Comics Line
>The DC Comics co-publisher says Harley Quinn is the company's most important character, after Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.


NU Harley is woke she needs to be related to the new times, dyke with a trash look

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I was actually willing to put up with nu-Harley, but the manner in which they paint her and Ivy screwing over Kite-Man in the Harley Quinn show really soured me on this version of the character. And I was even willing to overlook Injustice Harley since that's just Elseworlds garbage

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>being a pillar of a crumbling house is something to be proud about

>Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are 3 of DC's 4 pillars
>DC just killed all three of them
What did DC mean with this.

We have this thread almost every week and all we prove is that casuals are mad about ADAPTATION Harley than what current comic Harley actually is

They were saying it because the Suicide Squad movie came out that year.

Inb4 Harley becomes the leader of the next iteration of the JL

Killing a hero is the greatest thing that can happen. They tend to have multiple issues about how great they are and they come back to life.

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Harley Quinn was never good, so I propose a solution so she can appeal to me.

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New Harley is just another shitty anti hero who is now also DC's token lesbian for some reason even though her and Ivy barely have a history yet their braindead fans act like they've always been a thing. Ivy has fucked Batman more times than she has Harley.

You know, that wouldn't even shock me.

>that pic
Oh god it's self-aware

It's like JL8 only without any of the charm

She has murdered millions of innocents.

posting best (only good?) modern Harley

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I know Joker having the big gay for Bruce is a constant in nearly every universe, but he really had to have had the biggest gay for choosing Bruce over Telltale Harley.

Because New 52 rebooted everything and the new writers wanted to give her a backstory that made her more of a victim than a willing accomplice.

Yeah it's funny how Joker always chooses Bats over Harley, even in the universe where he's the one simping hard for her.

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